New ride

New ride


Last Saturday, I bought this car, a 2013 Nissan Sentra from Academy Cars in Lawrence. This was also where I previously purchased the minivan I drove for 5 years. (It is also the only car dealership I’ve bought from: my other cars were purchased directly from the previous owner)

This vehicle has a few firsts for me:

  • First car not from the Big 3 (the cars I owned/been the main driver have been either GM cars or Chrysler minivans – I have also driven Ford vehicles occasionally)
  • “youngest” car I have driven (3 years/9200 miles vs. 5 years/50000)
  • First car with side airbags and stability control (safety features unheard of in 2001)
  • First car that gets over 30 MPG on the highway (averaging 35-40 on my work commute. 

Not a first:  this marks the third red vehicle in a row for me. 






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