KDOT Lettings: September, 2019

Federal-Aid (unless otherwise specified):

56-46 KA 2745-02: New Turn lanes at the intersection of US 56 and 199th Street/Sunflower Road on the east side of Edgerton

81 U 2335-01: Sidewalk improvements – Safe Routes to School project in Manhattan.

70-105 KA 4946-01: Bridge repair near Turner Diagonal

70-21 KA 5410-01: Pavement marking on I-70 in Dickinson County.
70-85 KA 5408-01: Pavement marking on I-70 from Niles Road east to the Saline/Dickinson County Line

18-72 KA 5299-01: Milling and HMA overlay from the south junction with old US 81 to the Ottawa/Dickinson County Line.

25-55 KA 5305-01: Milling and HMA overlay from the east junction with US 40 to the Logan/Thomas County Line
25-97 KA 5306-01: Milling and HMA overlay from the Logan/Thomas County Line north to I-70 at Colby

9-74 KA 5307-01: Milling and HMA overlay from the Norton/Phillips County Line east to US 183
9-74 M 0072-01: Stockpile asphalt material [Non-FA]

91 KA 5406-01: Pavement marking from the South City Limits of Goodland north to the North Junction of K-25 with US 24B

70-91 KA 5407-01: Pavement marking from the State Line east to County Road 14

9-92 KA 3100-01: Bridge replacment on K-9 over Cedar Creek east of Cedar

40-100 KA 5303-01: Milling and HMA overlay on US 40 from K-27 east to to the Wallace/Logan County Line
40-100 M 0071-01: Stockpile asphalt material [Non-FA]

59-2 KA 4812-02: Guardrail improvements on US 59 from Garnett to the Anderson/Franklin County Line

69-19 KA 1554-03: Upgrading US 69 from 2 lanes to 4-lanes divided around Arma. The plans have a goof as of 8/26. A BGS for the US 69 intersection is designed with “US A” instead of “US 69 Buisness”

281-5 KA 5314-01: Surface recycle, UBAS and chip seal from the Pawnee/Barton County Line north to Great Bend
281-93 KA 5312-01: Surface recycle, UBAS and chip seal from K-19 north to the Pawnee/Barton County Line.

8 N 0655-01: Bridge Replacement of the 159th Street Bridge over the Kansas Turnpike in Andover.

61-78 KA 5405-01: Pavement marking on K-61 from Hutchinson north to the Reno/McPherson County Line.

135-87 KA 5043-01: Bridge repair on Northbound I-135 over Southeast Boulevard in Wichita.

96-36 KA 5316-01: Milling and HMA overlay from the State Line east to Tribune

27-38 KA 5319-01: Surface recycle and UBAS from the Stanton/Hamilton County Line north to Syracuse
27-94 KA 5315-01: Surface recycle and UBAS from Johnson City north to the Stanton/Hamilton County Line.

75 C 4922-01: Bridge Replacement on Parallel Road over French Creek. [Parallel Road is on the Pottawatomie/Nemaha County line]

79 C 4923-01: Bridge Replacement in northwest Republic County

19 C 4911-01: Bridge Replacement on 580th Avenue over Hickory Creek

48 C 4915-01: Bridge Replacement on 80th Avenue over the South Fork Ninnescah River southeast of Kingman

87 TE 0434-01: Pedestrian & bicycle paths along Rock Road between Derby and Mulvane


75-7 KA 5285-01: Rumble strip grinding between US 36 and K-246

15 KA 5302-01: Milling and HMA overlay on US 24 between the Mitchell/Cloud County Line and US 81, and on K-194

14-27 KA 5295-01: Milling and HMA overlay between Ellsworth and I-70

53 KA 5298-01: Surface recycle and chip seal between Lincoln and the Lincoln/Ottawa County Line

9-74 KA 5308-01: Milling and HMA overlay between US 183 and Kirwin

183-17 KA 5310-01: Milling and HMA overlay between US 160 and the Commanche/Kiowa County Line
183-49 KA 5309-01: Milling and HMA overlay between the Commanche/Kiowa County Line and US 54/400 at Greensburg

14-48 KA 5311-01: Milling and HMA overlay between K-42 and Kingman

28 KA 5293-01: Milling and HMA overlay on US 83 from the junction with old 83 south of Garden City north to US 50, and US 83B from the South Junction with US 83 north to the City Limits.
(NOTE: Old 83 is NOT the same as US 83B)

July, 2019 KDOT lettings

I’ve been writing a summary of the monthly lettings of the Kansas Department of Transportation on the aaroads.com forum as a sneak peak of the planned projects that the state is working on. So, I might as well publish them here as well.

Federal-Aid projects:

24-81 KA 4757-01: Intersection improvement at the intersection of Tuttle Creek Boulevard (US 24) and Kimbell Drive in Manhattan. Adding Double left turn lanes from Kimball to westbound Tuttle Creek Blvd. and Double right turns from Kimball to Eastbound Tuttle Creek Blvd. Protected left turns on all legs, with protected/permitted right/turns from eastbound Tuttle Creek Blvd to Kimball (five-aspect) and from Kimball to Eastbound Tuttle Creek Blvd. (double FYA)

106 KA 5145-01: Lighting at six intersections in Atchison, Jefferson, and Douglas Counties

62 U 2330-01: Safe Routes to School sidewalk improvements in Beloit

70-85 KA 5282-01: Pavement marking from Halstead Road to Niles Road near Salina

47-19 KA 4755-01: Intersection improvement at St. Johns Street (K-47) and Ozark Avenue in Girard

59-50 KA 4536-01: Roundabout at the north junction of US 59 and US 160 east of Altamont

78 U 2333-01: Safe Routes to School project in Haven

Federal-Aid county road bridge replacements:

99 C 4924-01: Replacment of the Headwaters Road bridge over Batch Creek northwest of Harveyville.

9 C 4910-01: Replacement of this bridge over Bloody Creek in Chase County

61 C 4916-01: Replacement of this truss bridge on 263rd Street over North Wea Creek near Louisburg.

68 C 4919-01: Bridge replacement 3 miles west of US 283

Non-Federal Aid projects:

75-7 KA 5285-01: Rumble strips Milling on US 75 between Fairview and Sabetha

81-15 KA 5264-01: Milling and overlay on US 81 between the Ottawa/Cloud county line and US 24.

106 KA 5268-01: Crack Sealing on K-28 from K-14 to K-148 and K-148 from K-20 to US 81 in Jewell and Republic Counties

70-32 KA 5276-01: Spot milling and HMA overlay on I-70 near Quinter

160-13 KA 5275-01: Ditch grading on US 160 3 miles west of Ashland

Truck Parking, Part 2

With the new Truck Parking Information Management System system now in place at the rest areas along I-70 in Kansas, the KTA is now following suit at its service areas


This sign was installed on Eastbound I-70 heading toward the Lawrence Service Area. Needless to say, the TPIMS has not been activated on the Turnpike just yet. The sign for the westbound approach to the Turnpike will also include information on the Topeka and Emporia service areas.

Turnpike Bridge is coming down

The KTA has issued a press release. Because of the way the KTA’s site is designed, I shall quote it verbatim.

Additional information is now available on the Kansas Turnpike Authority’s upcoming demolition of the original bridge structures across the Kansas River in Lawrence.

The steel structures that once carried I-70 traffic across the river will be removed in three phases, each of which will begin with a detonation. Two of the three dates for the demolition phases have been set: Sunday, November 15 at 12:30 p.m., and Thursday, November 19 at 10 a.m. The third date will likely be in early December. Times for the blasts are approximate and depend on weather.

During use of the explosives, Kansas Highway Patrol troopers and KTA maintenance crews will be conducting “rolling road blocks” to secure a segment of time without Turnpike traffic in the blasting area. This construction traffic-control technique has been used successfully many times on the Kansas Turnpike and usually results in minor delays for travelers. Anyone using the Turnpike near Lawrence on these two days should obey all traffic signs, construction workers and KHP troopers. Do not stop in the construction zone unless instructed to do so by KHP or KTA.

An area of at least a 1,000-foot radius from the blasting site must be free of all roadway and pedestrian traffic. KTA and contractor crews are working with the City of Lawrence and Douglas County to secure the area. The public should be aware that due to the use of explosives, access to some areas near the bridge may be restricted even further. Although some public areas will be restricted, Burcham Park is outside the 1000-foot secured perimeter and will be open.

“Our main objective is to remove the original bridge structures safely and without incident,” said KTA Director of Public Relations Lisa Callahan.
On November 15, an approximate 250-foot section of the eastbound structure will be dropped onto a temporary causeway that has been constructed in the river. Most of the steel truss will land on this platform. Contractors will then remove the steel to be recycled. The process will repeat on November 19 for a section of the westbound structure. The remaining larger section of the original bridges will be removed in December.
“We know there is a lot of interest in this demolition. There should be. After all, this is where construction started for the Turnpike. It all began in Lawrence on New Year’s Eve of 1954. This is a very historic event we are about to witness,” said KTA President/CEO Michael L. Johnston. “In celebrating this event, we want to be certain not to compromise safety in any way.”

The project to replace the two bridges began in June 2008 and includes interchange ramp improvements at Plazas 202 and 204 (East and West Lawrence), a new toll plaza with additional lanes at Plaza 204 (East Lawrence), as well as new I-70 bridges over the Kansas River through Lawrence. All traffic was moved onto one of the new bridges in late October. Immediately following the traffic switch to the new bridge, crews began removing the concrete decking of the original bridges.

The entire project is estimated to cost $130 million when complete in late 2011. For additional information, visit the project web site at www.SpanningTheFuture.com.