US Highway 59

Length: 210.439 miles

South Endpoint: Oklahoma State Line South of Chatopa

North Endpoint:Missouri State Line at Atchison

Counties Passed through:
Labette, Neosho, Allen, Anderson, Franklin, Douglas, Jefferson, Atchison


US 59 was established in 1936, replacing US 73 from the Oklahoma State line to Oswego and US 73W from Oswego to Nortonville, and co-designated with K-4 from Nortonville to the Missouri line at Atchison. US 59 was also concurrent with US 169 between Garnett and Earlton. At the time US 59 was designated, the road was generally paved or oiled except between the Oklahoma line and Oswego, from Altamont to Parsons, from the Neosho/Allen County line to Humboldt, and between Welda and Garnett. The Welda-Garnett segment was hard-surfaced by 1940, with the segment south of Oswego hard-surfaced by 1941.

In 1947, US 59 between Erie and Earlton in Neosho County was turned back to the county in exchange for an extension of K-47. US 59 now continued north along K-6, to the junction with K-39, then followed K-39 west to US 169 at Chanute. By 1962, 59 had been re-aligned once again, following a newly-constructed relocation of K-6 north from K-39 to K-31 near Kincaid, then along K-31 to Garnett. The K-6 designation was subsequently retired.

Meanwhile, in Atchison County, the “stairstep” alignment between Nortonville and Atchison was gradually straightened. The first segment was completed by 1950; the second segment, taking the roadway to Cummings, was completed by 1957; and the final segment between Cummings and Nortonville was completed by 1962.

In Douglas County, 73W/59 originally turned east at what is now 23rd Street, then followed Massachusetts Street through downtown to the Kansas River. By 1956, the present-day Iowa Street was built, and the US 59 designation was moved from 23rd Street and Massachusetts to Iowa Street. At about the same time, US 40 was moved from 7th Street to 6th Street, which also included the US 59 designation. In 1973, US 59 south of Lawrence was widened to four lanes for about 3 miles south of Lawrence, with a new alignment for another 2 miles south that could be expanded to 4 lanes. At the time, it was foreseen that US 59 would eventually be upgraded to a full freeway between Lawrence and Ottawa.

Plans to widen US 59 between Lawrence and Ottawa began in earnest in the Early 2000s, by which time the segment of 59 had a significantly higher accident rate than other 2 lane roadways in the state. A draft Environmental Impact Statement, with two alternatives, one parallel to the current 59, and one a mile east, was released in April 2002. There was significant opposition to the freeway proposal, and particularly to the “mile east” option. In the Final EIS, released in May 2003, the parallel option was selected. Ground was broken on the new 59 project on the Franklin County side in June 2007. The new freeway opened in two sections. The Franklin County segment opened March 30, 2010. The Douglas County segment opened October 18, 2012.

Junction Guide

KDOT MilepostTotal
59-50/0.0000.000Oklahoma/Kansas State Line
59-50/2.1872.187South city limts Chetopa
59-50/2.5792.579East Junction US 166
59-50/3.1293.1299th/Maple, Chetopa
59-50/4.0734.073West Junction US 166
59-50/4.0784.078North city limits Chetopa
59-50/11.64711.647South city limits Oswego
59-50/12.19312.193East Junction US 160, 6th/Commercial, Oswego
59-50/13.33413.334North city limits Oswego
59-50/22.05122.051West Junction US 160
59-50/30.37630.376South city limits Parsons
59-50/33.35733.357Main Street, Parsons
59-50/34.14534.145US 400, Parsons
59-50/34.33934.339North city limits Parsons
35.429Labette/Neosho county line
59-67/9.22944.658South Junction K-47
59-67/10.15145.580North Junction K-47
59-67/11.55146.980Neosho River Bridge
59-67/12.90048.329South Junction old K-108
59-67/13.40148.830North Junction old K-108
59-67/20.92256.351West Junction K-39
59-67/26.09661.525Old K-201
59-67/28.10763.536East Junction K-39
64.544Neosho/Allen county line
59-1/1.00465.548Old K-202
59-1/3.89668.440Old K-203
59-1/12.40676.950South city limits Moran
59-1/13.13477.678Junction US 54, Moran
59-1/20.02084.564South city limits Mildred
59-1/20.14884.692Third St., Mildred
59-1/20.30284.846North city limits Mildred
85.737Allen/Anderson county line
59-2/3.04188.778South junction K-31
59-2/15.178100.915South junction US 169
59-2/19.396105.133North junction US 169, south of Garnett
59-2/20.592106.329South city limits Garnett
59-2/20.817106.554North junction US 169B, Garnett
59-2/21.468107.205North junction K-31
59-2/21.752107.489North city limits Garnett
114.265Anderson/Franklin county line
59-30/0.501114.766South city limits Richmond
59-30/1.003115.268North Street, Richmond
59-30/1.048115.313North city limits Richmond
59-30/7.362121.627South city limits Princeton
59-30/7.425121.690North city limits Princeton
59-30/12.942127.207South city limits Ottawa
127.449South Junction I-35
35-30/17.395129.76015th Street, Ottawa
35-30/19.407131.772Junction K-68, Ottawa
133.025North Junction I-35
140.780Franklin/Douglas county line
59-23/3.043143.823US 56 (Baldwin Junction)
59-23/12.646153.426K-10/South junction US 40
59-23/12.740153.520South city limits Lawrence
59-23/14.223155.00323rd/Iowa, Lawrence
157.0846th/Iowa, Lawrence
40-23/16.372158.403Massachuseetts Street, Lawrence
40-23/17.661159.692Junction I-70/KTA, Lawrence
40-23/18.040160.071North city limits Lawrence
160.322Junction US 24/40 (Teepee Junction), north of Lawrence
24-23/1.817162.496E1400 Rd/Wellman Rd. (Midland Junction)
164.313Douglas/Jefferson county line
168.673North junction US 24, Williamstown
59-44/14.491178.804South jct K-16 and K-92
59-44/14.990179.303South city limits Oskaloosa
59-44/15.451179.764North junction K-92, Oskaloosa
59-44/15.990180.303North city limits Oskaloosa
59-44/23.557187.870North jct K-16/Junction K-192
59-44/29.230193.543Junction K-4, south of Nortonville
59-44/29.529193.842Junction US 159, Nortonville
194.076Jefferson/Atchison county line
59-3/4.806198.882Junction K-116
59-3/14.125208.201West Junction US 73
59-3/14.356208.432West city limits Atchison
59-3/15.538209.614North jct US 73/Junction K-7/10th Street, Atchison
59-3/16.239210.315Missouri River
59-3/16.363210.439Kansas/Missouri State Line

Average Annual Daily Traffic (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
Oklahoma State Line to Chetopa2,03011.6%
Chetopa City Limits to US 166 (3rd Street)2,52011.3%
Maple Street from 3rd to 9th, Chetopa4,27017.8%
9th/Maple to West junction US 1664,06019.0%
From US 166 to Oswego2,36014.2%
South city limits Oswego to east junction US 1603,7909.2%
East junction US 160 to west city limits Oswego4,2907.7%
Oswego to MP 193,6309.0%
MP 19 to West junction US 1603,4209.8%
US 160 to Parsons3,9208.3%
In Parsons8,0307.5%
North of Parsons8,8006.8%
South of K-473,35016.7%
US 59/K-47 concurrency4,46019.4%
K-47 to Erie3,19021.5%
Erie to K-1462,95020.5%
K-146 to K-391,73019.3%
West junction K-39 to Stark1,18025.0%
Stark to east junction K-391,26023.0%
East Junction K-39 to Elsmore87519.4%
South of Moran1,44012.5%
In Moran2,10012.6%
North of Moran1,26021.4%
South of Mildred1,10019.5%
Mildred to south junction K-311,08021.8%
South junction K-31 to south junction US 1691,14019.7%
South junction US 169 to 1400 Road5,52029.9%
1400 Road to north junction US 1694,99029.9%
From North Juction US 169 to
North Junction US 169B
From North Junction US 169B to
North Junction K-31
North Junction K-31 to Richmond4,95013.3%
In Richmond5,53010.0%
Richmond to Princeton5,71011.6%
North of Princeton6,50010.8%
South of I-3510,2006.6%
On I-35 from US 59 to K-6822,20021.1%
On I-35 from K-68 to US 5923,80019.7%
North of I-355,09010.1%
At Old US 59 north of Ottawa4,84010.0%
At the Franklin/Douglas County Line7,9106.1%
From US 56 to Douglas CR 4609,4006.6%
From Douglas CR 460 to CR 45810,4005.6%
From Douglas CR 458 to K-10/US 4012,2005.2%
On Iowa Street from K-10 to 31st Street19,0004.0%
On Iowa Street from 31st Street to 15th Street25,8003.3%
On Iowa Street from 15th Street to 6th Street21,9004.7%
On 6th Street from Iowa Street to the Kansas River bridge22,8004.5%
Kansas River Bridge, Lawrence22,9004.1%
Kansas River to I-70, Lawrence14,6006.8%
US 40/59 from I-70 to US 2410,40012.8%
US 24/59 from US 40 to Midland Junction6,41012.5%
US 24/59 from Midland Junction to
North Junction US 24
North Junction US 24 to Oskaloosa3,0006.7%
In Oskaloosa5,0204.9%
Oskaloosa to K-16/K-1921,39012.2%
K-16/K-192 to K-41,35014.8%
K-4 to K-1162,41023.0%
North of K-1162,83023.0%
South of Atchison3,94020.3%
US 73 to K-7, Atchison8,33011.9%
K-7 to Missouri River, Atchison7,41012.8%


  • 1936:
    • US 59 established, replacing US 73 from the Oklahoma state line to Oswego and US 73W from Oswego to Nortonville. Concurrent with K-4 from Nortonville to the Missouri state line at Atchison.
      • Gravel from the Oklahoma State line to Oswego
      • Blacktop from Oswego to Altamont
      • Gravel from Altamont to Parsons
      • Blacktop from the Parsons to Earlton
      • Paved from Earlton to the Neosho/Allen County line
      • Gravel from the Neosho/Allen County line to Humboldt
      • Paved from Humboldt to Bassett
      • Paved from Iola to Welda
      • Paved from Garnett north 3 miles
      • Blacktop from 3 miles north of Garnett to 4.5 miles north of Garnett
      • Paved from 4.5 miles north of Garnett to Atchison.
    • After US 59 was designated, the gravel section south of Humboldt was paved.
    • New gravel alignment between Welda and Garnett
    • New railroad overpass built at the Anderson/ Franklin county line south of Richmond.
  • 1937:
    • New gravel alignment from 9th and Maple in Chetopa to the north junction with US 166 just north of Chetopa.
    • New alignment, including railroad overpass, north of Parsons. 16th Street in Parsons paved from Main Street to Gabriel Avenue, the rest of the alignment initially gravel.
    • New railroad overpass in Chanute.
    • Approaches to the railroad overpass at the Anderson/ Franklin county line paved.
  • 1938:
    • New alignment north of Parsons blacktopped
    • New gravel alignment from west of Atchison to the new Mo-Kan Free Bridge.
  • 1939:
    • New alignment, including railroad overpass, northwest of Oswego. approaches to the bridge are concrete paved, remainder initially gravel.
    • New railroad underpass on the south side of Chanute.
    • Paved near Welda.
    • New Paved alignment from US 169 south of Garnett to 7th and Maple Streets in Garnett, including two railroad underpasses.
    • Traffic Signal at 4th and Utah in Atchison.
  • 1940:
    • Medium blacktop from the Oklahoma state line to Oswego, including a realignment to replace two “stairstep” turns with gentler curves 2 miles south of Oswego.
    • Paved from Welda to Garnett
    • New restricted-access grade-separated junction with US 50S south of Ottawa. US 59 widened to 4 lanes from US 50S south 3/4 mile
    • Gravel alignment west of Atchison paved.
  • 1946:
    • Blacktop from 3/4 mile north of the Labette/Neosho county line to K-57 west of St. Paul.
    • US 59 from K-6 north of Erie to US 169 near Earlton turned back to Neosho County.
      • US 59/K-57 relocated via K-6 north to K-39 west.
  • 1947: 1946 relocation paved from north of Erie to K-39.
  • 1948: New paved alignment south from Iola to Bassett. US 59/169 moved from Washington Street to State Street in Iola.
  • 1949:
    • New paved alignment in Oswego.
    • New heavy blacktop alignment in Humbolt.
    • New heavy blacktop alignment replacing 4 staristep curves with 2 gentler curves south of Bassett.
  • 1950:
    • Railroad underpass in Parsons.
    • Medium asphalt from the east junction with K-39 the 3 miles east of Chanute.
    • Paved from 3 miles east of Chanute to Chanute.
    • US 59/K-39 moved from Main Street to Elm Street in Chanute
  • 1952:
    • New paved alignment west of Lawrence. 2 lanes from 23rd Street to University Drive, with an auxiliary lane northbound near 19th Street, 4 lanes from University Drive north to 6th Street. US 59 moved from 23rd/Massachusetts Street to Iowa Street/6th Street. 23rd Street from Massachusetts Street to Iowa Street re-designated K-10.
    • New paved alignment of US 24 near Williamstown. West junction of US 24 and US 59 relocated south ~800 feet. Section of K-76 reconstructed and re-designated US 59.
  • 1953:
    • US 59/169/Santa Fe Avenue in Chanute reconstructed and widened to 4 lanes from Beach Street to the north city limits.
    • New 4-lane alignment in Oskaloosa, moving from Cherokee Street to Walnut Street.
  • 1954: New paved alignment on the south side of Humboldt
  • 1955:
    • Reconstruction and new medium blacktop alignment from the Allen/Anderson County line to Welda, including a railroad overpass south of Welda.
    • New paved alignment from Cummings to Atchison
  • 1956:
    • Reconstruct paved alignment in Garnett. New heavy blacktop alignment from Garnett north 3 miles
  • June 28, 1960: AASHTO approves re-alignment of US 59 via K-6, K-52, and K-31.
  • March 30, 2010: New freeway alignment between I-35 northeast of Ottawa and the Franklin/Douglas county line opened to traffic. US 59 routed along I-35 around between the existing highway south of Ottawa and a new route. Interim tie in with existing US 59 at the Franklin/Douglas county line
  • October 18, 2012: New US 59 freeway opened to traffic between Franklin/Douglas county line and Lawrence. Tie into old 59 eradicated.