KDOT Lettings, February 2023

There are only 11 projects up for bids on February 15.


9-66 KA 3885-01: Replace Bridge #016 over Spring Creek Drainage west of Wetmore. Detour via K-62, K-16, and US 75

77-81 KA 3922-01: Replace bridge #039 over Mill Creek 1.57 miles north of the North Junction with US 24 (no plans posted)

156-27 KA 3939-01: Replacement of the K-156 Bridge #026 over Oak Creek located 1.13 miles northeast of K-140. Detour via K-140 and K-111.

11 U 2401-01: Sidewalk upgrade on Country Road from High School Avenue to Kansas Avenue and Maple Street from Tennessee Avenue to East Avenue in Columbus

50-24 KA 5779-01: Rehabilitation of a passing lane area on US 50-56 between Kinsley and Offerle
50-29 KA 3234-02: Rehabilitation of a passing lane area on US 50-56 near 119th Road in Ford County.
50-29 KA 5780-01: Rehabilitation of a passing lane area on US 50-56 east of Spearville

Federal-Aid, Local Projects:

22 C 4999-01: Replace the 195th Road/Old US 36 bridge over Peters Creek east of Troy. Re-let from November 2022

56 C 5145-01: Replace the J Road bridge over Troublesome Creek north of Emporia.


54-104 KA 6458-01: Widen a Culvert just west of Yates Center.

56-73 KA 6454-01: Guardrail upgrades northeast of Garfield.

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