First fall

Last night brought us quite a bit of wet snow…. 5-6 inches. The PA had to have half an hour of work just to get it out from under the snow (enough time, of course, to warm the cockpit.)

Anyway, the first snowfall to me means a trip to the railroad tracks. I went out to Bismark Grove, in North Lawrence, to catch a couple trains. And I wasn’t alone, either. Bob Olmstead, a fellow railroad enthusiest who has been shooting trains for half a century, happened to pick the same crossing.

In any case, I’m scanning the pictures as I’m writing this blog piece

It’s Model Railroad month

Got an email from a model railroad list saying that November is Model Railroad month. For the first time in several years, I actually have a model railroad layout to run 🙂

I currently own a small 4×6 layout consisting of a double-track single loop. I’ve got plenty of locomotives, now concentrating on frieght and passanger equipment.