The old Cuckoo

My dad bought a cuckoo clock for his parents in 1970 while stationed in Japan. It hung at my grandparent’s home in Old West Lawrence until my grandma moved in ’87 (my Grandfather passed away in 1973 — I was eventually given his name).

When my grandma passed away a month ago, the first thing I asked for was the cuckoo clock, which remained in storage and in need of repair.

I took it in to Marks Jewelers to clean and repair the clock, in particular the cuckoo mechanism. I just got it back, hung it on the wall, and started the pendulum.


Last sunday, my grandmother, Beverly Kennedy, passed away Sunday to pancreatic cancer

The obit from the Journal-World can be found here

Car work

Back in December, I bought a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country. Yesterday, I took it in to Gregg Tire for mainenance. $320 later, I had the transmission and power sterring flushed, and, of course, an Oil Change. The Power Steering was creaking whenever I turned the wheel, and the fluid levels may have been a little low before going in. It sounds a lot better now, and I don’t expect any other major maintenance on her for a while.

Here’s a pic of my van, in case you haven’t seen it before. Now all I need is a name.

Ides of March

Beware the ides of march… So they say.

March 15 is the birthday of Kristen Badali and Lindsay Phillps, two angels that I met during my time taking pictures of the KU dancers.

Incidentally, I’ve learned via myspace that Kristen now resides in Chicago… which is where KU has been sent for the first and second rounds of the NCAA tournament. I’m sure Kristen will find herself with friends other KU alumni to cheer on the Jayhawks. If a birthday and March Madness isn’t enough reason to party, there’s also St. Patrick’s day.


Yeah, we’re past the 12th day of Christmas, but the weather has definitely taken a turn for the worse…

I just checked in to the Comfort Inn & Suites in Overland Park, near I-435 and Metcalf before I go to work at the Sprint campus.  Like I’ve said before, I’m in a “critical ops” section, and I’m expected to report to work. This time, however, I’ll be in JoCo until Tuesday.

The Original 10…

My Website is in the homestretch of its 11th year online… and my classmates that were Seniors at LHS in my first year are heading for the 10-year reunion.

The ’95-’96 Pom Squad members, in a sense, were the first of what I’ve come to term the “Road Crew” in keeping with the Highway theme. The group picture that I took in December of ’95 not only became one of my early favorites, but I was encouraged by the squad to submit the picture to the LHS Yearbook…

I do now have some method of contacting most of them.

Shannon Cates (nee-Wehner): One of Shannon’s favorite songs is “Brown-Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison; however, I will likely have to sing Willie Nelson’s “Red Headed Stranger” the next time I meet her. I know she got married a while back, that’s all I really know.

Allison Carson (Foster): I’ve stayed in touch with her family through the years. She got married in May of 2003, and had her daughter Rylie in September. Her new family is based out of Olathe, and I’m still trying to get her to do lunch :). In addition to being the only one with a daughter (at least one that I know of), she’s also the only one to have pictures on here under both her maiden and married names.
Chris Mason: She followed her dad, former KU football coach Glen Mason, to Minneapolis. I found her on MySpace, where it was clear she was a dog person. She’ll get along with Jada just fine.

Roslyn Skinner: Of all the people I know, Roslyn is the person that I’d least expect to have a MySpace page or a place to post her pictures… but she does. She even has some pics of her nephew.

Susie Moss (Wang): Back in ’96, Susie has mentioned me in her Senior Will to “Keep us off the Internet,” refering to the fledgling website. In 2006, not only is she on MySpace, but she went out looking for former classmates, myself included 🙂

Allegra Feito (DeSalvo): I got Allegra’s email address thanks to Allison sharing her pictures of Rylie. She was one of the first to hear about my cousin Carl’s birth…

Erica Bulmer (Quinlan): I found Erica’s email, as well as Shannon’s, through the email list for the Lawrence High class of ’97 10 year reunion.

Briea Berry (Alden): Briea’s the only one that I have no contact info on, though I do know she got married, and also that she also knows a former co-worker of mine.

Angie Williams: Angie and I manged to be in classes together consistantly since 7th grade. After we graduated, there was a sure-fire way for us not to have that happen in college — she wanted out of town and went to K-State, I stayed home and went to KU. I found her on MySpace and see she’s up in Motown now.

Aimee Martinez: KU Dancer, Laker Girl, Kick-Ass Chereographer. ‘Nuff said. Not really. I was only out of contact with Aimee between the fall of 2000 and the Spring of ’02, just long enough for my cousin Cyrus to be born. However, Cyrus is an energetic character who is currently taking ballet — and if I ever get the chance, I’d make Aimee a role model for Cyrus.

Start the day right….

One of the nice things about an afternoon shif is the fact that my mornings are free for me to get started. I can be a slow start, but I prefer taking my mornings at a “relaxing” pace.

It also means I can do a little more trainwatching. Since I commute anyway, I can come down to Edgerton at 11:30, watch trains for an hour or so, then take I-35 up to work before I start at 2.

Like the Rain…

For my first day working the 2-10 shift, the most interesting part was the ride home… I drew “rain” for my first ‘regular’ night trip down K-10. It was quite a light show on the way home, then heavy rain down the “homestretch”
I was reminded of a time when a Free State game at ODAC was called and everyone had to ride it down K-10 under similar conditions… I’m thinking it was 23-24 September 2000. The game was moved to the following Saturday afternoon.