End of the road….

I may have just turned 40, but it’s not the end of the road for me. My red Nissan Sentra, on the other hand, is a different story.

I was on the home stretch of heading home from the Turkey Creek train club meeting on Tuesday Night, when I had a chance encounter on US 24 out by Laptad’s Corner.


I wasn’t hurt very badly, but the deer didn’t make it.

The seat belts kept me in place, but the impact was so hard that the driver-side airbag deployed.


The only real injury I sustained was when the airbag hit my right thumb. After the crash, I called the police, my dad, and the insurance hotline (in that order). The Sheriff’s office called up a wrecker to haul the Sentra away.

Although I got the bulk of my personal affects out of the car last night, I forgot to get everything out of the center console, so I had to go to Lighthouse Towing to get the last bit of stuff out of my car. While I was there, I took these photos of the aftermath.


While there, Lighthouse also asked me to sign an authorization to release the Sentra to my insurance carrier, which I did. I’ve also spoken to the insurance adjuster, who indicated that the Sentra will likely be totaled.

Once all the insurance matter is resolved, I plan on getting a new car (possibly even a truly “new” car) Right now, I’m thinking even another Sentra (since this one served me well) or a Subaru Impreza (similar in size and price to the Sentra, but with all-wheel drive that I may need in the winter to get out of the driveway)






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