KDOT lettings: March 2024


7-22 KA 5722-01: Replace bridge over Mill Creek southeast of White Cloud. One lane traffic to be maintained, controlled by traffic signals.

435-46 KA 4275-02: Rehabilitation work on the I-435 bridges over Midland Drive in Shawnee and full-depth replacement of Midland Drive under 435.

66 TE 0531-01: New sidewalk along Oregon Street in Seneca

75-89 KA 6740-01/75-89 KA 6930-01: Bridge repair on the Southbond Westgate Bridge and the bridge over I-70 on the ramp from Southbound US 75 to eastbound I-70/Gage.

4-85 KA 5719-01: Replace the overpass of I-135 at the north junction of I-135 and K-4 and the bridge over Dry Creek near the K-4/K-104 junction. Detour at I-135 via K-104 and the south I-135/K-4 junction.

135-85 KA 6946-01: Bridge repair on Southbound I-135 over a Dry Creek drainage tributary in Salina.

27-100 KA 6778-01: Bridge repair on Bridge 17 north of Sharon Springs

106 KA 6260-01: Signage replacement along all of the US highways in Montgomery County

2-4 KA 5706-01: Bridge replacement over Little Mule Creek west of Kiowa. Detour via US 281, OK 11, OK 8, and K-8

18 TE 0536-01: New sidewalk along US 160 from Mound Street to Wheat Road in Winfield

160-39 KA 5725-01: Replace the Sand Creek bridge east of Harper. Detour via K-2, K-42, and K-49

54-48 KA 6056-01: reconstruction of US 54/400 between the east Junction of K-14 and the Kingman-Sedgwick County Line

42-76 KA 6058-01: Reconstruction of Broadway in Sawyer. Detour via US 281, US 54, and K-14


435-105 KA 6892-01: Replace a damaged Cantilever sign gantry on Southbound I-435 at K-32

435-105 KA 6931-01: repaint the I-435 bridges over I-70

84 TE 9301-01: New sidewalk along the north side of 8th Street/State Street from Fossil Street to Russell High School

35-16 KA 7299-01/35-70 KA 7298-01: Concrete patching on I-35 in Coffey and Osage Counties

68-61 TE 9403-01: New Pedestrian HAWK signal on K-68 at Summerfield Drive/Aquatic Drive in Louisburg

400-49 KA 7296-01: 1.5-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay on US 400 from the Ford/Kiowa County Line to US 54.

54-87 KA 6937-01: Repair the bridges at the Kellogg/Ridge Road interchange

106 KA 6781-01: Repair three bridges: one on US 283 in Ford County, one on US 283 in Jetmore, and one on K-156 in Hodgeman County





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