KDOT Lettings: February 2024

Awarded bids announced on March 8 are highlighed in red.


35-46 KA 7190-01: PCCP Patching and 4-inch HMA overlay on Southbound I-35 from I-635 to 95th Street, including the exit ramps to Shawnee Mission Parkway and Antioch. PCCP patching (no overlay) on the exit ramps to 67th and Johnson Drive. Superior Bowen Asphalt Company LLC, Kansas City, Missouri, $12,169,170.25.

99-99 KA 2603-03: Reconstruction of K-99 from I-70 north 2 miles. Ebert Construction Co. Inc. & Subsidiary, Wamego, $11,020,025.43.

99-99 KA 5728-01: Replace a bridge over a Dragoon Creek drainage tributary south of Eskridge. King Construction Company Inc. & Subsidiaries, Hesston, $3,075,482.97.

70-105 KA 6928-01: Repair the bridge on the ramp from WB I-70 to northbound I-435 over the ramp from northbound I-435 to eastbound State Avenue. WB I-70 to Northbound I-435 ramp closed, detour to 110th Street and turnaround. Westbound I-70 to eastbound State Avenue to remain open. Comanche Construction Inc., Olathe, $440,243.76.

70-27 KA 5765-01: Replace I-70 bridges over Elkhorn Creek just east of the K-156 interchange. Ramp closure from K-156 to eastbound I-70; Detour via westbound I-70 to K-14 and turn around or via K-14 at Ellsworth. Bridges Inc., Newton, $6,168,427.54.

4-85 KA 5721-01: Replace a wood bridge over Gypsum Creek on a field entrance along K-4 southeast of Gypsum. L & M Contractors Inc., Great Bend, $90,682.00.

27-91 KA 6123-01: Bridge repair over the Kyle Railroad in Goodland. Bridges Inc., $1,257,728.50.

54-37 KA 5760-01: Replace the bridge over Burnt Creek ~ 10 miles west of Eureka and shift the intersection with D50 road to the east. Traffic to be carried on a shoo-fly detour. B & B Bridge Company LLC, St. Paul, Kansas, $2,369,167.50.

169-61 KA 6925-01: Bridge repair on the Northbound US 169 bridge over the Marais Des Cynges River at Osawatomie. PCI Roads LLC, Saint Michael, Minnesota, $1,468,550.73.

87 N 0753-01: Sidewalk improvements along 63rd and Seneca in Haysville. APAC-Kansas Inc. Shears Division, Hutchinson, $673,188.65.

28 KA 7209-01: Pavement Marking on the Garden City bypass, and on US 50 from the west junction with US 83 west to Holcomb.
83-28 KA 7210-01: Pavement marking on US 83 from 3 miles north of the Haskell/Finney County Line to the south end of the Garden City Bypass.
Roadsafe Traffic Systems Inc., Chicago, Illinois, $1,477,894.38.


10-46 KA 6926-01: repair on Bridge 185 over Cedar Creek (no plans). Comanche Construction Inc., Olathe, $644,999.16.

32-52 KA 6583-01: Bridge Repair on the bridge over Stranger Creek at Linwood. PCI Roads, $436,059.36.

13-75 KA 4594-01: Slide repair near the K-13 bridge over Cedar Creek ~ 4 miles northeast of the Riley/Pottawatomie County Line. Smoky Hill LLC, Salina, Kansas, $594,181.85.

70-105 KA 6767-01: repair the bridge on the I-70 eastbound ramp to/from Park Drive/38th Street. PCI Roads, $133,100.00.

14-62 KA 6949-01: Bridge repair on the bridge over Salt Creek 2.5 miles north of the Lincoln/Mitchell County Line. L & M, $627,960.50.

169-2 KA 6462-01: Guardrail improvements at a culvert northeast of Garnett. J & J Contractors Inc., Iola, $653,424.60.

169B-2 KA 7078-01: 1.5-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay on US 169B from US 59 to US 169 in Garnett
59-2 KA 7172-01: 1.5-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay on US 59 from the north junction with US 169 south of Garnett to the North City Limits of Garnett
Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, $939,710.71.

166-10 KA 6464-01: Guardrail improvements on three bridges on US 166 east of Niotaze. J & J Contractors, $1,741,750.68.

166-63 KA 6466-01: Guardrail improvements from 0.21 miles east of 1900 RD to 0.47 miles east of 3950 Road (no plans)

50-78 KA 6757-01: Repair the US 50 bridge over the BNSF La Junta Subdivision in eastern Reno County. PBX Corporation & Subsidiary, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, $898,150.94.

83-28 KA 6732-01: Repair the bridge on the Garden City Bypass over US 50 at the southeast junction of US 50 and US 83.

54-60 KA 6956-01: Repair the US 54 bridge over Spring Creek 5 miles west of Meade. PBX Corporation, $847,656.44.





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