KDOT Lettings: September 2023

Awarded bids announced on September 29 are highlighted in red. Awarded bids announced on November 6 are highlighted in blue.


23 TE 0496-01: Pedestrian & bicycle paths along 11th Street from High Street to Ames Street, High Street from 2nd Street to 4th Street, and 2nd Street from Fremont Street to US 56 all in Baldwin City. Killough Construction Inc., Ottawa, $674,955.08.

105 N 0728-01: Reconstruction of 98th Street from Kansas Ave to the North City Limits of Edwardsville. McAnany Construction Inc., Shawnee, $5,624,162.30.

9-58 KA 7038-01: 1.5-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay on K-9 from K-9/K-99 junction north of Frankfort east 4.47 miles to K-9/K-87 junction. Hall Brothers Inc., Marysville, $1,175,416.00.

75-63 KA 6448-01: Reconstruction of Penn Street in Independence from Morningside Drive to the north city limits Mission Construction Co. Inc., St. Paul, Kansas, $612,646.85.

77-18 KA 6766-01: Repair of the US-77 bridge over the BNSF Red Rock Subdivision on the south end of Arkansas City.

Federal-Aid, Local Projects:

70 C 5146-01: Replace the Stanley Road bridge over 110 mile creek north of Quenemo. King Construction Company Inc & Subsidiaries, Hesston, $1,260,666.80.

89 C 5033-01: Traffic signals on Topeka Blvd. at 57th, University & Gary Ormsby Drive near Forbes Field. J Warren Company Inc., Topeka, Kansas, $1,759,278.50.

6 C 5152-01: Bridge replacement 1 mile west AND 2.8 miles north of Pawnee Station. Mission Construction Co Inc., St. Paul, Kansas, $299,833.00.

Non Federal-Aid:

106 KA 7109-01: Scrub and chip seal on US 36 from west city limits Hiawatha east to east city limits Troy, US 36 from north city limits of Wathena east to the Missouri State Line, and US 73 in Hiawatha. Vance Brothers Inc. and Subsidiary, Kansas City, Missouri, $1,792,246.60.

70-21 KA 7141-01: Concrete patching on I-70 from 2.3 miles east OF K-43 to the Dickinson/Geary County line. Prado Construction LLC, Valley Center, $2,032,974.50.

31 KA 7123-01: 1.5-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay on K-57 from 1,250 FT east OF the south US-77/K-57 junction to Junction City north city limits, on US-77 from 740 FT south of to 1,760 FT north of Rucker Road, and of US 77 from 100 FT S to 600 FT north of Lacy Drive. Shilling Construction Co. Inc., Manhattan, $2,067,478.15.

28-106 KA 7056-01: Chip seal on the entire length of K-28 in Jewell and Cloud Counties. Heft and Sons LLC, Greensburg, Kansas, $818,311.00.

83-55 KA 7002-01: Bridge repair on the US 83 bridge over the Smoky Hill River. L & M Contractors Inc., Great Bend, $259,709.50.

69-6 KA 7178-01: Crack repair on US 69 southbound from 2.094 miles north of the Crawford/Bourbon County Line north 3.81 miles. Pavement Pro’s LLC, McPherson, $82,780.00.

69-61 KA 6055-02: Guardrail upgrades on US 69 from Linn Valley to Louisburg. Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, $841,828.75.

169-61 KA 6241-02: Guardrail upgrades on US-169: from Baptiste Drive in Paola to 1.4 miles south of the Miami/Johnson County Line. Bettis, $686,153.00.

106 KA 7173-01: Mudjacking at various locations in KDOT District 4 Nortex Concrete Lift & Stabilization Inc., Fort Worth, Texas, $135,016.00.

54-104 KA 6726-01: Bridge repair on the US 54 bridges over Cherry Creek and the Cherry Creek overflow channel ~ 6 miles east of Yates Center. Mission, $879,901.40.

42-48 KA 6939-01: Bridge repair on K-42 bridges 067 and 046 in Kingman County. PBX Corporation & Subsidiary, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, $83,179.19.

281-106 KA 7085-01: Chip seal on US 281 from K-19 junction to SE 30 Road, 2-inch milling, and 2-inch HMA overlay from SE 30 Road to the south city limits of Great Bend. Venture Corporation, Great Bend, $1,569,990.60.

106 KA 7048-01: 1.5-inch surface recycle and chip seal on the entire length of K-55, except in the city of Belle Plaine in Sumner and Cowley Counties.

56-29 KA 6776-01: Bridge repair on the US 56/283/400 bridge over the Arkansas River on the southeast side of Dodge City. PBX, $293,370.03.





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