Just one first world problem after another

First, there was the deer incident that totaled my Sentra. I got enough from the insurance claim for a decent down payment on a new Subaru Impreza

Next, our dog was attacked by the neighbor’s dog. He’s doing well two weeks after surgery.

Now, last night while driving home from work, I find myself in the wake of a truck on I-435 that is throwing debris. A piece of that debris struck my windshield, resulting in this:

So now, my brand new car will need a brand new windshield.

I ought to know something about auto glass. Until last year, my family owned a glass business, and my dad was the one in charge of the automotive side. Even though he’s now retired and the company sold, my brother still works there as a auto glass technician.

When I file my claim with the insurance company, I will explicitly specify Kennedy Glass to install the windshield, and ask the new owners of the business that still bears our family name to assign this to my brother.

Doggie issues

Last Saturday, the family dog, Eddie, welcomed our neighbors home from their vacation.

Eddie likes our neighbors; our neighbors like Eddie. Our neighbor’s dog doesn’t like Eddie. She considers him to be a rat to be killed. Although Eddie tries to avoid her, and we try not to have both dogs out at the same time, Eddie didn’t see her coming until she poked a hole in his throat.

Coming home from the emergency vet in Topeka, he looked like this:

Needless to say, he was hurting and a bit lethargic. By Sunday evening, he had enough energy to claim a spot on the couch.

On Monday, he had a follow-up appointment with the vet that performed the surgery. She took out the drains and replaced the bandages. The next post-op visit is Thursday.

As of now, he does not have to wear a “cone of shame,” as he has not tried to take off his neck wrap. That could change after the bandages come off. He’s also doing short walks with a leash – we’re now using a harness instead of a collar.

(the green bandage on his leg was where the vet apparently put in an IV. It came off when we got home)

A New Car!

As I previously mentioned, I had an incident with a deer out on US 24 last week that totaled my 2013 Sentra. After having the insurance payout confirmed, it was time to get a car.

The new ride is truly new – a 2019 Subaru Impreza, purchased today from Olathe Subaru.

It is my first truly “new” car and the first car bought new in the Kennedy house in over 30 years.

It’s equipped with all the latest safety bells and whistles – so if another deer crosses my path, I may have a chance of not running into it.

I didn’t get push button start like the Sentra, but it did come with heated seats and all-weather floor mats.

I also wanted to avoid my 4th red car in a row – I went with white.

Next steps: Add this car to the insurance policy ✅, get a K-Tag ✅, and get ready for some car payments.

First new page moved to WordPress

I finally got around from moving a page from a Raw HTML page and into the WordPress system.

That page is a minor update to the History of former radio station KAIR in Atchison. The station had left the air on Halloween in 2017 and was never able to return to the air before a statutory one year deadline kicked in. The FCC officially deleted the KAIR licence back in April.

Next up will likely be the Pioneer Radio History front-page.

More on my foot

Five days post-surgery, and most of the pain has subsided. Although the doctor had prescribed Oxycontin and Hydrocodone, I’ve made minimal use of them. I only took 2, maybe 3, Oxy out of the 20 pills dispensed to me, and, even though I received two scripts for the Hydrocodone (one at the Urgent Care, the other from the foot Surgeon) I don’t have any plans to fill the second script. Otherwise, ibuprofen and caffeine are my drugs of choice.

Foot Status

My foot hurts, even after taking my prescribed pain medication. 

Surgery was successful, albeit much more extensive than anticipated. My left foot’s big toe was shattered. 

I also saw the out-of-pocket estimate. Oh boy. If I read my policy correctly, I’ve pretty much reached the out-of-pocket max for 2016 – and I still have 11 months to go.