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How I voted – 2014 General Election

People who know me fairly well know I lean conservative on many issues.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I pretty much voted a straight GOP ticket…. with one exception.

I did not vote for Kobach in 2010. I felt back when he first ran that he was “damaged goods.” Needless to say, I still think he’s damaged goods.

In 2010, I voted in favor of then-incumbent Democrat Steve Six for the Attorney General race. I had no qualms with his job performance (especially after his two predecessors got into hot water). However, Republican Dereck Schmidt won that race. I have no qualms with Schmidt’s performance either. Thus, despite voting against him last time, I voted for him this time around.

Also on the ballot were some judicial retention issues. After a controversial Kansas Supreme Court decision on a Capital Murder case, a non-retention drive for the Supreme Court judges was started. I voted “No” on the Supreme Court drive and voted “Yes” on the other judges.

Finally, there was a ballot question asking to amend the state constitution to allow charity raffles. I Voted “Yes.”

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