Fast forward 

Sine I haven’t had posted a long form post in a month and a half, I’ll just get to the point. 

  • I returned to work on February 1, having been shifted to the day shift. At the same time I returned, one of my co-workers had to take a medical absence. I was put in his role, which also happened to be the role I started out in at this job — he went on vacation after my first day there. 
  • The Lawrence Model Railroad Club has its train show on February 20.  Because of my broken foot, I was not as much help as I was in the past. Our HO scale layout returned after a three year absence with a new passenger terminal. Attendance was up from last year, and the club intends to be back in 2017. 
  • I was cleared to start walking on the 23rd. They told me to remain on crutches for two weeks before trying to do full weight bearing. I still used the knee walker a bit during those two weeks. Afterwards, I started using a cane. At my appointment today, they want me to start walking in regular shoes (i.e., without the orthopedic boot) for brief periods, gradually working my way up to where I no longer need the boot. As of now, they have not suggested that I need to have formal physical therapy sessions. 
  • While my sister could not make it to the Lawrence train show, it just so happened that there was another, larger show two weeks later. Although she was thinking that there would be a scheduling conflict, it turned out that she could bring her son and nephew. I met up with her at the show. It also happened to be the last time I used the knee walker extensively.  The next day, I started using the cane around the house.






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