KDOT Lettings: November 2022

There are only 16 projects up for letting on November 17, but one of them is a big-ticket item: the next phase of improvements to the I-135/I-235/K-254/K-96 junction on the north side of Wichita.


24-44 KA 5105-01: 3-inch milling and 3-inch overlay in the vicinity of the Delaware River bridge near Perry

39-6 KA 3908-01: Replace the K-39 bridge over Owl Creek near the K-3 junction. Bridge to be built one half of a time with traffic alternating across the zone controlled by signals.

3-6 KA 3909-01: Replace the K-3 bridge over Paint Creek, just south of the K-39 junction. Detour via K-47, K-7, and K-39

47-19 KA 6624-01/47-67 KA 6623-01: 2-inch milling and 1-inch HMA overlay from St. Paul to Girard in Neosho and Crawford Counties

59-30 KA 6579-01: 1-inch RCI and 3-inch HMA overlay on the US 59 freeway from I-35 to the Franklin/Douglas County Line

400-37 KA 6594-01: 3-inch HMA overlay from the east junction with K-99 to the Greenwood/Wilson County line (a Reflective Crack interlayer is not specified, though I believe this section of US 400 has a concrete base)

40 C 5136-01: Installation of new Stop, Yield, Stop Ahead, and Yield Ahead signs at 28 intersections in Harvey County.

50-40 KA 1827-05: Extend the existing passing lane on US 50 near Halstead for 0.8 mile.

235-87 KA 3232-02 I-135/I-235 north junction Gold Project Phase 2B

Federal-Aid, Local Projects:

22 C 4999-01: Replace the 195th Road/Old US 36 bridge over Peters Creek east of Troy.

39 C 5005-01: Replace the 30th Road bridge over Rush Creek northwest of Anthony


24-52 KA 6564-01: Sidewalk ramp improvments at the intersection of US 24-40 and 4th Street and at US 24-40 and Star Drive in Tonganoxie.

69-11 KA 6708-01: 1.5-inch milling and 2-inch HMA overlay on US 69 from the Oklahoma State Line to Columbus

47-67 KA 6707-01: Two 1-inch HMA overlays on K-47 from US 169 to US 59

50-78 KA 6719-01: Repairs on the US 50 bridge over the BNSF La Junta Sub/UP Pratt Sub/K-61 at the west junction with K-61

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