KDOT Lettings: August, 2020

The KDOT August lettings consist primarily of maintenance projects, including three state highway signage projects and a major collector signage project. The main replacement/widening project is on K-33 in Wellsville.


106 KA 4744-01: Signage update on Shawnee Mission Parkway from I-35 to State Line, Metcalf from Shawnee Mission Parkway to I-635, and Rainbow Blvd/7th Street Trafficway from Shawnee Mission Parkway to Southwest Boulevard.

169-105 KA-5613-01: Repair of the 7th Street Trafficway bridge over the Kansas River. Bridge will be closed during repair, detour via I-35, 18th Street Expressway, and I-70.

33-30 KA 3951-01: Replacement of K-33 bridge over BNSF Emporia sub and addition of turn lanes for 7th and 8th Streets in Wellsville.

400-103 KA-5048-02: Guardrail updates along US 400 between the Greenwood/Wilson County line and Fredonia.

54-8 KA-5605-01: 1-inch Reflective Crack Interlayer and 3-inch Asphalt overlay on the 4-lane section of US 54/77/400 between Augusta and the East Junction with US 400.

83 C 4932-01: Major collector pavement marking and installation of “No Passing Zone” signs in Rush County

42 C 4964-01: Major Collector signage updates in northern Hodgeman County

4-68 KA 4049-01: Reconstruction of Davis Avenue in Brownell and associated water line updates. Detour via US 183, K-96, and US 283

106 KA 4749-01: Signage updates on US 160 in Clark County, US 283 from the Oklahoma state line to US 160, and K-34 from US 160 north 8 miles.

106 KA 4749-02: Signage update on K-4, K-96, K-147, and US 283 in Ness County.


92-52 KA-5619-01: Repairs to the Centennial Bridge in Leavenworth.

106 KA-5738-01: RAP Sample milling at various locations in KDOT District 1.

106 KA-5698-01: RAP Sample milling at various locations in KDOT District 6.


KDOT Lettings: April, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has not affected the ability of KDOT to put projects up for bids. However, KDOT did post the following note with the list of projects for the April letting:

The Kansas Department of Transportation April 22, 2020 Letting WILL remain as scheduled with possible procedural changes to accommodate public building restrictions due to the COVID-19 emergency. We will be in contact and keep you updated as details become available. Thanks.

Most likely, this means that the bids will be opened on a conference call. The March bids were read in this manner.


KDOT lettings: March 2020

Technically, there were two KDOT lettings in the month of March. The first one, on March 10, was the delayed February lettings. The projects in this list were put up for bids on March 25.


KDOT Lettings: January, 2020

These were the projects that were put up for bids on January 22.


KDOT Lettings, December 2019

For the December letting, we have a ‘biggie’ out of Johnson County. KDOT previously announced they had received funding to widen I-35 under the 75th Street interchange. For the December letting, that project will be up for bids.


KDOT lettings, November 2019

Here’s whats up for bids in the Monthly lettings for November of 2019


KDOT Lettings: October, 2019

Here’s whats up for bids in the Monthly lettings for October of 2019