What to say

* First off, the place that I have called home for the past 17 years is Up for sale. Most of my free time has been spent keeping the place clean in making improvements here and there. There was a Open House on Saturday, which meant we had to evacuate for the afternoon. Inquiries about the house should go to Lawrence Reality.

* I just put new tires on the van, after noticing that my rear tires were almost to the end of their life. However, I still feel a throbbing sound when I hit the brakes, therefore, that’s the next thing that’s going to be checked.

* I had a little run in with a pole in the parking garage a while back. The “little ding” it caused was worth $1,500-2,000 in repairs. I’ve got the insurance check, I just need to give it to the body shop for about a week.

* The current game plan remains that we will be on vacation in Colorado during the 2nd week in July. If the house hasn’t sold yet, I’m sure that the Realtor will take the opportunity to show the house a couple times, and maybe have another open house. The plan is to go in my van, which is why the tires and brakes need to be in tip-top condition.