US Highway 54

Length: 380.350 miles

West Endpoint: Oklahoma State Line southwest of Liberal

East Endpoint: Missouri State Line east of Fort Scott

Counties Served:
Seward, Meade, Clark, Ford, Kiowa, Pratt, Kingman, Sedgwick, Butler, Greenwood, Woodson, Allen, Bourbon

  1. Junction Guide
  2. AADT

Junction Guide

County MilepostState MilepostJunction
54-88/0.0000.000Oklahoma state line
54-88/3.8733.873West city limits Liberal
54-88/4.8374.837Pershing Avenue
54-88/5.0985.098Kansas Avenue
54-88/5.1745.174Washington Avenue
54-88/5.4885.488Virginia Avenue
54-88/6.3516.351US 83/US 270
54-88/6.9856.985East city limits Liberal
54-88/22.46922.469South city limits Kismet
54-88/22.59922.599East city limits Kismet
26.960Seward/Meade county line
54-60/3.96529.855South city limits Plains
54-60/3.52830.488East city limits Plains
54-60/4.36431.324West junction US 160
54-60/16.61343.573West city limits Meade
54-60/17.69244.652State Street
54-60/18.01644.976East city limits Meade
54-60/18.58645.546East junction US 160
60.347Meade/Clark county line
54-13/5.23365.580West city limits Minneola
54-13/5.57565.922US 283
54-13/5.86766.214East city limits Minneola
70.473Clark/Ford county line
54-29/17.46088.361West city limits Bucklin
54-29/17.76788.240West junction K-34
54-29/17.88888.240East junction K-34
56-29/18.11288.585East city limits Bucklin
92.816Ford/Kiowa county line
54-49/6.44399.259West junction US 400
(US 400 joins US 54)
54-49/13.413106.229US 183
54-49/14.410107.226West city limits Greensburg
54-49/15.012107.828Main Street, Greensburg
54-49/15.666108.482East city limits Greensburg
54-49/25.160117.976West city limits Haviland
54-49/25.441118.257East city limits Haviland
123.171Kiowa/Pratt county line
54-76/5.575128.746West city limits Cullison
54-76/6.574172.295East city limits Cullison
54-76/14.228137.399West city limits Pratt
54-76/15.254138.425US 281
54-76/15.539138.710Thompson Street
54-76/16.527139.698K-61; East city limits Pratt
54-76/17.637140.808Old K-64
153.502Pratt/Kingman county line
54-48/2.065155.567Valley Street, Cunningham
54-48/18.681172.183West city limits Kingman
54-48/19.514173.016West junction K-14
(K-14 joins US 54-400)
54-45/20.701174.203East city limits Kingman
54-45/29.673183.175East junction K-14
(K-14 leaves US 54-400)
190.251Kingman/Sedgwick county line
54-87/7.031197.282Old K-163, Garden Plain
54-87/11.595201.846West city limits Goddard
54-87/13.572203.823East city limits Goddard
54-87/15.052205.303167th Street West
54-87/18.047208.298West city limits Wichita
54-87/19.079209.330Maize Road
54-87/21.011211.262Dugan Road/Airport Parkway
54-87/24.045214.296Southwest Boulevard
54-87/26.665216.916Washington Avenue
54-87/27.416217.667I-135/US 81/K-15
54-87/31.154221.405Rock Road
54-87/31.872222.123Webb Road; I-35/KTA Exit 50
54-87/34.178224.429East city limits Wichita
54-87/34.383224.634K-96; I-35/KTA Exit 53
54-87/35.163225.414163rd Street East
226.414Sedgwick/Butler County line
54-8/0.005226.419West city limits Andover
54-8/0.973227.387Andover Road
54-8/0.982227.396East city limits Andover
54-8/8.951235.365West city limits Augusta
54-8/9.479235.893South Junction US 77
(US 77 joins US 54/US 400)
54-8/17.191243.605East junction US 400
(US 400 leaves US 54/US 77)
54-8/26.407252.821South city limits El Dorado
(US 77 leaves US 54)
54-8/27.067253.481Vine Street, El Dorado
54-8/27.595254.009East city limits El Dorado
54-8/39.743266.157Rosalia Road, Rosalia
271.223Butler/Greenwood county line
54-37/12.509283.732West city limits Eureka
54-37/14.150285.373East city limits Eureka
54-37/16.117287.340West junction K-99
54-37/19.614290.837East junction K-99
302.860Greenwood/Woodson county line
54-104/12.700315.560West city limits Yates Center
54-104/12.960315.820US 75
54-104/13.990316.850East city limits Yates Center
54-104/24.821327.681Hill Street, Piqua
328.681Woodson/Allen county line
54-1/5.807334.488West city limits Iola
54-1/6.227334.908Washington Street, Iola
54-1/6.879335.5602nd Street, Iola
54-1/7.345336.026East city limits Iola
54-1/7.666336.347US 169
54-1/9.046337.727West city limits Gas
54-1/9.983347.710East city limits Gas
54-1/11.415340.096West city limits La Harpe
54-1/12.059340.740East city limits La Harpe
54-1/18.778347.459West city limits Moran
54-1/18.857347.538East city limits Moran
54-1/19.110347.791US 59
353.068Allen/Bourbon county line
54-6/0.227353.295West city limits Bronson
54-6/0.827353.895East city limits Bronson
54-6/1.137354.205West junction K-3
54-6/6.326359.394East junction K-3
54-6/17.858370.926North Junction K-7
(K-7 joins US 54)
54-6/21.555374.623North junction US 69
(US 54/K-7 joins US 69)
54-6/21.991375.059North city limits Fort Scott
54-6/22.455375.523South Junction US 69/K-7
(US 54 leaves US 69/K-7)
54-6/22.873375.941Broadway, Fort Scott
54-6/23.537376.605Steen Street, Fort Scott
54-6/23.689376.757East city limits Fort Scott
54-6/27.282380.350Missouri state line

AADT (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
Oklahoma state line to MP 36,76030.4%
MP 3 to Liberal7,55029.3%
West city limits Liberal to Pershing Avenue8,38026.1%
Pershing Avenue to Kansas Avenue9,39023.2%
Kansas Avenue to Washington Avenue12,70017.1%
Washington Avenue to Virginia Avenue9,94020.2%
Virginia Avenue to US 83/US 2707,03032.3%
US 83/US 270 to east city limits Liberal7,11030.0%
Liberal to MP 145,28038.9%
MP 14 to MP 185,43033.0%
MP 18 to Kismet4,74034.7%
Kismet to MP 264,71034.4%
MP 26 to Plains5,89027.2%
In Plains6,15025.9%
Plains to West junction US 1604,45035.5%
West junction US 160 to MP 394,70035.4%
MP 39 to Meade4,57036.8%
West city limits Meade to K-237,50023.3%
K-23 to State Street, Meade7,16023.7%
State Street to east city limits Meade6,61026.3%
East city limits Meade to East Junction US 1605,06037.8%
East junction US 160 to MP 484,11042.0%
MP 48 to K-984,57036.1%
K-98 to Meade/Clark county line4,34035.9%
Meade/Clark county line to Minneola4,19043.8%
West city limis Minneola to US 2836,17029.5%
US 283 to east city limits Minneola4,68036.8%
Minneola to MP 693,24044.6%
MP 69 to MP 733,73041.7%
MP 73 to K-943,64047.1%
K-94 to Bucklin3,86038.0%
West city limits Bucklin to west junction K-343,95035.7%
US 54/K-34 concurrency5,81027.5%
East junction K-34 to east city limits Bucklin4,73028.6%
Bucklin to MP 953,84036.5%
MP 95 to MP 974,30038.5%
MP 97 to West junction US 4005,58022.9%
West Junction US 400 to MP 1015,44039.1%
MP 101 to US 1835,67037.6%
US 183 to Greensburg5,91035.0%
West city limits Greensburg to Main Street6,93029.7%
Main Street to east city limits Greensburg7,04031.0%
Greensburg to MP 1096,02036.5%
MP 109 to Haviland5,43832.0%
In Haviland6,00037.2%
Haviland to MP 1215,45038.9%
MP 121 to MP 1245,65035.8%
MP 124 to Cullison5,26036.6%
In Cullison6,97026.1%
Cullison to MP 1315,82032.6%
MP 131 to Pratt7,07025.8%
West city limits Pratt to US 28111,10016.7%
US 281 to Thompson Street, Pratt14,80014.1%
Thompson Street to K-61, Pratt13,60015.3%
K-61 to Old K-645,51024.6%
Old K-64 to MP 1485,95022.1%
MP 148 to MP 1515,71022.2%
MP 151 to Cunningham5,41023.1%
Cunningham to MP 1625,07024.9%
MP 162 to K-115,13024.8%
K-11 to MP 1725,41025.5%
MP 172 to Kingman5,89023.5%
West city limits Kingman to west junction K-148,43017.9%
West junction K-14 to east city limits Kingman10,30014.5%
Kingman to Exit 1776,02024.8%
Exit 177 to Exit 1805,83025.6%
Exit 180 to east junction K-145,88025.1%
East junction K-14 to Exit 1886,48022.5%
Exit 188 to K-2516,80021.2%
K-251 to Exit 1949,52014.0%
Exit 194 to Garden Plain9,08014.8%
Garden Plain to MP 20011,00012.5%
MP 200 to Goddard13,00012.3%
Goddard to 167th Street18,9008.5%
167th Street to Maize Road, Wichita32,2005.9%
Maize Road to Dugan Road/Airport Parkway59,7003.4%
Dugan Road/Airport Parkway to I-23568,0003.1%
I-235 to Southwest Boulevard92,1963.8%
Southwest Boulevard to Washington Avenue113,0003.8%
Washington Avenue to I-135109,0003.8%
I-135 to Rock Road96,2003.1%
Rock Road to Webb Road45,8004.4%
Webb Road to K-9640,1005.5%
K-96 to 143rd Street East33,3005.5%
143rd Steeet to Andover Road22,0007.3%
Andover Road to MP 23220,1009.8%
MP 232 to Augusta16,20033.9%
West city limits Augusta to south junction US 7717,20010.7%
South junction US 77 to School Street15,70010.0%
School street to east city limits Augusta12,00013.5%
Augusta to Exit 2417,58021.4%
Exit 241 to East junction US 4007,11022.8%
East junction US 400 to MP 2472,46025.6%
MP 247 to MP MP 2512,51023.9%
MP 251 to El Dorado3,05021.3%
South city limits El Dorado to US 77/K-2545,93011.0%
US 77/K-254 to east city limits El Dorado6,9609.6%
El Dorado to MP 2575,28011.4%
MP 257 to K-1774,26012.2%
K-177 to MP MP 2623,66013.1%
MP 262 to Rosalia2,72017.3%
Roasalia to MP 2752,24020.1%
MP 275 to MP 2832,37019.0%
MP 283 to Eureka2,54030.5%
In Eureka4,29025.5%
Eureka to west junction K-992,73016.8%
US 54/K-99 concurrency2,39025.9%
East junction K-99 to MP 2961,48035.5%
MP 296 to MP 2991,19039.9%
MP 299 to K-1051,26039.3%
K-105 to MP 3121,30036.2%
MP 312 to MP 3141,71023.7%
MP 314 to Yates Center2,15019.3%
West city limits Yates Center to US 752,80021.4%
US 75 to east city limits Yates Center4,27014.2%
Yates Center to MP 3242,17020.7%
MP 324 to Piqua6,1403.3%
Piqua to MP 3312,20022.5%
MP 331 to Iola2,71024.0%
West city limits Iola to Washington Street5,15010.0%
Washington Street to 2nd Street, Iola6,5408.9%
2nd Street to east city limits Iola8,8707.5%
Iola to US 1698,6108.3%
US 169 to Gas7,2807.6%
In Gas5,68013.7%
Gas to MP 3394,61014.2%
MP 338 to La Harpe5,2709.9%
At La Harpe4,31013.7%
La Harpe to US 592,91015.5%
US 59 to MP 3521,95023.1%
MP 352 to Bronson1,82022.5%
In Bronson1,80021.1%
Bronson to K-31,68027.4%
US 54/K-3 concurrency1,89029.6%
K-3 to MP 3682,45018.6%
MP 368 to K-72,72016.4%
US 54/K-7 concurrency3,36014.9%
US 54/US 69/K-7 concurrency9,01017.3%
South junction US 69 to Broadway7,3508.0%
Broadway to Steen Street, Fort Scott6,5808.8%
Steen Street to east city limits Fort Scott4,99010.0%
Fort Scott to MP 3804,04010.0%
MP 380 to Missouri state line4,2808.1%