Changes… and Televison

For some reason, I feel the need to comment on a recent announcement involving a television program that I (and about 18 million plus) watch regularly.

In case you haven’t heard, CBS has announced that Cote de Pablo will be leaving the cast of NCIS. Although some have suggested that she is leaving on less-then-good-terms, the mainstream entertainment sites have not indicated as such, and have indicated that her character, Ziva David, will receive a proper departure.

I’ve seen a few fans of the show upset about the announcement. I am not one of them. However, I can somewhat understand the reason they are upset. One thing I’ve seen over the years is that some people are resistant to change, whether it’s a new computer program, being bought out to make room for a new highway, getting laid off, or something as simple as someone else sitting in your “usual spot.”

In the case of NCIS, I think the change, if executed properly, be a good thing. There will, no doubt, be a new character to fill the role that Cote is vacating. With this new character, there will be a changed dynamic. I am optimistic that the new character will bring a totally new dynamic with the existing cast, and that the cast will bring out the best in the new actress.

As for handling Cote’s departure, I hope they do not kill her character off. It’s not necessarily because I think the door should be open for her return, It’s just that they have used this technique twice to deal with a actress departure.






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