August, 2019 KDOT lettings


192-44 KA 5324-01: Removing and replacing pavement markings on K-192 in Jefferson County.
192-52 KA 5325-01: Removing and replacing pavement markings on K-192 in Leavenworth County.

52 C 4896-01: Major collect signage upgrad on Leavenworth County Road 5 from Tonganoxie to Leavenworth and on County Road 10 from Dempsey Road to County Road 5.

92-52 KA 5323-01: Removing and replacing pavement markings on K-92 from the Jefferson/Leavenworth County Line to 15th Street in Leavenworth.

66 TE 0462-01: New Sidewalk along 6th Street in Sabetha from Main Street to the Sabetha sports complex

106 KA 5218-01: Bridge repair for the Centennial Bridge (K-92) in Leavenworth and the I-435 Missouri River Bridges in KCK

177-9 KA 3943-01: Bridge replacement on the bridge over US 50. Detour via Cottonwood Street in Strong City and US 50.

177-9 KA 4430-01: Bridge replacement over Fox Creek 3 miles north of Strong City. Traffic to be carried via shoo-fly detour.

177-9 KA 4431-01: Bridge replacement over Fox Creek 5 miles north of Strong City. Traffic to be carried via shoo-fly detour.

24-71 KA 5294-01: Surface recycle and chip seal from Alton east to the south junction with US 281.

281-84 KA 5290-01: Chip seal from the west junction with K-18 to the east junction with K-18.

56-5 KA 5289-01: Mill and HMA overlay from Pawnee Rock to Great Bend.

56-80 KA 5287-01: Mill and HMA overlay from Lyons to the Rice/McPherson County Line

183-83 KA 5288-01: Mill and HMA overlay from the Pawnee/Rush County Line north to LaCrosse


106 KA 5379-01: RAP Sample Milling in KDOT Dsitrict 1

106 KA 5378-01: RAP Sample Milling in KDOT Dsitrict 2

106 KA 5380-01: RAP Sample Milling in KDOT Dsitrict 4

14-80 KA 5286-01: Mill and HMA overlay from Lyons north to the Rice/Ellsworth County Line

4-83 KA 5327-01: Asphalt crack sealing on K-4 in Rush County

106 KA 5326-01: RAP Sample Milling in KDOT Dsitrict 6

A New Car!

As I previously mentioned, I had an incident with a deer out on US 24 last week that totaled my 2013 Sentra. After having the insurance payout confirmed, it was time to get a car.

The new ride is truly new – a 2019 Subaru Impreza, purchased today from Olathe Subaru.

It is my first truly “new” car and the first car bought new in the Kennedy house in over 30 years.

It’s equipped with all the latest safety bells and whistles – so if another deer crosses my path, I may have a chance of not running into it.

I didn’t get push button start like the Sentra, but it did come with heated seats and all-weather floor mats.

I also wanted to avoid my 4th red car in a row – I went with white.

Next steps: Add this car to the insurance policy ✅, get a K-Tag ✅, and get ready for some car payments.

July, 2019 KDOT lettings

I’ve been writing a summary of the monthly lettings of the Kansas Department of Transportation on the forum as a sneak peak of the planned projects that the state is working on. So, I might as well publish them here as well.

Federal-Aid projects:

24-81 KA 4757-01: Intersection improvement at the intersection of Tuttle Creek Boulevard (US 24) and Kimbell Drive in Manhattan. Adding Double left turn lanes from Kimball to westbound Tuttle Creek Blvd. and Double right turns from Kimball to Eastbound Tuttle Creek Blvd. Protected left turns on all legs, with protected/permitted right/turns from eastbound Tuttle Creek Blvd to Kimball (five-aspect) and from Kimball to Eastbound Tuttle Creek Blvd. (double FYA)

106 KA 5145-01: Lighting at six intersections in Atchison, Jefferson, and Douglas Counties

62 U 2330-01: Safe Routes to School sidewalk improvements in Beloit

70-85 KA 5282-01: Pavement marking from Halstead Road to Niles Road near Salina

47-19 KA 4755-01: Intersection improvement at St. Johns Street (K-47) and Ozark Avenue in Girard

59-50 KA 4536-01: Roundabout at the north junction of US 59 and US 160 east of Altamont

78 U 2333-01: Safe Routes to School project in Haven

Federal-Aid county road bridge replacements:

99 C 4924-01: Replacment of the Headwaters Road bridge over Batch Creek northwest of Harveyville.

9 C 4910-01: Replacement of this bridge over Bloody Creek in Chase County

61 C 4916-01: Replacement of this truss bridge on 263rd Street over North Wea Creek near Louisburg.

68 C 4919-01: Bridge replacement 3 miles west of US 283

Non-Federal Aid projects:

75-7 KA 5285-01: Rumble strips Milling on US 75 between Fairview and Sabetha

81-15 KA 5264-01: Milling and overlay on US 81 between the Ottawa/Cloud county line and US 24.

106 KA 5268-01: Crack Sealing on K-28 from K-14 to K-148 and K-148 from K-20 to US 81 in Jewell and Republic Counties

70-32 KA 5276-01: Spot milling and HMA overlay on I-70 near Quinter

160-13 KA 5275-01: Ditch grading on US 160 3 miles west of Ashland

Truck Parking, Part 2

With the new Truck Parking Information Management System system now in place at the rest areas along I-70 in Kansas, the KTA is now following suit at its service areas


This sign was installed on Eastbound I-70 heading toward the Lawrence Service Area. Needless to say, the TPIMS has not been activated on the Turnpike just yet. The sign for the westbound approach to the Turnpike will also include information on the Topeka and Emporia service areas.

September 1995, part 1

OK, in scanning my negatives, Started in June, went through to August, then switched and started from the Top in January.  I guess that means I resume in September, right?

August 23, 1995 – Fall Sports Jamboree @ Haskell Stadium

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Back to when it all began…

I’ve been doing this picture-taking thing for 20 years now. To close out this 20th year, I pulled out my old negative folder and scanned several negatives from that first year.

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