KDOT Lettings: February, 2020

Federal-Aid – State Highway Projects:

35-46 KA 3929-01: Replacement of the 199th Street Bridge over I-35 in southwestern Johnson County. 199th Street will be closed between Gardner Road and Homestead Lane – Detour via either Gardner Road, 191st Street, and Homestead Lane or US 169, 175th Street, I-35, and Homestead Lane. Weekend Closures of I-35 are also expected – Detour via K-33 and US 56.

10-46 KA-5466-01: 2-inch mill and 2-inch overlay on K-10 between K-7 and the beginning of the Portland Cement pavement near I-435.

56-46 KA-5467-01: 2-inch Mill and 1.5-inch overlay on Shawnee Mission Parkway from Roe to State Line.
69-46 KA-5572-01: 2-inch Mill and 1.5-inch overlay on Metcalf from Shawnee Mission Parkway to Johnson Drive. (Non-FA)

69-46 KA-5468-01: 5/8-inch ultrathin bonded asphalt surfacing from 159th Street to the Blue Valley Parkway split.

77-58 KA-5476-01 and 77-81 KA-5477-01: 1/2-inch mill and 1 1/2-inch overlay from K-16 near Randolph to the south junction with K-9 near Waterville in Riley and Marshall Counties.

18-81 KA 3080-01: Replacement of the bridges on Fort Riley Boulevard Over Wildcat Creek and reconstruction of the intersection with Richards Drive/Rosencutter Road. Includes a new signal at Richards/Rosencutter Road (protected-only left turns)

24-81 KA-5474-01: Ultrathin bonded asphalt surfacing from the east Junction with US 77 to K-13
77-81 KA-5475-01: Ultrathin bonded asphalt surfacing from the east junction with US 24 to K-16 near Randolph.

64 TE 0473-01: Extemsion of the Riverwalk Trail in Council Grove.

70-26 KA-5536-01: Bridge repair on eastbound I-70 between Hays and Victoria.
70-98 KA-5537-01: Bridge repair on the I-70 bridges over a local road 1 mile east of the Voda Road interchange.

11 C 4907-01: Reconstruciton of the intersection of SE 20th Street and Brush Creek Road in Cherokee County to change from a crossroad intersection with the BNSF Afton Subdivision running NW-SE through it to a pair of “T” intersections with 20th Street the through route over the railroad crossing.

37 C-4931-01: Major collector signage upgrades in Southwestern Greenwood County.

135-87 KA-4910-03: Repair of the northbound I-135 Canal Route bridge.

Federal-Aid, Local projects:

63 C 4898-01: Recoustruction of the 10th Street/ 3400 Road intersection south of Independence

8 C 4942-01: Two-lane roundabout at the intersection of 150th Street and Butler Road between Andover and Rose Hill.

60 C 4927-01: Guardrail installation along local roads in southeastern Meade County.


40-23 KA 5208-01: Interim VMS, traffic sensors, and flashing “Be Prepared to Stop” beacons on the South Lawrence Trafficway between Clinton Parkway and Michigan Street. (Note: The project number reflects the fact that US 40 is now designated on the west leg of the SLT)

7-46 KA-5465-01: 1.5-inch Mill, 1.5-inch overlay from K-10 to the Kansas River bridge, excluding the Portland Cement pavement at the Johnson Drive interchange.

106 KA-5470-01: 1/2-inch Mill and 1 1/2-inch HMA overlay on K-99 from Wamego to Frankfort in Pottawatomie and Marshall Counties, 1 1/2-inch Mill and 1 1/2-inch HMA overlay on K-99 and K-9/K-99 in Frankfort.


KDOT Lettings: January, 2020


159-3 KA 5455-01: 2-inch mill, 1.5-inch overlay from Nortonville to Effingham.

20-7 KA 5443-01: 2-inch mill, 1.5-inch overlay from the east junction of K-20 and US 73 at Everest to the Brown/Doniphan county line.
20-22 KA 5444-01: 2-inch mill, 1.5-inch overlay from the Brown/Doniphan county line to K-7.

92-44 KA 5448-01: Chip seal from McLouth to the Jefferson/Leavenworth county line

135-59 KA 3942-01: Replacement of the Kiowa Road bridge over I-135 on the east side of McPherson. Detour via Centennial Drive in McPherson, US 56/Kansas Avenue, and 17th Avenue. Also, there is a full closure of I-135 anticipated (presumably overnight or over one weekend) – detour via US 81B.

281-84 KA 2370-02: Reconstruction of US 281 from 15th Street in Russell north to Land Road. US 281 closed during part of the project, detour via K-18, K-232, and I-70.

126-19 KA 3103-01: Replacement of the K-126 bridge over the Kansas City Southern railroad, about a half mile east of US 69B in Pittsburg.

7-54 KA 5456-01: 1-inch mill, 1.5-inch overlay from K-152 to the Linn/Miami county line.
7-61 KA 5457-01: 1-inch mill, 1.5-inch overlay from the Linn/Miami county line to US 169.

54-37 KA 5528-01: Bridge repair on the bridge over the Verdigris River just west of the Greenwood/Woodson county line near Toronto.

281-5 KA 3892-01: Culvert replacment ~ 1 mile north of Great Bend.

54-87 KA 5044-01: Bridge repair of the bridges on Kellogg over Tyler Road in Wichita.

144-41 KA 5529-01: Bridge repair on the overpass at the K-144/US 83/US 160 interchange

7 C 4951-01: Replacing this bridge on Acorn Road over Muddy Creek.


44 KA 5445-01: 2-inch mill, 2-inch overlay  on K-92 in Oskaloosa, and US 59 from Oskaloosa to K-4 near Nortonville.

46 KA 5403-01: Overhead turn lane signage on the offramps at I-435/Quivira, US 69/119th Street, US 69/95th Street, and EB I-435/State Line

35-46 KA 5404-01: New sign structure on Southbound I-35 at College Blvd (for 119th Street exit) and Northbound I-35 at Quivira (for 87th/75th Street)

116-106 KA 5449-01: 1-inch mill, 1.5-inch overlay from K-16 to US 59 in Jackson and Atchison Counties, excluding the section concurrant with US 159.

73-106 KA 5452-01: 1.5-inch mill, 1.5-inch overlay from US 24 to Lansing in Wyandotte and Leavenworth Counties.

4-106 KA 5367-01: Chip seal from Gypsum to K-43 in Saline and Dickinson Counties.

69-19 KA 4911-01: Pavement rehab at the intersection with 20th Street in Pittsburg.

Photos railroad

Big Tea Kettle, Part 2

After chasing the Union Pacific steam train from Neodesha to Paola on Sunday, November 17, I followed that up by catching the train twice more on Tuesday, November 19, at Linwood and Newman.

Photos railroad

Big Tea Kettle

To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Golden Spike, the Union Pacific Railroad restored on of their biggest locomotives, “Big Boy” 4014. During 2019, they have been touring as much of the UP system as possible. On November 17, I followed 4014 from Neodesha to Paola.


KDOT Lettings, December 2019

For the December letting, we have a ‘biggie’ out of Johnson County. KDOT previously announced they had received funding to widen I-35 under the 75th Street interchange. For the December letting, that project will be up for bids.

Photos railroad

An hour in the pumpkin patch

Right before Halloween, I wanted to head down to Uncle Warren’s pumpkin patch (AKA, the BNSF Southern Transcon) to catch some action. Let’s just say I was not disappointed.


KDOT lettings, November 2019

Here’s whats up for bids in the Monthly lettings for November of 2019

local politics

Well, there’ll be something on the ballot

In Kansas, the odd-numbered year elections are generally for city commission/council and local school board elections. Since I live in a rural precinct, I have no city elections on my ballot, and the school board positions are low-key campaigns, if there’s even a contested seat.

Well, now I know there’s something on the ballot this year.


KDOT Lettings: October, 2019

Here’s whats up for bids in the Monthly lettings for October of 2019


KDOT Lettings: September, 2019

Here’s whats up for bids in the Monthly lettings for September of 2019.