KDOT Lettings: May 2024

Awarded Bids announced on June 6 are highlighted in red.


70-89 KA 6932-01: Deck patching on the California Avenue bridge over I-70 in Topeka. Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, $332,976.37.

4-89 KA 6933-01: Repair the approaches to the Oakland Expressway bridges over 6th Street in Topeka. Bettis, $622,444.34.

89 TE 0505-02: Bike route improvements in Topeka

24-62 KA 6437-01: Reconstruction of Wisconsin Street in Cawker City

69-6 KA 6738-01/69-54 KA 6791-01: 2.5-inch milling and 2.5-inch HMA overlay on US 69 from Wall Street in Fort Scott to the E 1350 Road bridge north of Pleasanton. Pearson Construction LLC, Wichita, $17,576,896.63.

69-6 KA 6738-03/69-54 KA 6791-03: Guardrail update in the same area of US 69 (Non-FA) Bettis, $1,042,353.38.

400-11 KA 2375-10: Construct a passing lane on US 400 at East 50th Street southwest of Pittsburg. Bettis, $7,158,505.35.

75-63 KA 5699-01: Replace the US 75 bridge over Cheyenne Creek north of Caney. Traffic is to be carried on one lane controlled by traffic signals. Bridges Inc., Newton, $3,788,843.79.

77-18 KA 6766-01: Repairs to the bridge over the BNSF railway in Arkansas City. PCI Roads, LLC, Saint Michael, Minnesota, $1,192,103.58.

106 KA 6261-01: Signage updates in Butler County. Cooper Construction LLC, Emporia, $2,358,425.50.

96 TE 0506-01: Sidewalk installation on 16th Street in Wellington

96 TE 0509-01: Construct a new walking loop around Watson Park, along the east side of Logan Street, a crosswalk across Logan at 7th Avenue, and a one-block segment of 4th Avenue between Merchant and Main Streets.

106 KA 6264-01: Signage upgrade in Finney County: US 50/400 from Holcomb to the Finney/Gray County Line, US 83 from US 83B to the Finney/Scott County Line, the entire lengths of US 50B and US 83B, and K-156 from the Garden City bypass to the West Junction with K-23. Fulsom Brothers, Inc., Cedar Vale, Kansas, $1,590,013.36.


36-7 KA 6948-01: Bridge repair on the King Fisher Road/12th Street Bridge over US 36 and the US 36 bridge over Linden Road in Hiawatha. PCI Roads, $334,004.35

36-22 KA 6588-02: Guardrail upgrades at the US 36 interchanges between Wathena and Elwood. Bettis, $526,527.25.

900-44 KA 6734-01: Bridge repair on the Westlake Road bridge over the west arm of Perry Lake. The bridge is to be closed during construction. Detour via US 24, K-4, and 81st Street. The detour is labeled as K-237, although the bridge is north of the north end of K-237. PCI Roads, $265,547.46.

31-70 KA 7326-01: 2-inch milling and 2-inch HMA overlay on K-31 in Melvern. 2-inch HMA overlay from US 75 to Melvern, and from Melvern to I-35. Bettis, $1,982,004.90.

70-105 KA 6750-01: Bridge repair on the eastbound I-70 approach to the Lewis and Clark Viaduct. I-70 and the Minnesota Avenue ramp to the Lewis and Clark Viaduct to be closed, detour via I-670. The Washington Boulevard ramp to the Lewis and Clark viaduct, and the eastbound Lewis and Clark itself, will remain open. PCI Roads, $277,270.95.

106 KA 6861-01: Signage update in Chase County. Cooper, $266,649.22.

106 KA 7328-01: RAP Sample milling in KDOT District 3. APAC-Kansas Inc. Shears Division, Hutchinson, Kansas, $30,630.05.

35-30 KA 6843-01: Replace a butterfly sign pole between the 15th Street/Marshall Road and K-68 interchanges on I-35 in Ottawa. Phillips Southern Electric Company Inc., Wichita, $174,027.44.

177-08 KA 6940-01: Bridge repair on the bridges over the BNSF Emporia Sub and Durechen Creek on the north end of El Dorado Lake. PCI Roads, $1,550,203.38.

1-17 KA 6603-01: Widen two adjacent culverts at the Crossing with the Salt Fork of the Arkansas River near MP 7.5. Traffic is to be carried on a shoo-fly detour. Reece Construction Company, Inc., $1,994,813.50

56-80 KA 6455-01: Re-grading and guardrail upgrades west of Lyons


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