KDOT Lettings: August 2021

Here are the projects up for letting on August 18.


89 TE 0494-01: New shared-use path along the north side of SW 10th Street between Wanamaker Road and Robinson Avenue in Topeka

15 C 4966-01: Major collector signage update in Cloud County. One special sign: “U.P. Bridge”

59 TE 0493-01: New shared-use path along the north side of Northview Avenue from the Meadowlark Trail to Main Street in McPherson. Old US 81 at Northview to be closed during a portion of the project. The Detour via Main Street is marked as K-153 detour; however, the detoured section of old US 81 is not part of K-153

30 TE 0482-01: Sidewalk update near Keokuk (K-68) and Main (old US 59) in Ottawa

106 KA 6095-01: Signage upgrade on the state highways in Miami County except for K-68 between US 169 and US 69. Includes replacement of the roundabout signage at K-68 and Old KC Road.

50-24 KA 6251-01: Mill and HMA overlay between the Ford/Edwards county line and Kinsley

54-88 KA 2385-01: New 4-lane alignment of US 54 just east of Liberal. Removal of the County Road 6 and County Road M intersection, a new frontage road on the southeast side of US 54 connecting County Road M to County Road 7, and a new Weigh Station between County Road 7 and County Road )

Federal-Aid, Local Projects

72 C 4991-01: Replacement of this bridge on 170th Road over Pipe Creek northeast of Minneapolis


70-85 KA 6208-01: PCCP patching on I-70 from Niles Road to the Saline/Dickinson County line.

18-71 KA 6205-01: Chip seal on K-18 in Osborne County
18-84 KA 6206-01: Chip seal on K-18 from the Osborne/Russell County line to US 281

18-82 KA 6276-01: Chip seal on K-18 from Plainville to the Rooks/Osborne County line

36-20 KA 6269-01: Chip seal from Oberlin to Norcatur

160-4 KA 6139-01: Right of way cleanup on US 160 from the Comanche/Barber County line to 3 miles west of Medicine Lodge.

183-106 KA 6168-01 Crack sealing on US 183 from Greensburg to Kinsley

96-51 KA 6203-01: Chip seal on K-96 from Dighton to the Lane/Ness County Line

54-106 KA 6272-01: Crack sealing on US 54 from the Meade/Clark County line to K-34 in Clark and Ford Counties

94-106 KA 6273-01: Crack sealing on the entire length of K-94 in Clark and Ford Counties.


KDOT Lettings: March 2021

Here are the projects that are being let at the March 2021 KDOT letting.

This post has been updated to reflect the approved bidders and the bid amount. KDOT did not put out a press release with the awarded bids for the March letting, but did put out one for the April letting on May 18 which included awarded bids for March. Most of the bids were published on their websiteThe approved bids found on the website will be noted in red. The approved bids announced in the May 18 press release will be noted in blue.

Photos railroad

A new view of an old train-watching site

Although “Outdoor recreational activity” was allowed here in Kansas under the state’s “Stay at Home” order, I didn’t really feel a reason to get out of the house until last Saturday, when I headed out to Pomona to check out an old spot that has changed quite a bit since the last time I was there.

Recently, BNSF replaced the truss bridges over the Marais des Cynges River between Pomona and Quenemo. The eastern bridge at MP 69 is right next to the Arkansas Terrace crossing.