Golden light on a Saturday

Golden light on a Saturday

There’s been a lot going on in my life. I’ve been better at sharing my story on social media as opposed to keeping this website ‘fresh.’

This past Saturday, I managed to get out early and catch some trains at Edgerton City Park.

I got to Edgerton around 8:00 and encountered a west man at around 8:10

Photo 66634
Photo 66635

20 minutes later, we had a westbound ‘Z’ train.

Photo 66639
 A graffiti-covered BNSF 7720, one of BNSF’s early ES-series GEs (Photo 66640)
Although the model label near the front of BNSF 5740 states ‘AC4400CW,’ this locomotive is one of the pre-production ES44AC (Photo 66641)
The rear two units are a pair of older C44-9W units in BNSF’s first production paint scheme. Note that the number under the cab of 1098 is slightly larger than that of unit 1032. (Photo 66643)
These may be plain white domestic containers, but I could clearly see the “UPSU” reporting mark indicating that these are containers owned by “Big Brown.” UPS is a major customer of BNSF, and the presence of anything UPS denotes the train as a high priority ‘Z.’ (Photo 66644)
Photo 66649

It took an hour for another train to show up, and it was a monster.

Phot0 66650
ES44AC 5859 (Photo 66652)
ES44C4 6886 (Photo 66653)
ES44DC 7696 is one of the early ES-series units. Around the time these units were delivered, BNSF adopted a new logo and changed the accent color on its locomotives from green to black. (Photo 66654)
Behind one of the early ES series engines is one of the later versions – BNSF ES44C4 4295. (Photo 66655)

Another four ES series units are present in the middle of this double-length train. Ahead of the DPUs are Domestic containers, behind are international containers. Effectively, this is coupled together with one crew on the head end.

Photo 66656
ES44C4 7199 (Photo 66660)
ES44DC 7413 (Photo 66661)
ES44C4 8099 (Photo 66662)
ES44C4 7978 (Photo 66663)

It wasn’t a very unique day (there weren’t any foreign units) and it wasn’t the low-light artwork of some of my fellow railfans, but there were trains.

All Pictures were taken December 18, 2021.


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