KDOT Lettings: June 2021

KDOT has announced the projects that will be up for letting on June 16


69-48 KA 5792-01: Guardrail improvements on Metcalf Avenue (US 69) near the I-35/I-635 interchange.

46 N 658-01: Safe Routes to School improvements along Moonlight Road in Gardner

52 C 5058-01: Major collector signage upgrades along County Roads 13 and 14 in northwest Leavenworth County.

18-81 KA 6160-01: Pavement marking on K-18 from K-114 near Ogden to K-113 in Manhattan.

69-105 KA 5148-01: Reconstruction of 7th Street Trafficway from Homer Avenue to Tenny Avenue, including portions of Central Avenue and Simpson Avenue

635-105 KA 5627-01: Replace deck and rails, paint superstructure, add shear studs, replace expansion joints, replace bearings, abutment repairs, guardrail repair and replace approach slabs on two bridges located at the east I-635/K-5 interchange.

635-105 KA 5923-01: Repair the I-635 bridge over the Kansas River.

135-85 KA 5680-01: Bridge repair on various bridges on I-135 in the Salina area
135-85 KA 6064-01: 3-inch Overlay on I-135 in Saline County.

70-26 KA 6011-01: Lighting upgrade on I-70 at K-255 near Victoria (Exit 168) and on US 183 Bypass at Campus Drive in Hays.

70-32 KA 6012-01: Lighting upgrade on I-70 at US 40 near Oakley. (Exit 76)

70-91 KA 6013-01: Lighting upgrade on I-70 at the East junction US 24B near Goodland. (Exit 19)

70-98 KA 6014-01: Lighting upgrade on I-70 at K-147 near Ogallah. (Exit 135)

383-74 KA 2372-03: Reconstruction of K-383 from the Prairie Dog Creek Bridge near MP 111 to US 183. Detour via K-60, US 36, and US 183.

10 C 4976-01: Major collector signage upgrade in Chautauqua County west of K-99.

69-19 KA 5149-01: Reconstruction of US 69 and McKay Street in Frontenac.

25 C 4995-01: Minor collector signage upgrade in Elk County

152-54 KA 5147-01: Adding turn lanes at the Market Street/Industrial Boulevard intersection in La Cynge.

54-8 KA 5799-01: Guardrail installation on US 54 between Rosalia and the Butler/Greenwood county line.

18 C 4972-01: Major collector signage upgrade in southern Cowley County.

50-40 KA 5797-01: Guardrail upgrade on US 50 north of the I-135 junction northeast of Newton.

14-78 KA 5798-01: Guardrail upgrade on K-14/K-96 south of South Hutchinson.

Federal-Aid, Local projects

99 C 5054-01: Reconstruction of a short section of Skyline Drive near Allendorph.

57 C 5046-01: Culvert reconstruction at 290th Street near Elk Road west of Lincolnville

90 C 4997-01: Bridge replacement on a local road over the North Folk Solomon River in Sheridan County.


106 KA 6161-01: RAP sample millings on various locations in KDOT District 3.


KDOT Lettings: February 2021

Included in the February lettings are two major construction projects in south-central Kansas.

This post has been updated to reflect the approved bidders and the bid amount as announced by KDOT in releases on March 10. The approved bids announced on March 10 will be noted in red.


KDOT Lettings: June, 2020

Here’s what’s up for bids at the June monthly letting.


KDOT Lettings: May 2020

Here are the projects up for bids at KDOT’s may letting


KDOT Lettings: April, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has not affected the ability of KDOT to put projects up for bids. However, KDOT did post the following note with the list of projects for the April letting:

The Kansas Department of Transportation April 22, 2020 Letting WILL remain as scheduled with possible procedural changes to accommodate public building restrictions due to the COVID-19 emergency. We will be in contact and keep you updated as details become available. Thanks.

Most likely, this means that the bids will be opened on a conference call. The March bids were read in this manner.


KDOT Lettings: February, 2020

KDOT had a little issue with this letting… due to the US department of Labor changing the prevailing wage rates, the all of the bids for this letting had to be discarded and a special letting called for March 10th.


KDOT Lettings: January, 2020

These were the projects that were put up for bids on January 22.


KDOT Lettings: October, 2019

Here’s whats up for bids in the Monthly lettings for October of 2019