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  • KDOT Lettings: January, 2020

    These were the projects that were put up for bids on January 22.

  • KDOT Lettings: September, 2019

    Here’s whats up for bids in the Monthly lettings for September of 2019.

  • July, 2019 KDOT lettings

    I’ve been writing a summary of the monthly lettings of the Kansas Department of Transportation on the aaroads.com forum as a sneak peak of the planned projects that the state is working on. So, I might as well publish them here as well.

  • US 59 Ribbon Cutting

    US 59 Ribbon Cutting

    Technically, this is old news, but I’ll go ahead and post it anyway. Back on September 18, Public officials had a ceremonial ribbon cutting for the new US 59 freeway at Baldwin Junction. Here are my photos:

  • November already?

    November already?

    For being without a day job, it seems I’ve been rather busy…. October brought a pair of “Special” Amtrak trains, and a new interchange on K-7 in Johnson County.

  • Roadgeek Meet Photos (+ a bonus)

    Roadgeek Meet Photos (+ a bonus)

    Last Saturday, I had a small group of fellow road enthusiests in Lawrence for a “roadgeek meet.” Basically, we all get together and had lunch, then toured the area roads. For this meet, I chose K-10, US 59, and the new Kansas Turnpike Bridge. I don’t have any pics from the latter. During our outing,…

  • New US 59 now open…

    New US 59 now open…

    … and I have photos from the new freeway, as well as a couple other highway-related oddities