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  • Work in Progress

    I’ve been working on a couple of things website-related lately. First off, I’ve realized I’ve long neglected the License Plate section of Kansas Highways. I’ve updated the pages to reflect the current website layout. The layout itself has been tweaked a little. For low-resolution screens (read, smartphones) the sidebar normally on the right-hand side of…

  • How I voted in the primary

    Let’s just say I had my reasons for crossing the floor to the Democrats.

  • June – second half

    Here are my photos from the second half of June, 2012.

  • June Photos

    Here’s the latest photos from South Central Kansas, as well as some pictures from a mini train show in Leavenworth.

  • Running Behind….

    The bad news… I haven’t made a new post to this blog in a while. The good news… I’ve at least found something to do (and get paid for it). It’s a contract job involving a computer and printer deployment for various offices in Northeast Kansas and Northwest Missouri. Those trips have also netted me…

  • Somehow, I got some road and train pictures

    Being unemployed and with a dying car means I don’t get out as much. However, I still volunteer at the Amtrak Depot, and the Union Pacific Steam train made an appearance in the area. I also attend the Job Club events in KC (as well as the occasional job interview.) Here’s what I got for…

  • The Sandra Fluke Contraversy

    A major talk show host got caught up in the debate over contraceptive coverage. Here is my somewhat whimsical thoughts on the matter.

  • December 2011 photos

    Here are my photos for December of 2011. Most of the shots are from the newly-remodeled BNSF/Amtrak station and its environs, including two late #4 trains.

  • 42820

    New Photos and video

    Last Saturday, I made a trip into KC to help promote the upcoming show of the Lawrence Model Railroad Club, as well as the ribbon-cutting for the Platform at the Amtrak Station in Lawrence. Meanwhile, I got some shots of some road signs of interest, particularly the re-routing of US 169 in Johnson County. Also,…

  • Video of Amtrak special plus my first two episodes of “Roadgeek-Cam”

    Of course, where would we be without video… I-70 from East Lawrence to Lecompton and K-10 from I-70 to US 59 US 59 from the Douglas/Franklin County Line to K-68 Amtrak extra 71 east.