New Ride

I put this under “highways” cause it does have a periphrial over-the-road theme…. it’s also partially why I haven’t updated the highways site recently…..

My current car, a 91 Buick Regal, has had enough problems with it that it has not been deemed worthy of long range travel (my last major road trip was to Des Moines in January 2004) Also, the Regal technically belongs to my parents, even though I have been responsible for acutally paying for Taxes and Insurance.

This week, we found a ’94 Buick Park Avenue with 92,000 miles on it. We called to take a look. It was in good enough shape, and the person selling it accepted our offer. I have all the paperwork to sign the title over, but I wasn’t able to get it done on Friday, which means I’ll be driving the regal for a “swan song” weeked.

I’ve never been the kind to go for anything flashy, nor to I care for the handling and the truck-like mileage of an SUV, so the more traditional Large Sedan like the Park Avenue probably fits me better, and I don’t mind that “granny car” stigma.

In fact, my brother currently drives a 91 Park Ave. that origionally belonged to my grandmother. I’m considering doing a photo shoot with the two cars sometime in the future, possibly along with my mom’s ’98 Town Car (a.k.a “The Limo,” as a local limo service uses similar Town Cars for airport shuttles.)