A very late Amtrak

Bad news for Amtrak travelers on the Southwest Chief means good news for railfans like me. Due to an incident that sidelines the initial locomotive consist, the train had to be towed back to Chicago, where they started it again, 12 hours late. Therefore, instead of going through Kansas overnight, the train would go through during midday. I also have a couple of photos of the new dog and a new interchange under construction on K-7 at Johnson Drive.


2010 and 2002

Two seperate photo batches here. First, the latest photos – The Kennedy Compound had a little accident in the laundry room which caused water to flow down to the basement, I took Depot Caretaker duty on Saturday’s Amtrak 4, and the Midland Railway ran their Labor Day run… oh yeah, some changes involving the new US 59.


And this batch of photos from December of 2002:


On the Kansas Highways front

On Memorial Day, I took a road trip to explore a couple of roundabouts, as well as parts of the new US 69 freeway in Linn County.


As a Consequence of my raodtrip, I’ve also updated the US 69 exit guide to reflect the actual signage out in the field (I wasn’t *that* far off regarding the final segment of the freeway between Fort Scott and Kansas City.


I also added a conceptual exit numbering scheme… the new 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices mandates that all major freeways have milepost-based exit numbering.

In addition, over the past week, there were protests over the removal of a Beaver Dam in the Baker Wetlands done to prevent 31st Street from losing integrity. Therefore, I wrote a Letter to the Editor:

31st Street Decay

Turnpike Bridge is coming down

The KTA has issued a press release. Because of the way the KTA’s site is designed, I shall quote it verbatim.

Additional information is now available on the Kansas Turnpike Authority’s upcoming demolition of the original bridge structures across the Kansas River in Lawrence.

The steel structures that once carried I-70 traffic across the river will be removed in three phases, each of which will begin with a detonation. Two of the three dates for the demolition phases have been set: Sunday, November 15 at 12:30 p.m., and Thursday, November 19 at 10 a.m. The third date will likely be in early December. Times for the blasts are approximate and depend on weather.

During use of the explosives, Kansas Highway Patrol troopers and KTA maintenance crews will be conducting “rolling road blocks” to secure a segment of time without Turnpike traffic in the blasting area. This construction traffic-control technique has been used successfully many times on the Kansas Turnpike and usually results in minor delays for travelers. Anyone using the Turnpike near Lawrence on these two days should obey all traffic signs, construction workers and KHP troopers. Do not stop in the construction zone unless instructed to do so by KHP or KTA.

An area of at least a 1,000-foot radius from the blasting site must be free of all roadway and pedestrian traffic. KTA and contractor crews are working with the City of Lawrence and Douglas County to secure the area. The public should be aware that due to the use of explosives, access to some areas near the bridge may be restricted even further. Although some public areas will be restricted, Burcham Park is outside the 1000-foot secured perimeter and will be open.

“Our main objective is to remove the original bridge structures safely and without incident,” said KTA Director of Public Relations Lisa Callahan.
On November 15, an approximate 250-foot section of the eastbound structure will be dropped onto a temporary causeway that has been constructed in the river. Most of the steel truss will land on this platform. Contractors will then remove the steel to be recycled. The process will repeat on November 19 for a section of the westbound structure. The remaining larger section of the original bridges will be removed in December.
“We know there is a lot of interest in this demolition. There should be. After all, this is where construction started for the Turnpike. It all began in Lawrence on New Year’s Eve of 1954. This is a very historic event we are about to witness,” said KTA President/CEO Michael L. Johnston. “In celebrating this event, we want to be certain not to compromise safety in any way.”

The project to replace the two bridges began in June 2008 and includes interchange ramp improvements at Plazas 202 and 204 (East and West Lawrence), a new toll plaza with additional lanes at Plaza 204 (East Lawrence), as well as new I-70 bridges over the Kansas River through Lawrence. All traffic was moved onto one of the new bridges in late October. Immediately following the traffic switch to the new bridge, crews began removing the concrete decking of the original bridges.

The entire project is estimated to cost $130 million when complete in late 2011. For additional information, visit the project web site at www.SpanningTheFuture.com.

Signs of Change

The new signs for US 24 and US 40 are now beginning to make their
appearance on I-70. I manged to get a few shots of the old signs in place
alongside their new counterpoints, PLUS the new END! of US 73 at the
Bonner Springs.


Also:some shots of the new Lone Elm Road bridges, as well as new railroad
bridges and Clearview in Olathe


And, on a personal note, my cousins Carl, Sam, Bethany, and Cyrus:

Road Songs….

On the return portion of my recent roadtrip, I cranked up my iPod. Here’s what was playing.

Song Artist Album Genre Timestamp
The Girl’s Gone Wild Travis Tritt My Honky Tonk History Country 11/23/08 03:23 PM
When Somebody Loves You Alan Jackson When Somebody Loves You Country 11/23/08 03:27 PM
Waitin’ On A Woman Brad Paisley & Andy Griffith Play [Brad Paisley] Country 11/23/08 03:32 PM
That Was Yesterday Foreigner Agent Provocateur Rock 11/23/08 03:36 PM
Hong Kong Blues Junior Brown Semi Crazy Country 11/23/08 03:40 PM
It’s Only A Paper Moon James Darren This One’s From The Heart Easy Listening 11/23/08 03:42 PM
I’ve Been Better Brad Paisley Who Needs Pictures Country 11/23/08 03:46 PM
East Bound And Down Jerry Reed Trucker’s Jukebox [Compilation Album] Country 11/23/08 03:49 PM
Waiting for a Girl Like You Foreigner 4 Rock 11/23/08 03:54 PM
Something Happened on the Way to Heaven Phil Collins …But Seriously Rock 11/23/08 03:59 PM
Walk Like an Egyptian The Bangles Different Light Rock 11/23/08 04:02 PM
Big Ball’s in Cowtown George Strait/Ray Benson A Tribute to the Music of Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys
[Dance Version Remix] [Asleep at the Wheel]
Country 11/23/08 04:07 PM
Mainstreet Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band Night Moves Rock 11/23/08 04:11 PM
Phantom 309 Boxcar Willie Trucker’s Jukebox [Compilation Album] Country 11/23/08 04:15 PM
The Best Thing That I Had Goin’ Brad Paisley Mud On The Tires Country 11/23/08 04:19 PM
I Know a Wall When I See One Toby Keith How Do You Like Me Now?! Country 11/23/08 04:22 PM
Morning Train Sheena Easton Totally 80’s (Disc 2) [Compilation Album] Rock 11/23/08 04:25 PM
Leave Him Out of This Steve Wariner I Am Ready Country 11/23/08 04:29 PM
If You Ain’t Lovin’ (You Ain’t Livin’) George Strait If You Ain’t Lovin’ (You Ain’t Livin’) Country 11/23/08 04:32 PM
Old Blue Chair Kenny Chesney When the Sun Goes Down Country 11/23/08 04:35 PM
Somebody Bryan Adams Reckless Rock 11/23/08 04:40 PM
Right Here Right Now Jesus Jones Doubt Rock 11/23/08 04:43 PM
The Harry Shuffle [Instrumental] Steve Wariner Two Teardrops Country 11/23/08 04:45 PM
El Tejano Cowboy Troy Loco Motive Country 11/23/08 04:48 PM
Won’t Let You Down Keith Urban Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing Country 11/23/08 04:52 PM
Do You Believe in Love Huey Lewis & the News Picture This Rock 11/23/08 04:55 PM
American Daughters Sarah Buxton Almost My Record Country 11/23/08 04:59 PM
I’ll Be Coming Back For More T.G. Sheppard 3/4 Lonely Country 11/23/08 05:02 PM
There Ya Go Alan Jackson What I Do Country 11/23/08 05:05 PM
Relax Frankie Goes to Hollywood Welcome to the Pleasuredome Rock 11/23/08 05:09 PM
I Go to Extremes Billy Joel Storm Front Rock 11/23/08 05:13 PM
The Search Is Over Survivor Vital Signs Rock 11/23/08 05:17 PM
Dream Walkin’ Toby Keith Dream Walkin’ Country 11/23/08 05:22 PM
The Letter The Box Tops The Letter/Neon Rainbow Rock 11/23/08 05:24 PM
Into the Groove Madonna Like a Virgin Rock 11/23/08 05:28 PM
That’s the Way I’ve Always Heard it Should Be Carly Simon Carly Simon Rock 11/23/08 05:32 PM

November 2008 Roadtrip

I took a roadtrip to check on the progress of the new US 69 freeway under
construction in Linn County. Nothing special, I took 69 down to the north
end of the existing southern freeway, then turned east on the back roads to
US 71, returning home via 71. On the way to 71, I found an old truss


In addition, I have updated the US 69 and US 71 exit guides to reflect what
is signed on the road and what is being built.