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  • Just one first world problem after another

    Just one first world problem after another

    First, there was the deer incident that totaled my Sentra. I got enough from the insurance claim for a decent down payment on a new Subaru Impreza Next, our dog was attacked by the neighbor’s dog. He’s doing well two weeks after surgery.

  • Dog update

    Dog update

    After less than a week, Eddie’s bandages came off. He goes back to the Topeka vet one last time to remove the stitches. We’ll probably do that this coming Saturday. At some point in the near future, we’ll take him to his regular vet so he know what’s going on.

  • Doggie issues

    Doggie issues

    Last Saturday, the family dog, Eddie, welcomed our neighbors home from their vacation. Eddie likes our neighbors; our neighbors like Eddie. Our neighbor’s dog doesn’t like Eddie. She considers him to be a rat to be killed. Although Eddie tries to avoid her, and we try not to have both dogs out at the same…

  • A New Car!

    A New Car!

    As I previously mentioned, I had an incident with a deer out on US 24 last week that totaled my 2013 Sentra. After having the insurance payout confirmed, it was time to get a car.

  • End of the road….

    End of the road….

    I may have just turned 40, but it’s not the end of the road for me. My red Nissan Sentra, on the other hand, is a different story. I was on the home stretch of heading home from the Turkey Creek train club meeting on Tuesday Night, when I had a chance encounter on US…

  • First new page moved to WordPress

    I finally got around from moving a page from a Raw HTML page and into the WordPress system. That page is a minor update to the History of former radio station KAIR in Atchison. The station had left the air on Halloween in 2017 and was never able to return to the air before a…

  • TV tropes will ruin your life

    TV tropes will ruin your life

    For some reason, my soon to be 12-year old cousin Carl decided he would partake in the old cliché of Wearing a lampshade on his head while we were moving my grandparents. I figured I may as well Hang this lampshade

  • New ride

    New ride

    Last Saturday, I bought this car, a 2013 Nissan Sentra from Academy Cars in Lawrence. This was also where I previously purchased the minivan I drove for 5 years. (It is also the only car dealership I’ve bought from: my other cars were purchased directly from the previous owner) This vehicle has a few firsts…

  • Fast forward 

    Sine I haven’t had posted a long form post in a month and a half, I’ll just get to the point. 

  • More on my foot

    Five days post-surgery, and most of the pain has subsided. Although the doctor had prescribed Oxycontin and Hydrocodone, I’ve made minimal use of them. I only took 2, maybe 3, Oxy out of the 20 pills dispensed to me, and, even though I received two scripts for the Hydrocodone (one at the Urgent Care, the…