KDOT lettings: March 2020

NOTE: This is the regular letting for March, scheduled for the 25th


35-46 KA 5126-02: Guardrail improvements along I-35 between Santa Fe and 95th Street

46 N 0661-01: Heavy maintenance on Roe Boulevard from Johnson Drive to the Johnson/Wyandotte County line.

58 TE 0476-01: Impvrovents to the crosswalk on 7th and Broadway in Marysville.

18-81 KA 3080-01: Replacement of the bridges on Fort Riley Boulevard Over Wildcat Creek and reconstruction of the intersection with Richards Drive/Rosencutter Road. Includes a new signal at Richards/Rosencutter Road (protected-only left turns)

177-64 KA-5540-01: Repair of a bridge on the south side of Council Grove.

183-26 KA 5232-01: Reconstruction of Vine Street (US 183) from 32nd Street to 41st Street in Hays with multiple roundabouts. Dogbone roundabout at the 32nd Street/33rd Street junction. Michigan Left situation for I-70 west to southbound Vine and from Northbound Vine to westbound I-70

32 C 4929-01: Major collector signage upgrade in Gove County

102-11 KA-5461-01: 1-inch mile and 1-inch overlay along the entire route of K-102

19 TE 0478-01: Memorial Drive trail along Memorial Drive from McNally Drive to Walnut Street in Pittsburg.

35-30 KA-5538-01: Bridge repair on the I-35 bridges over 15th Street/Marshall Road in Ottawa

39-67 KA-5459-01
39-103 KA-5460-01
Combined: 3/4-inch mill and 5/8-inch Ultrathin Bonded Asphalt Surface from US 400 to US 169 in Wilson and Neosho counties

Federal-Aid, Local projects

60 C 4927-02: Bridge replacement in southeastern Meade County near Butler Cemetary


40B-31 KA-5481-01: 3-inch overlay from the East City limits of Junction City to the East Junction with I-70.

18-106 KA-5478-01: 1 1/2-inch mill, 1 1/2-inch Overlay from I-70 to 12th Street in Ogden.

27-12 KA-5617-01: Chip seal on K-27 from US 36 north to the Kansas/Nebraska state line.

23-90 KA-5578-01: Chip seal on K-23 from US 24 to US 83.

54-37 KA 4764-01: Heavy maintenance on River Street (US 54) in Eureka

I noticed that one project, the reconstruction of Fort Riley Boulevard in Manhattan, was moved from the March 10 re-letting to this letting.