Just one first world problem after another

First, there was the deer incident that totaled my Sentra. I got enough from the insurance claim for a decent down payment on a new Subaru Impreza

Next, our dog was attacked by the neighbor’s dog. He’s doing well two weeks after surgery.

Now, last night while driving home from work, I find myself in the wake of a truck on I-435 that is throwing debris. A piece of that debris struck my windshield, resulting in this:

So now, my brand new car will need a brand new windshield.

I ought to know something about auto glass. Until last year, my family owned a glass business, and my dad was the one in charge of the automotive side. Even though he’s now retired and the company sold, my brother still works there as a auto glass technician.

When I file my claim with the insurance company, I will explicitly specify Kennedy Glass to install the windshield, and ask the new owners of the business that still bears our family name to assign this to my brother.






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