KDOT Lettings: May 2023

There are 22 projects up for letting on May 24, and we lead off with a South Lawrence Trafficway related project. Awarded bids announced on June 7 are highlighted in red. Awarded bids announced on June 29 are highlighted in blue.


40-23 KA 2841-02: Reconstruct the existing SLT/6th Street (US 40) interchange as a DDI. Part of US 40 closed on the west side of the interchange, detour via K-10 and I-70. King’s Construction Co. Inc., Oskaloosa, $14,017,220.08.

24-23 KA 6282-01: Lighting upgrade at the “Teepee Junction” US 24/US 40/US 59 intersection in North Lawrence. J Warren Company Inc., Topeka, $240,763.00.

89 TE 0505-03: New Shared-use path along NW Tyler Street in North Topeka. Kansas Heavy Construction LLC, Shawnee, Kansas, $415,272.50.

40B-31 KA 5996-01: Reconstruction of part of Washington Street near the I-70 interchange, including the roundabout at the westbound I-70 on/off ramps
70-31 KA 6062-01: Full-depth reconstruction on I-70 between Washington Street and K-57
70-31 KA 6773-01: Repair the westbound I-70 bridge over Franks Creek near Grandview Plaza
Wildcat Construction Co. Inc. & Subsidiaries, Wichita, $30,036,834.95.

24-97 KA 6438-01: Full-depth reconstruction of 4th Street from Walker Avenue to Riddle Avenue in Colby as a three-lane street with a center turn lane. Sporer Land Development Inc., Oakley, $1,954,962.50.

166-18 KA 6917-01: Pavement Marking from the north/east junction with US 77 to the Cowley/Chautauqua County Line. Cillessen and Sons Inc., Kechi, $396,993.11.

235-87 KA 6918-01: Pavement Marking on I-235 from I-135 on the South end to Broadway on the north end.

160-96 KA 3888-01: Replacement of the US 160 bridge over Hagris Creek in Wellington. Dondlinger & Sons Construction Co. Inc., Wichita, $3,564,404.00.

106 KA 6268-01: Signage replacement on US 54, US 160, K-23, and K-98 in Meade County. Signs Up LTD DBA Haren’s Trees and Critters, Webster City, Iowa, $408,274.34.

Federal-Aid, Local project:

98 C 5151-01: Replace a bridge on 200 Road over the North Fork Saline River northwest of WaKeeney. King Construction Company Inc. & Subsidiaries, Heston, $622,094.90


75-70 KA 6736-01: Repair four bridges on US 75 between BETO Junction and Olivet. Wildcat Construction Co. Inc. & Subsidiaries, $937,415.50.

99-99 KA 6943-01: 1.5-inch milling and 1.5 inch HMA overlay on a section of Old K-99 near the K-18 intersection that is being retained as a county road. Shilling Construction Co. Inc., Manhattan, Kansas, $185,448.00.

70-85 KA 6893-01: Lighting upgrade at the Westbound I-70 rest area near Salina. Phillips Southern Electric Company Inc., Wichita, $89,217.00.

83-97 KA 6713-01/83-55 KA 6714-01: 2-inch milling and 2-inch HMA Overlay on US 83 from US 40 to 10 miles north of the Logan/Thomas County Line. McCormick Excavation & Paving LLC, Stratton, Colorado, $3,057,893.53.

106 KA 6919-01: RAP Sample milline at various locations in KDOT District 3. Dustrol Inc., Towanda, $21,127.50.

135-40 KA 6731-01: Repair the 60th Street bridge over I-135 in southern Harvey County. Wildcat, $94,432.25.

61-78 KA 6911-01: 3-inch Profile mill and overlay on a settling approach to the K-61 bridges over 85th Avenue in northeast Reno County APAC-Kansas Inc. Shears Division, Hutchinson, $173,283.00.

160-13 KA 6362-01: Sidewalk ramp improvements in Ashland L & M Contractors Inc., Great Bend, Kansas, $189,924.20.

34-29 KA 6920-01: Chip Seal on K-34 from US 54 to US 400 Heft and Sons LLC, Greensburg, $198,440.50.





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