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  • KDOT Lettings: May 2024

    Federal-Aid: 70-89 KA 6932-01: Deck patching on the California Avenue bridge over I-70 in Topeka. 4-89 KA 6933-01: Repair the approaches to the Oakland Expressway bridges over 6th Street in Topeka 89 TE 0505-02: Bike route improvements in Topeka 24-62 KA 6437-01: Reconstruction of Wisconsin Street in Cawker City 69-6 KA 6738-01/69-54 KA 6791-01: 2.5-inch…

  • KDOT Lettings: February 2022

    25 projects are up for bids at KDOT on February 16. The approved bids announced on March 2 are highlighted in red.The approved bids announced on March 31 are highlighted in blue.