KDOT lettings: March 2020

NOTE: This is the regular letting for March, scheduled for the 25th


35-46 KA 5126-02: Guardrail improvements along I-35 between Santa Fe and 95th Street

46 N 0661-01: Heavy maintenance on Roe Boulevard from Johnson Drive to the Johnson/Wyandotte County line.

58 TE 0476-01: Impvrovents to the crosswalk on 7th and Broadway in Marysville.

18-81 KA 3080-01: Replacement of the bridges on Fort Riley Boulevard Over Wildcat Creek and reconstruction of the intersection with Richards Drive/Rosencutter Road. Includes a new signal at Richards/Rosencutter Road (protected-only left turns)

177-64 KA-5540-01: Repair of a bridge on the south side of Council Grove.

183-26 KA 5232-01: Reconstruction of Vine Street (US 183) from 32nd Street to 41st Street in Hays with multiple roundabouts. Dogbone roundabout at the 32nd Street/33rd Street junction. Michigan Left situation for I-70 west to southbound Vine and from Northbound Vine to westbound I-70

32 C 4929-01: Major collector signage upgrade in Gove County

102-11 KA-5461-01: 1-inch mile and 1-inch overlay along the entire route of K-102

19 TE 0478-01: Memorial Drive trail along Memorial Drive from McNally Drive to Walnut Street in Pittsburg.

35-30 KA-5538-01: Bridge repair on the I-35 bridges over 15th Street/Marshall Road in Ottawa

39-67 KA-5459-01
39-103 KA-5460-01
Combined: 3/4-inch mill and 5/8-inch Ultrathin Bonded Asphalt Surface from US 400 to US 169 in Wilson and Neosho counties

Federal-Aid, Local projects

60 C 4927-02: Bridge replacement in southeastern Meade County near Butler Cemetary


40B-31 KA-5481-01: 3-inch overlay from the East City limits of Junction City to the East Junction with I-70.

18-106 KA-5478-01: 1 1/2-inch mill, 1 1/2-inch Overlay from I-70 to 12th Street in Ogden.

27-12 KA-5617-01: Chip seal on K-27 from US 36 north to the Kansas/Nebraska state line.

23-90 KA-5578-01: Chip seal on K-23 from US 24 to US 83.

54-37 KA 4764-01: Heavy maintenance on River Street (US 54) in Eureka

I noticed that one project, the reconstruction of Fort Riley Boulevard in Manhattan, was moved from the March 10 re-letting to this letting.


KDOT Lettings: February, 2020

KDOT had a little issue with this letting… due to the US department of Labor changing the prevailing wage rates, the all of the bids for this letting had to be discarded and a special letting called for March 10th.


KDOT Lettings: January, 2020


159-3 KA 5455-01: 2-inch mill, 1.5-inch overlay from Nortonville to Effingham.

20-7 KA 5443-01: 2-inch mill, 1.5-inch overlay from the east junction of K-20 and US 73 at Everest to the Brown/Doniphan county line.
20-22 KA 5444-01: 2-inch mill, 1.5-inch overlay from the Brown/Doniphan county line to K-7.

92-44 KA 5448-01: Chip seal from McLouth to the Jefferson/Leavenworth county line

135-59 KA 3942-01: Replacement of the Kiowa Road bridge over I-135 on the east side of McPherson. Detour via Centennial Drive in McPherson, US 56/Kansas Avenue, and 17th Avenue. Also, there is a full closure of I-135 anticipated (presumably overnight or over one weekend) – detour via US 81B.

281-84 KA 2370-02: Reconstruction of US 281 from 15th Street in Russell north to Land Road. US 281 closed during part of the project, detour via K-18, K-232, and I-70.

126-19 KA 3103-01: Replacement of the K-126 bridge over the Kansas City Southern railroad, about a half mile east of US 69B in Pittsburg.

7-54 KA 5456-01: 1-inch mill, 1.5-inch overlay from K-152 to the Linn/Miami county line.
7-61 KA 5457-01: 1-inch mill, 1.5-inch overlay from the Linn/Miami county line to US 169.

54-37 KA 5528-01: Bridge repair on the bridge over the Verdigris River just west of the Greenwood/Woodson county line near Toronto.

281-5 KA 3892-01: Culvert replacment ~ 1 mile north of Great Bend.

54-87 KA 5044-01: Bridge repair of the bridges on Kellogg over Tyler Road in Wichita.

144-41 KA 5529-01: Bridge repair on the overpass at the K-144/US 83/US 160 interchange

7 C 4951-01: Replacing this bridge on Acorn Road over Muddy Creek.


44 KA 5445-01: 2-inch mill, 2-inch overlay  on K-92 in Oskaloosa, and US 59 from Oskaloosa to K-4 near Nortonville.

46 KA 5403-01: Overhead turn lane signage on the offramps at I-435/Quivira, US 69/119th Street, US 69/95th Street, and EB I-435/State Line

35-46 KA 5404-01: New sign structure on Southbound I-35 at College Blvd (for 119th Street exit) and Northbound I-35 at Quivira (for 87th/75th Street)

116-106 KA 5449-01: 1-inch mill, 1.5-inch overlay from K-16 to US 59 in Jackson and Atchison Counties, excluding the section concurrant with US 159.

73-106 KA 5452-01: 1.5-inch mill, 1.5-inch overlay from US 24 to Lansing in Wyandotte and Leavenworth Counties.

4-106 KA 5367-01: Chip seal from Gypsum to K-43 in Saline and Dickinson Counties.

69-19 KA 4911-01: Pavement rehab at the intersection with 20th Street in Pittsburg.


KDOT Lettings, December 2019

For the December letting, we have a ‘biggie’ out of Johnson County. KDOT previously announced they had received funding to widen I-35 under the 75th Street interchange. For the December letting, that project will be up for bids.


KDOT Lettings: October, 2019

Here’s whats up for bids in the Monthly lettings for October of 2019


New I-35/Homestead Lane Diverging Diamond

Kansas now has a Diverging Diamond Interchange. The I-35 exit at Homestead Lane is now open. Unlike many recent DDIs, this is a new interchange to serve the new BNSF intermodal facility between Edgerton and Gardner.


Road Video: I-35

In the latest “Road Video” Installment, we travel along Interstate 35 between BETO Junction and US 59 in Ottawa

highways Video

Road Video: Kansas Turnpike through the Flint Hills

This is part of a series of YouTube videos that I have taken. This was taken in June along I-35 between El Dorado and Emporia.

highways railroad

Exploring old highway 50

Back on July 9, one of my fellow road enthusiast friends came up to Kansas. While he was there, he wanted to do some “sightseeing.” Since I happened to have the day off from work, I was happy to oblige. 🙂


New US 59 now open…

… and I have photos from the new freeway, as well as a couple other highway-related oddities