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Colorado Roadtrip, Days 1 and 2

Reporting tonight from the Comfort Inn in Westminster:

Day 1: Set up jump

No pictures, just a tired roadgeek setting up the second day. My little cousin Bethany had a birthday party Sunday afternoon, so I knew I was going to have a late start in. I decided upon Salina as my intermediate stop. From the party in Perry, it was Bridge Rd. (old 24) to US 24, then 24 west to the Oakland Expressway (K-4), then the Oakland to I-70.

Day 2: Salina – Denver

* I started with a bowl of Cherrios and several glasses of Juice, then I fueled up at Bosselman’s (where the gas prices on the LED sign were, in a word, ackward) then headed south on Ninth to Wal-Mart, to pick up some
drinks, a cooler, Ice, and a few more odds and ends.

* From Wally World, I headed north on I-135. When I got to I-70, I elected to continue north on US 81, picking up the names of the exits from K-143 to K-106 at Minneapolis. I continued on the four-lane expressway to US 24

* I took 24 west to K-181, passing through Simpson, Asherville, and Cawker City before turning North.

* I took 181 North to catch its north end at US 36

* I took 36 west to Phillipsburg, where I caught US 183 and took it south to K-9. From there, I followed K-9 west, stopping at Speed and observing the junction with US 283 before catching the end of K-9 at K-123.

* K-123’s southern end isn’t that far away from K-9. The junction with K-23 is a T, in which K-23 traffic heading north has to turn left to proceed north on K-23, or turn right and go north on K-123. There are also “TO K-9” markers as appropriate for the intersection.

*I continued on K-23 to the US 83/K-383 Junction, where we have a “double end”

* I took 83 south and west to US 24, where I passed through Colby before heading to Goodland. After lunch and a time change (set my clocks for the mountain time zone), I took I-70 west to Kananado, where I swung off and took K-267 over to the State line, where I had notice a big “Welcome to Colorful Colorado” sign. I forgot my tripod, so I posed my vehicle against the sign (yes, it was that big, as you can see in the pictures)

* I followed the frontage road/old US 24 to Burlington, where I hooked back up with I-70, and from there, it was I-70 all the way to Denver, then up I-270 and US 36 to Sheridan, where you’ll find the aforementioned Comfort Inn.

NEW COUNTIES: Mitchell, Osborne, Smith, Phillips, Norton, Decatur (just barely), and Sheridan.