KDOT Lettings: December 2021

43 projects are up for bids at KDOT on December 15, including two major projects on US 50 around Dodge City and into the territory out west. Awarded bids announced on December 28 are highlighted in red. Awarded bids announced on January 27 are highlighted in blue.


75-7 KA 5284-01: Addition of left-turn lanes at the intersection of US 75 and 260 Road and at 280 Road/K-246 at Sabetha. Herzog Contracting Corp., St. Joseph, Missouri, $5,414,193.56.

7-46 KA 5933-01: HMA overlay from Harold Street to just south of the K-10 interchange in Olathe. Superior Bowen Asphalt Company LLC, Kansas City, Missouri, $4,729,867.13

187-66 KA 3875-01: Replace the K-187 bridge over Weyer Creek 2.78 miles north of the K-187/K-9 junction.
187-66 KA 3876-01: Replace the K-187 bridge over Nemaha River drainage 5.53 miles north of the K-187/K-9 junction.
Projects to be let together and intended to be constructed together with a common detour via K-9, K-63, and US 36.
Reece Construction Co., Inc., Salina, $2,360,961.91

31-99 KA 6316-01: 1-inch milling and 1.5-inch overlay on K-31 in Wabaunsee County.
195-99 KA 6339-01: 1-inch milling and 1.5-inch overlay on the K-195 spur from K-31 to Harveyville (Non-FA)
Shilling Construction Co. Inc., Manhattan, $1,546,390.17

128-45 KA 3947-01: Replace the K-128 bridge over White Rock Creek located 0.3 miles north of Burr Oak. Traffic to be carried via a shoo-fly detour. King Construction Company Inc. & Subsidiaries, Hesston, $2,750,542.65.

106 KA 6106-01: Signage replacement on US 56, US 77, K-4, and K-177 in and around Morris County. KOMO Construction LLC / DBA A&H Co., Elko New Market, Minnesota, $477,255.50

27-12 KA 3933-01: Replace the K-27 bridge over North Fork Beaver Creek located 1.29 Miles North of the Cheyenne/Sherman County Line. King, $2,329,185.70.

183-26 KA 5418-01: Reconstruct Vine Street (US 183) in Hays from the US 183 Bypass to 12th Street as a 5-lane urban arterial. Smoky Hill LLC, Salina, $3,532,366.10.

9-69 KA 6310-01: 2.5-inch milling and 4-inch overlay from the Decatur/Norton county line to US 283. Venture Corp., Great Bend, $5,574,599.20

70-84 KA 6279-01: Lighting upgrade at I-70 exit 199, and at the K-18/K-232 junction near Lucas. Phillips Southern Electric Company Inc., Wichita, $221,417.00

83-97 KA 6308-01: 2.5-inch milling and 4-inch overlay on US 83 from US 24 to the Thomas/Sheridan County Line. McCormick Excavation & Paving LLC, Stratton, Colorado, $4,504,875.67.

39-6 KA 3912-01: Replacement of the K-39 bridge over Flat Rock Creek 3.08 miles east of the Bourbon/Neosho County Line. Detour via US 59, US 54, and K-3. Killough Construction Inc., Ottawa, $722,897.60

3-6 KA 6303-01/3-54 KA 6449-01: 1-inch milling and 2-inch overlay on K-3 between US 54 and K-31 in Bourbon and Linn Counties (KA-6449-01 in Linn County is Non-FA) Cornejo & Sons LLC, Wichita, $2,066,429.82.

35-70 KA 6075-01/35-30 KA 6076-01: 1-inch PCC milling and 3-inch HMA overlay from MP 163.2 to MP 179 in Osage and Franklin Counties.
35-70 KA 6126-01: Repair the northbound I-35 bridge over Rock Creek at MP 163.2. Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, Kansas, $20,252,759.15

400-50 KA 6304-01: 1.5-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay from the Montgomery/Labette County Line to just west of Jackson Road near Parsons. Cornejo & Sons, $1,515,236.03.

68-61 KA-2373-02: Add Turn lanes to the intersection of K-68 and Somerset Road and construct a new access road to serve the Louisburg Cider Mill.
68-61 KA 2373-03: Reconstruct K-68 between US 169 and US 69. Add turn lanes and frontage roads.
Miles Excavating Inc., Basehor, $18,824,344.89.

68-61 KA 6230-01: 1.5-inch mill and 1.5-inch HMA overlay from US 69 to the Missouri State Line. Bettis, $1,197,179.65

77-8 KA 6132-01: Repair the US 77 bridge over the West Branch Walnut River in El Dorado. PBX Corporation & Subsidiary, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, $260,766.78.

18 KA 6305-01: 1.5-inch milling and 2-inch HMA overlay on US 166 from Arkansas City to the Cowley/Chautauqua County Line and 0.5-inch mill and 2-inch overlay on K-15 from the Oklahoma State Line to US 166
77-18 KA 6333-01: Milling and HMA overlay (unspecified depth) on US 77 from Summit Street to Madison Avenue in Arkansas City. Cornejo & Sons, $7,183,574.81

96-87 KA 6231-01: Concrete patching on K-96 from Webb to Kellogg. Prado Construction LLC, Valley Center, $2,791,865.53

50-35 KA 2383-01/50-29 KA 2384-01: Widen to a 4-lane expressway from Cimarron to Wyatt Earp Boulevard in Dodge City. Koss Construction Colorado, Topeka, $86,833,640.25

23-51 KA 6311-01: 1.5-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay on K-23 in Lane County.
96-51 KA 6334-01 1.5-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay on K-96 in Dighton (Non-FA)
Venture, $5,561,201.00

Federal-Aid, Local project:

44 C 4983-01: Reconstruct a portion of Wellman Road near 142nd Street south of Winchester. Leavenworth Excavating & Equipment Company Inc. and Affiliate, Leavenworth, $380,102.22.


36-22 KA 6336-01: Surface Recycle and Chip Seal on US 36 from Troy to Wathena. Dustrol Inc., Towanda, Kansas, $768,205.51.

120-22 KA 6337-01: 2.5-inch milling and 2-inch overlay on the entire length of K-120 in Doniphan County. Herzog, $1,368,463.98

7-6 KA 6486-01: Chip Seal from K-31 to the Bourbon/Linn County Line. Vance Brothers Inc. and Subsidiary, Kansas City, Missouri, $45,861.83.

7-6 KA 6487-01: Chip Seal from US 54 to K-31. Vance Brothers, $316,143.10.

69-61 KA 6055-01: 1-inch PCC milling and 3-inch HMA overlay from MP 110.2 to MP 121.0. Bettis, $13,286,740.10

31-6 KA 6489-01: Chip Seal from K-7 to US 69. Vance Brothers, $187,063.96

7-54 KA 6488-01: Chip Seal from the Bourbon/Linn County line K-52 near Mound City. Vance Brothers, $211,591.12

160-63 KA 6389-01: 1.5-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA Overlay from Independence to US 169. Cornejo & Sons, $907,756.12

4 KA 6289-01: 1/2-inch milling and 2-inch HMA overlay on K-2 in Barber County; 1.5-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA Overlay on K-8 in Barber County. Cornejo & Sons, $3,390,836.04.

106 KA 6378-01: Rumble strip grinding at various locations in Butler, Sedgwick, and Cowley Counties.

83-86 KA 3252-01: 2-inch milling and 2-inch HMA Overlay from Scott City to the Scott/Logan County Line. Venture, $5,451,392.04





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