Lies and Damned Lies

I decided to do an unofficial poll on how the Kansas Governor’s race is looking, based on the results of last night’s primary. Basically, I compared the votes tallied for Brownback with the total voters for Jennifer Winn (Brownback’s primary opponent), Chad Taylor and Patrick Wiesner (the two Democrat candidates for the US Senate seat)

Overall, Brownback is leading with 50.9%. In the “Big 5” Counties (Johnson, Sedgwick, Shawnee, Douglas, and Wyandotte) Brownback trails with only 48.3%. He’s leading in Johnson and Sedgwick counties, but is getting demolished (unsurprisingly) with less than 30% in Douglas and Wyandotte counties. In Shawnee County, Brownback trails with 41.9%

Other counties where Brownback is trailing with less than 45%: Elk (!), Lyon (Emporia), Crawford (Pittsburg), Jackson (north of Topeka), and Pratt (!).

My advice to Sam Brownback and to his general election opponent, Paul Davis: eat lots of KAKE (and KSNW, and KWCH). Wichita is the prime battleground — and I expect a no holds barred campaign between the two candidates.






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