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  • KLWN’s 70th Birthday

    Today is the 70th Birthday of KLWN. During this morning’s broadcast, my name and this website was dropped. So, if you came here to see the history of KLWN, you can find it here.

  • First new page moved to WordPress

    I finally got around from moving a page from a Raw HTML page and into the WordPress system. That page is a minor update to the History of former radio station KAIR in Atchison. The station had left the air on Halloween in 2017 and was never able to return to the air before a…

  • Administrative note

    For several years (and at least three hosting providers) I’ve had a WordPress based blog on this site. Although WordPress is primarily known as a blogging platform, it’s also designed to be complete website back-end. Although I’m more than familiar with most of the intricacies of HTML, having maintained a personal website for over 20…

  • A shiny metal suit…

    A shiny metal suit…

    For years, Microsoft has been compared to the Borg from Star Trek. However, with all the bruhaha regarding how they are coercing Windows 7 and 8 users to upgrade to Windows 10, I feel that a comparison to the Cybermen from Doctor Who was more apt.

  • Time Fall

    For those of you that haven’t noticed this little quirk about me, I dabble in writing the occasional fan-fiction story.

  • Pat Roberts is really Clearance Oveur

    A schtick/meme on the Dana and Parks show on KMBZ juxtaposes a quote by Senator Roberts with a line from Airplane.

  • Rail photos from May 19

    Rail photos from May 19

  • Music to replace a light fixture to….

    This morning, I replaced the socket in one of the light fixtures at the Lawrence Depot. I hooked up my iPod and set it to shuffle. Here’s what the MP3 player returned.

  • Changes… and Televison

    For some reason, I feel the need to comment on a recent announcement involving a television program that I (and about 18 million plus) watch regularly.

  • Road Video: I-35

    In the latest “Road Video” Installment, we travel along Interstate 35 between BETO Junction and US 59 in Ottawa