Running Behind….

The bad news… I haven’t made a new post to this blog in a while.

The good news… I’ve at least found something to do (and get paid for it). It’s a contract job involving a computer and printer deployment for various offices in Northeast Kansas and Northwest Missouri.

Those trips have also netted me some road trip opportunities.

Roadgeek Meet Photos (+ a bonus)

Last Saturday, I had a small group of fellow road enthusiests in Lawrence for a “roadgeek meet.” Basically, we all get together and had lunch, then toured the area roads. For this meet, I chose K-10, US 59, and the new Kansas Turnpike Bridge. I don’t have any pics from the latter. During our outing, I spotted a gaffe on US 59. I did not get a picture during the meet; however, I was able to return to get a picture on Monday.

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Central Kansas, 23 May,2001:

Some things have changed: US 50B in Ottawa was actually removed soon after this roadtrip, and now US 59 no longer goes through here. K-57 was truncated to K-4 near Dwight, so the K-57 sign at the K-4/K-177 junction is gone. The I-35/US 50 interchange has been completely altered, so there’s no longer a left exit for US 50 West. I’m sure the Texaco station is either Shell or bp.

A very late Amtrak

Bad news for Amtrak travelers on the Southwest Chief means good news for railfans like me. Due to an incident that sidelines the initial locomotive consist, the train had to be towed back to Chicago, where they started it again, 12 hours late. Therefore, instead of going through Kansas overnight, the train would go through during midday. I also have a couple of photos of the new dog and a new interchange under construction on K-7 at Johnson Drive.


2010 and 2002

Two seperate photo batches here. First, the latest photos – The Kennedy Compound had a little accident in the laundry room which caused water to flow down to the basement, I took Depot Caretaker duty on Saturday’s Amtrak 4, and the Midland Railway ran their Labor Day run… oh yeah, some changes involving the new US 59.


And this batch of photos from December of 2002:


On the Kansas Highways front

On Memorial Day, I took a road trip to explore a couple of roundabouts, as well as parts of the new US 69 freeway in Linn County.


As a Consequence of my raodtrip, I’ve also updated the US 69 exit guide to reflect the actual signage out in the field (I wasn’t *that* far off regarding the final segment of the freeway between Fort Scott and Kansas City.

I also added a conceptual exit numbering scheme… the new 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices mandates that all major freeways have milepost-based exit numbering.

In addition, over the past week, there were protests over the removal of a Beaver Dam in the Baker Wetlands done to prevent 31st Street from losing integrity. Therefore, I wrote a Letter to the Editor:

31st Street Decay