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  • Foot Status

    My foot hurts, even after taking my prescribed pain medication.  Surgery was successful, albeit much more extensive than anticipated. My left foot’s big toe was shattered.  I also saw the out-of-pocket estimate. Oh boy. If I read my policy correctly, I’ve pretty much reached the out-of-pocket max for 2016 – and I still have 11 […]

  • Not so graceful on the ice

    The first week of 2016 has not exactly gone as planned. Wednesday morning at a quarter after midnight, I attempted to walk down the driveway. Problem was, the snow has gotten so compacted it did turn to ice. After about two steps, I twisted my left foot, landed on my ass, and sent my phone […]

  • Making a move

    This week, I have been doing a little digital shuffling. Recently, a friend of the family (namely, the brother of our next door neighbor) solicited his services for our family business’s website (Kennedy Glass) which I had previously placed on the account for this personal website. Until recently, I did not realize that this friend […]

  • Meeting my second family

    Meeting my second family

    For those that don’t know, I was adopted at birth. Recently, I decided to look into my biological family. For me, it didn’t take that long. Armed with my biological mother’s name, I did a facebook search. It came back with results indicating that I had a “friend in common.”

  • Website updates: 11/12/12

    Website updates: 11/12/12

    I’ve added some photos from a little train-watching trip near Quenemo.

  • Running Behind….

    The bad news… I haven’t made a new post to this blog in a while. The good news… I’ve at least found something to do (and get paid for it). It’s a contract job involving a computer and printer deployment for various offices in Northeast Kansas and Northwest Missouri. Those trips have also netted me […]

  • Christmas Eve Adventure…

    So, I’m coming into town to do my last minute shopping. I also brought my camera, just in case I saw a train on the Union Pacific line just north of Lawrence. I did see a train, and I stopped at Laptad’s corner to catch it. That’s when I did something stupid…. I locked the […]

  • Signs of Change

    Signs of Change

    The new signs for US 24 and US 40 are now beginning to make theirappearance on I-70. I managed to get a few shots of the old signs in placealongside their new counterpoints, PLUS the new END! of US 73 at theBonner Springs exit on the Kansas Turnpike. Also: some shots of the new Lone […]

  • Politics and spirit… a reminder of events 10 years ago

    A recent set of comments on a spirit squad related email list reminded me of events that happened 10 years ago this month that brought controversy to the KU spirit squad. In December of 1998, the KU Athletics department decreed that the spirit squads would not be allowed to participate in Nationals. However, the Dance […]

  • Road Songs….

    On the return portion of my recent roadtrip, I cranked up my iPod. Here’s what was playing. Song Artist Album Genre Timestamp The Girl’s Gone Wild Travis Tritt My Honky Tonk History Country 11/23/08 03:23 PM When Somebody Loves You Alan Jackson When Somebody Loves You Country 11/23/08 03:27 PM Waitin’ On A Woman Brad […]