Random acts of politics…

Environment: The fact that CO2 levels have been higher than they have been in mensurable history is based on solid evidence. Human activity is one of the few variables that affect CO2 levels that could be responsible for such a spike. The “greenhouse gas” properties of CO2 have likely been proven, and reproduced in chemistry labs.

My family lives out on a private lake/subdivision 10 miles north of Lawrence and 5 miles from the nearest town (that would be McLouth, our city of record) and a fairly decent size house to boot. Not exactly the smallest “carbon footprint.” I read Tim Miller’s column in the Lawrencian the other day regarding global warming. It would seem to me, based on Mr. Miller’s writings, he would have this family move out of this house, tear down the entire neighborhood, force all of us to move back to town into smaller quarters and, to boot, compel us to use public transportation. I also see such a notion just be reading the title of Al Gore’s little documentary, i.e., heavy on the “Inconvenient” in An Inconvenient Truth.

Surely there is a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions without compelling people to give up a standard of living that they have worked to attain.