US Highway 24

US 24

Length: 433.7 miles

West Endpoint:
Colorado State Line at Kanorado

East Endpoint:
Missouri State Line in Kansas City

Counties Served:
Sherman, Thomas, Sheridan, Graham, Rooks, Osborne, Mitchell, Cloud, Clay, Riley, Pottawatomie, Shawnee, Jefferson, Douglas, Leavenworth, Wyandotte


Initially, US 24 ended at Independence, Missouri. In 1936, US 24 was extended into Kansas, following US 40 to Lawrence, replaced K-10 from Lawrence to Topeka, followed 40 again to Manhattan, and replaced US 40N through the rest of Kansas and on to Limon, Colo. The stretch of US 24 between Topeka and Manhattan was re-designated solely as US 24 by 1957, when the “straight shot” between Topeka and Junction City was completed.

Several bypasses have been built along US 24. By 1968, 24 was relocated around Perry and by ’69, 24 was rerouted in Graham county so that it became closer to the town of Nicodemus.

In 1999, US 24-40 in Wyandotte County was rebuilt to a five-lane arterial to accompany the new Kansas Speedway and associated development. In 2008, the road was rebuilt from the Speedway west to the K-7 interchange with a wide median. Upon the completion of the project, State Avenue east of K-7 was turned back to the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City and US 24/40 relocated along I-70. The interchange with K-7 was re-opened January 22, 2009, and reassurance signs started appearing along I-70 in February.


  • 1936:
    • US 24 extended west from Independence, Missouri, replacing US 40N from the Colorado state line to Manhattan and K-10 from Topeka to Lawrence, with US 24 concurrent with US 40 between Manhattan and Topeka and between Lawrence and the Missouri state line.
      • Graded from the Colorado state line to Ruleton.
      • Gravel from Ruleton to Hoxie.
      • Heavy blacktop from Hoxie to Hill City,
      • Gravel from Hill City to Stockton
      • Concrete paved in Stockton
      • Gravel from Stockton to the Osborne/Mitchell county line
      • Medium blacktop from the Osborne/Mitchell county line to Beloit.
      • Concrete paved from Beloit to Simpson.
      • Gravel from Simpson to Glasco
      • Gravel from 2 miles west of the west junction with US 81 east to 4 miles west of Miltonvale.
      • Graded from 4 miles west of Miltonvale to Miltonvale
      • Concrete paved in Miltonvale
      • Gravel from Miltonvale to the Cloud/Clay county line.
      • Graded from the Clay/Cloud county line to 3 miles west of Clay Center.
      • Gravel from 3 miles west of Clay Center to Clay Center
      • Concrete paved in Clay Center
      • Gravel from Clay Center to the Clay/Riley county line.
      • Graded from the Clay/Riley county line Leonardville
      • Concrete paved in Leonardville
      • Graded from Leonardville to Keats.
      • Gravel from Keats east ~1.9 miles
      • Concrete paved from ~1.9 miles east of Keats to Kansas City.
    • New heavy blacktop alignment from Hill City east 2 1/4 miles.
    • Heavy blacktop from Bogue north ~ 3 miles.
    • Medium blacktop on “stairstep” curves 1 1/2 miles west of Woodston.
    • New heavy blacktop alignment and railroad overpass from 3 miles west of Clay Center to 6th Street in Clay Center.
    • Concrete paved from Clay Center east 2 miles.
    • Heavy blacktop from 2 miles east of Clay Center to the the south junction with US 77 at Riley.
    • Medium blacktop from Riley to ~ 1.9 miles east of Keats.
    • US 24 now hard surfaced from Clay Center to Kansas City
  • 1937:
    • Heavy blacktop from Stockton east 5.5 miles
    • Heavy blacktop from 2.5 miles west of Woodston to 3 miles north of Osborne
    • Heavy blacktop from the west junction with US 81 to 3 miles west of Clay Center
    • New 4-lane alignment paved from K-7 to Kansas City.
  • 1938:
    • New medium blacktop alignment near the east city limits of Colby
    • New paved alignment and bridge over Mud Creek near the Douglas/Leavenworth county line.
  • 1939: New bridge west of Cawker City. Approaches downgraded from medium blacktop to gravel
  • 1941: New concrete alignment from Rochester Road to Kaw Valley Road in Topeka opened to traffic, including railroad overpass and cloverleaf junction with US 75 (first cloverleaf in Kansas)
  • 1942: New concrete alignment from south of Basheor east to US 73/K-7. Two-lane pavement on 4-lane right-of-way.
  • 1947:
    • New concrete alignment from the Boys’ Industrial School to Rochester Road in Topeka.
    • New concrete alignment from West Street in Tonganoxie to south of Basheor. Two-lane in Tonganoxie, two-lane pavement on 4-lane right-of-way from Tonganoxie to Basheor.
  • 1950: Re-construction of the US 24/US 75 cloverleaf.
  • 1951: New concrete alignment from 4 miles east of Manhattan to 3 miles east of Wamego, bypassing St. George.
  • 1952: New alignment at west junction with US 59 near Williamstown.
  • 1953: New alignment in Perry.
  • 1954: New heavy blacktop alignment from the Mitchell/Clay county line to Glasco.
  • 1956:
    • New heavy blacktop alignment from US 81 to Miltonvale.
    • New limited access alignment from Landon Road to Rochester Road in Topeka. Two lane from Landon Road to Menoken Road, 4 lane from Menoken Road east, with directional interchange at K-4 South (Westgate Bridge) and diamond interchange at Goodyear Road.
  • 1960: New four-lane limited access alignment from Meridan Road east of Topeka to Detlor Road west of Grantville.
  • 1963:
    • Widened to 4 lanes from Manhattan east 4 miles
    • Widened to 4 lanes from Detlor Road to 1 mile east of Grantville.
  • 1965: Relocated from 3 miles east of Riley to the junction with K-13/K-177 on the east side of Manhattan via K-253 and K-177. Previous alignment turned back to Riley County.
  • 1969: New super-two alignment from northwest of Newman, bypassing Perry, to 1 mile west of US 59 near Williamstown.
  • 1977: Widened to 4 lanes from Grantville to Newman.
  • 1995: Widened to 4 lanes between Tonganoxie and the K-7 interchange east of Basehor.
  • 1997: Widened to 4 lanes from 4 miles east of Manhattan to Wamego.
  • 2013: New four-lane alignment from Countryside Road to Menoken Road, including new diamond interchange at Menoken Road