KDOT Lettings: April 2021

KDOT has announced the projects that will be up for letting at the April 21.


35-46 KA 6070-01: 2-inch milling and 2-inch HMA overlay from the I-635 interchange to the Johnson/Wyandotte county line

170-70 KA 3918-01: Replace the Marais des Cygnes river bridge east of Reading. K-170 to be closed at the bridge, detour via K-31, US 56, and K-99.

32-105 KA 5682-01: Repair of the Turner Diagonal bridge over the Kansas River

169-105 KA 5695-01: Repair of the 7th Street Trafficway bridge over I-70

171-11 KA 5776-01: Repair of the K-171 bridge over the Kansas City Southern Railroad

87 N 0674-01: Addition of a right-turn lane on westbound Patriot Avenue at K-15.

50-35 KA 5430-01: Full-depth reconstruction of a one-block section of US 50 between Pine and Maple streets in Cimarron

86 C 4968-01: Major collector signage replacement – South of K-96 and west of US 83

30 C 5056-01: Side-of-road stabilization on Virginia Road near Douglas Road in southeastern Franklin County.


75-89 KA 5976-01: PCCP patching and 3-inch HMA Overlay on US 75 between Topeka Boulevard and 53rd Street
75-106 KA 5974-01: 1.5-inch Overlay from US 56 in Osage County to Topeka Boulevard in Shawnee County.

24-14 KA 6116-01: Chip Seal from Clay Center to the Clay/Riley county line

106 KA-6140-01: Rumble Strip grinding on US 81 from Concordia to the Nebraska line and K-82 from Wakefield to US 77

36-77 KA 6112-01: 2-inch surface recycling and chip seal from Atwood to the Rawlins/Decatur county line.

254-8 KA 6145-01: Full-depth pavement replacement on the south side of the intersection of K-254 and Shumway Road.

235-87 KA 6003-01: Replacement of the Southbound sign truss at the I-235/Zoo Boulevard interchange.

106 KA 6138-01: Rumble strip grinding on US 54 and K-254 in Butler county and K-196 in Harvey County


KDOT lettings, November 2019

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