KDOT lettings, November 2019

66 C 4930-01: Major collector signage update in Nemaha county, south of US 36

81 U 2337-01: Safe routes to school project in Ogden. Includes a Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacon

150-9 KA 5381-01: HMA overlay on K-150 in Chase County.
150-57 KA 5382-01: HMA overlay on K-150 in Marion County.

9-14 KA 5368-01: Surface recycle and chip seal from Clifton to K-15

80-14 KA 5370-01: Mill and HMA overlay on the entire route from Morganville to K-15.
15-14 KA 5369-01: Mill and HMA overlay from Clay Center to the Clay/Washington County Line (Non-FA)

70-21 KA 5313-01: Lighting upgrade at the K-15 interchange in Abilene

4-21 KA 5364-01: Mill and HMA overlay from K-43 to US 77

15-21 KA 5371-01: Mill and HMA overlay from Abilene to K-18

156-27 KA 4763-01: Add a turn lane at 8th Street/Avenue JJ in Ellsworth

177-64 KA 4285-01: Replacement of the bridge over Munker’s Creek near the northeast arm of Council Grove Lake. One lane of traffic controllecd by temporary signals.

81-72 KA 5375-01: Milling and ultrathin bonded asphalt surfacing from the Saline/Ottawa County line to the K-106 interchange, and from Rifle Road to the Ottawa/Cloud county line.

99-25 KA 5390-01: Mill and HMA overlay from US 160 to the Elk/Greenwood county line
99-37 KA 5391-01: Mill and HMA overlay from the Elk/Greenwood county line to US 400

75-63 KA 2379-01: Widen to 4 lanes from the Oklahoma state line to the south city limits of Caney. Signage section of the plan sheets includes standards from OK.

196-40 KA 5392-01:  Mill and HMA overlay from I-135 to the Harvey/Butler county line.

48 C 4937-01: Major collector signage upgrade at SE 20th Street and SE 100th Avenue just northwest of Murdock.

78 U 2333-01: Safe routes to school project in Haven

83-28 KA 1008-06/83-41 KA 1008-03: Reconstruction of US 83 from 4 miles north of US 160/K-144 north to 3 miles north of the Haskell/Finney county line.

56-41 KA 5360-01: Mill and HMA overlay from the Seward/Haskell county line to County Road GG east of Sa
56-88 KA 5361-01: Mill and HMA overlay from the Stevens/Seward county line to the Seward/Haskell county line.
56-95 KA 5362-01: Mill and HMA overlay from K-25 to the Stevens/Seward county line.

54-88 KA 2385-03: Widen an ~ 3 mile stretch to 4 lanes near Arkalon Park Road.

69 C 4936-01: Reconstrct a section of M Road/Washington Street near Norton.


57 KA 5374-01: Mill and HMA overlay on K-15 from the Harvey/Marion county line to US 56, as well as the K-215 spur.

14-62 KA 3292-01: Channel repair of Leben Creek at K-14 south of Beloit

197-106 KA 5385-01: Chip seal on the K-197 spur. (The Spur straddles the Dickinson/Clay county line, and is considere to bed in both counties, hence the ‘106’ designation)

99-10 KA 5411-02: Installation of deliniators along K-99 at various points between Sedan to the Chautauqua/Elk county line.

50-24 KA 5499-01: Crack Sealing between Kinsley and the Edwards/Stafford county line.

40 KA 5399-01: Mill and HMA overlay on US 50 from the Reno/Harvey county line to Newton and the K-89 spur to Halstead.

96-83 KA 5400-01: Scrub and chip seal from US 183 to the Rush/Barton county line.

11-106 KA 5396-01: Chip seal on the entire route of K-11 from US 54 to US 50 in Kingman and Reno counties.

44-106 KA 5512-01: Crack repair from K-14 to K-49 in Harper and Sumner counties.

42-106 KA 5516-01: Chip seal from K-14 to K-2 in Kingman and Sumner counties

49-106 KA 5521-01: Crack repair from US 81 to K-42





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