KDOT Lettings: June 2023

There are only 12 projects up for letting in June. The biggest one happens to be the lead-off project. Approved bids announced on June 29 are highlighted in red.


24-44 KA 3542-01/24-89 KA 3236-01: Full-depth reconstruction of US 24 from Topeka Boulevard to Grantville in Shawnee and Jefferson Counties. Koss Construction, Topeka, $64,410,372.73.

70-91 KA 6777-01: Repair of the two I-70 bridges at the east junction with US 24B in Goodland. Reece Construction Company, Inc., Salina, $1,140,402.60.

11 C 5135-01: Major collector signage upgrade on Major collector roads east of K-7 in Cherokee County. Martin Outdoor Enterprises Inc., Pittsburg, $198,755.00.

254-8 KA 6981-01: Pavement Marking replacement from the Sedgwick/Butler County Line to Boyer Road. Cillessen and Sons Inc., Kechi, $687,620.31.

83-106 KA 6234-01: Install a fiber optic broadband cable along US 83 between Garden City and Oakley

Federal-Aid, Local project

57 C 5127-01 Add a paved turnout on Indigo Road near 130th Street south of Hillsboro. Pearson Construction LLC, Wichita, $143,596.00


35-46 KA 6074-02: Guardrail upgrade near the 151st/K-7 interchange and the 159th/Lone Elm interchange. Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., $643,289.00

14-53 KA 6854-01: ADA Sidewalk ramp upgrades along 6th Street (K-14) in Lincoln. Multicon Inc., Park City, $175,162.00

36-101 KA 6779-01: Repair US 36 bridges over Camp Creek and Mill Creek west of Washington. PCI Roads, LLC, Saint Michael, Minnesota, $728.197.96

169-1 KA 6885-01: Lighting upgrade at the US 169/US 54 interchange in Iola. Cooper Construction LLC, Emporia, $325,376.35

47-67 KA 6855-01: ADA Sidewalk ramp upgrade on Carroll Street in St. Paul. Martin, $56,000.00





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