Personal railroad

Train Show Followup

Our attendance at this year’s show was not very big… There may be a multitude of reasons.

One thing I should note… there is a show at Union Station next weekend, at the same time as the opening of a new Railroad museum, the display of MILW 261, and the birthday of young Rylie Carson


Show Prep….

Next Saturday is our Model Railroad Club‘s train show. To get ready, it takes about a week. We have a staging area set up to assemble our HO layout, then on Friday, we take her over to the fairgrounds, show and dismantle on Saturday.


BNSF special

A long string of BNSF buisness cars came by the Lawrence Depot eastbound this morning at 11:00 while I was nearby at Kennedy Glass working on some pictures I had taken earlier this morning.

I got a shot of each car as they rolled through

BNSF 5491
BNSF 4389
BNSF 51 “Snoqualmie Pass”
BNSF 65 “Raton Pass”
BNSF 66 “Cajon Pass”
BNSF 7 “Santa Fe”
BNSF 50 “Stampede Pass”
BNSF 67 “Trinchera Pass”
BNSF 60 “Stevens Pass”
BNSF 3 “Red River”
BNSF 11 “Fred Harvey”
BNSF 10 “Lake Superior”
BNSF 28 “Mountain View”
BNSF 30 “Glacier View”

Mountain View has been decked up in what appears to be BNSF’s new scheme for Buisness Cars. The car name is at the top in sans-serif lettering with the BNSF logo (full-color, orange letters on green “power bar”) near the bottom corners.


Emporia Sub Exploits

I decided to give my new digital Rebel a workout with a trainwatching trip. I headed out to the Eisenhower Terrace bridge on the west side of Ottawa, on the BNSF Emporia Sub

1257: BNSF 912, 7817, and CN 2660 lead a eastbound Manifest

1307: NS 9458 leads a set of eastbound roadrailers

1317: BNSF 4770, 7044, and NS 8585 leads a eastbound Manifest

1327: BNSF 4302, 343, 4517, and 7695 lead eastbound trailers
BNSF 7695 is a new ES44DC with the third variant of the BNSF H2 scheme, with the new logo in yellow lettering.

1340 BNSF 4953, BNSF 4361, NS x-Conrail 8420, and BNSF 8083 lead a eastbound “brown” train

1351 BNSF 5349, 4659, and 556 lead eastbound stacks

1408 BNSF 6804 and 7023 lead a very short eastbound, it may have been a “local”

1416 BNSF 4253, 4259, 4256, and 4271 lead a westbound. Considering the fact that there was 4 B23-7s, it may be a local as well.

1420 BNSF 4101 and 4995 lead a eastbound Grain
4101’s train became visible before 4253 west cleared the bridge. I also heard on the scanner that 4101 needed its porta-potty cleaned


Saturday Holliday

Over where the Topeka Subdivision meets the Emporia at the former townsite of Holliday, buisness was fairly active for a Saturday afternoon on the 5th.

One observation that I will note is that every train I’ve seen so far has been running “wrong main.” I.e, eastbounds on 1, westbounds on 2 and on the Highline.

Considering the fact that I parked my car against the lighting, getting set seemed to be a bit of a workout.


Railroad exploits

It’s been a while since I went out train watching, so I decided to head out to the BNSF main line south of Baldwin near the town of LeLoup (Ohio Terrace)

I arrived at Ohio Terrace around 930. Unfortunately, there was no activity (an eastbound had just passed when I got there) I found out why around 1040: A hi-rail SUV with BN markings pased the crossing. I was listening in as there was conversation with the dispacther, requesting more track and time. Agigular (sp?) requested track and time between Wellsville and Gardner. As I was heading east, I heard the dispacther request a modification to the track and time to allow a couple of trains to come through.

Upon hearing the fact that a couple of trains were being lined through, I made it over to the city lake at Edgerton. I also found out why these trains were lined through: they were two sections of an intermodal train containing trailers for UPS. Knowing that UPS is a demanding customer, the “brown trains” are perhaps one of the hottest comodities on the railroad. The first section carried units from CN and CSX, the second contained a “unpatched” Santa Fe unit.

I stayed at the park a while longer. Since there were still Work Limits where the derailment ocured, I heared a westbound request permission to enter the work zone. It was a grain train. It also had a CN unit in its consist.

I also observed some apparent students hanging out at a nearby picnic shelter. I observed some of them head to the shelter by crossing the tracks where there is no crossing. Perhaps a visit from a BNSF Operation Lifesaver rep should be in order.

While compiing these notes, three more trains came through — an westbound “brown” intermodal, and a eastbound train of empty hoppers led by an SD40-2. Probably a work train, since there was a CAT in one of the gondolas. The third train was an eastbound intermodal, led by two “green” SD40-2s

General railroad

Radio and Model Rails

I’m currently working on updating the History of KLWN and KLZR to reflect recent changes, as well as the addition of KKYD into the mix.

As for the new locomotives, I found some track defects, but also the presence of a bad wheelset in one of the engines. Once both problems were addressed, the engines ran fine on both loops of my layout.


new additions to the model train layout

Sunday, there was a small train show in Kansas City, and I found a good deal on a pair of Athearn C44-9Ws, one in Santa Fe Warbonnet red and silver, the other Norfolk Southern “dark horse” black.

For some reason, these six-axle locomotives tend to pop an axle going into a curve. The problem appears to be a wheel malfority in the Athearns…. will likely have to adjust them.

Personal railroad

Weekend of trains

I seem to be blogging once a week…

Saturday (12/18), I went with my brother, grandmother, and my cousin Cyrus to see “The Polar Express.”

As my cousin Cieara (Cyrus’s mommy) is in her third trimester on her second pregnancy and can’t really stand sitting for extended period of time, we decided to use this opportunity to give her some time to do other things.

Cyrus was a good boy during the movie, and he seemed to enjoyed it, though he had significant trouble sitting in the theatre seats (and therefore, sat in my lap for significant parts of the movie)

Today, (12/19) I went to Union Station to see and photgraph the KCS Holiday Express. Union Station has also brought in (because of the “Polar Express” movie) quite a few model railroads, including a large one on display in the main hall. There were other layouts operated by assorted model railroad clubs, including on by a N-scale club which invitied me in to take pictures.


First fall

Last night brought us quite a bit of wet snow…. 5-6 inches. The PA had to have half an hour of work just to get it out from under the snow (enough time, of course, to warm the cockpit.)

Anyway, the first snowfall to me means a trip to the railroad tracks. I went out to Bismark Grove, in North Lawrence, to catch a couple trains. And I wasn’t alone, either. Bob Olmstead, a fellow railroad enthusiest who has been shooting trains for half a century, happened to pick the same crossing.

In any case, I’m scanning the pictures as I’m writing this blog piece