KDOT Lettings: March 2022

34 projects were up for bids on March 16. Approved bids announced on March 31 are highlighted in red. Approved bids announced on May 2 are highlighted in blue


56-46 KA 6246-01: 2-inch milling and 2-inch HMA overlay on Main Street in Gardner
56-46 KA 6370-01: 3-inch HMA overlay (2 1.5-inch layers) on the concrete section of US 56 between the New Century Air Center and I-35.
Superior Bowen Asphalt Company LLC, Kansas City, Missouri, $1,728,737.05.

70-89 KA 1266-06: Demolish all structures between Topeka Boulevard on the west, 2nd Avenue on the South Kansas Avenue on the east, and 1st Street on the north, with the exception of 124 SW Harrison, to make way for the replacement of the Polk-Quincy viaduct. Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, Kansas, $1,999,035.00.

4-89 KA 6127-01: Bridge repair of the Oakland Expressway bridge over Shunganunga Creek and the BNSF Topeka Sub. PCI Roads, LLC, Saint Michael, Minnesota, $606,868.75.

75-89 KA 6128-01: Bridge repair of the US 75 bridges over Topeka Boulevard. PCI Roads, $2,549,668.42.

4-89 KA 6244-01: 1/2-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay on K-4 from the Wabaunsee/Shawnee County line to I-70. Bettis, $2,850,806.88

24-89 KA 6393-01: (up to) 7-inch milling and 7-inch HMA overlay on US 24 between Rochester Road and Topeka Boulevard. Detour signage refers to US 24 as “K-24.” Superior Bowen, $1,724,304.43.

30-99 KA 6245-01: 1.5-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay along the entire length of K-30. Bettis, $489,475.17.

105 KA 5495-02: Lighting upgrade along I-670 and I-70 from the I-70/I-670 junction to the Missouri State Line Re-let in May 2022

73-105 KA 5498-01: Improvements to the intersection of US 73/K-7 and Hollingsworth Road. Miles Excavating, Inc., Basehor, $846,304.51.

635-105 KA 6086-01: Bridge re-decking on the flyover ramp from westbound I-70 to southbound I-635. Clarkson Construction Company, Kansas City, Missouri, $6,031,010.26

70-105 KA 6369-01: Asphalt patching, partial depth concrete patching of approach pavement, full depth PCCP patching, cold milling to 2” depth, and replacing with 2” HMA Overlay on I-70 between 78th Street and the Lewis and Clark Viaduct. Superior Bowen, $13,161,769.50.

70-21 KA 6406-01: PCCP patching and 4-inch (2.5-inch base, 1.5-inch finishing layer) HMA overlay from Chapman to the Dickinson/Geary County Line. APAC-Kansas Inc. Shears Division, Hutchinson, Kansas, $1,682,930.05.

40B-31 KA 3952-01: Replace the 6th Street bridge over the UP Salina Subdivision and Monroe Street in Junction City. Traffic detoured via I-70. King Construction Company Inc. & Subsidiaries, Hesston, $15,957,363.42.

70-31 KA 6278-01: PCCP patching from Grandview Plaza to the Geary/Wabaunsee County Line. R A Knapp Construction Inc., Lenexa, $3,264,702.50.

31 TE 0495-01: Sidewalk Ramp replacement at multiple intersections in Junction City. Prado Construction LLC, Valley Center, $768,812.50

143-85 KA 3940-01: Replacement of Bridge No. 104 located at the intersection of K-143/Shipton Road and removal of Bridge No. 103 at the intersection of K-143/Granville Road. L & M Contractors Inc., Great Bend, $668,194.00.

283-33 KA 6418-01: 2-inch milling and 2-inch HMA overlay on US 283 from Hill City to the Graham/Norton County Line. Venture Corporation, Great Bend, $3,612,818.90.

24-33 KA 6419-01: 2-inch milling and 2-inch HMA overlay on US 24 from Hill City to K-18 Venture, $1,886,455.12.

181-71 KA 3938-01: Replacement of the K-18 bridge over Twin Creek, located 5.99 miles south of US-24. Detour via K-18, US 281, and US 24. Bridges Inc., Newton, Kansas, $1,585,322.53.

36-74 KA 6002-01: Guardrail replacement on US 36 in between Phillipsburg and Agra. Bettis, $1,727,949.50.

281-84 KA 2370-03: Full-Depth reconstruction of US-281 from Land Road north to the US-281/K-18 junction. Detour via I-70, K-232, and K-18. Sporer Land Development Inc., Oakley, Kansas, $35,972,721.00.

69-6 KA 5563-01: Intersection improvements and traffic signal upgrades on US 69 at 25th, 12th, 6th, and 3rd Streets in Fort Scott. Of note, the plans stipulate at FYA protected/permitted left turn signal for US 69 at 25th where there is only one overhead signal for two lanes of thru movement. 25th Street traffic will have protected-only left turns. LaForge & Budd Construction Company Inc., Parsons, $2,645,573.03.

166B-10 KA 4997-01: Replace the US 166B/K-99 Bridge over Deer Creek on US-166B west of Sedan. K-99 traffic detoured via US 166 and the west leg of US 166B. B & B Bridge Company LLC, St. Paul, $1,173,443.79.

68-70 KA 6328-01/68-30 KA 6329-01: 2-inch milling and 2-inch HMA overlay on K-68 from K-268 north of Quenemo to Eisenhower Road west of Ottawa in Osage and Franklin Counties. (Osage County segment is Non-FA) Bettis, $4,364,606.41

87 N 0717-01: Reconstruction of Academy Avenue in Maize. Pearson Construction LLC, Wichita, $6,681,860.00.

54-60 KA 6130-01: Repair of two bridges on US 54 southwest of Fowler. Traffic Detoured via K-23 and K-98. Bridges, Inc., $909,070.95.

Federal-Aid, Local projects:

75 TE 0501-01: New Multi-Use trail along Green Valley Road in East Manhattan

85 C 5061-01: Reconstruction of Simpson Road between Magnolia Road and Crawford Street in Saline County. Detour via Holmes Road. Malm Construction Company, Lindsborg, $858,148.44

61 N 0709-01: Reconstruction of Metcalf Road between 287th Street (Miami County grid) and 2nd Street (City Grid) in Louisburg. Includes a hybrid pedestrian signal at Thomas Drive and a signalized intersection with FYA at 5th Street. Miles Excavating, Inc., Basehor, $4,229,588.10.


82 K 1659-07: 1.5-inch HMA overlay on the road serving Webster State Park from US 24 in Rooks County
258-82 KA 6379-01: 2-inch milling and 2-inch HMA overlay along the entire length of K-258.
Venture, $1,109,376.50

11 KA 6371-01: 1.5-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay on US 69A and US 166 through Baxter Springs. Blevins Asphalt Construction Company Inc., Mt. Vernon, Missouri, $1,170,571.38.





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