Interstate 70

Length: 423.764 miles

West Endpoint:
Colorado State Line near Kanorado

East Endpoint:
Missouri State Line on the Lewis and Clark Viaduct in Kansas City

Counties Served:
Sherman, Thomas, Logan, Gove, Trego, Ellis, Russell, Lincoln, Ellsworth, Saline, Dickinson, Geary, Riley, Wabaunsee, Shawnee, Douglas, Leavenworth, Wyandotte

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Exit Guides

Colorado state line to I-135, Salina
I-135, Salina to the Kansas Turnpike
Kansas Turnpike
Kansas Turnpike to I-470, Kansas City Missouri


Kansas’s claim to the first project in the US completed under the 1956 Federal Highway Act was an 8-mile stretch of US 40 west of Topeka which was opened on November 14, 1956. However, improvements in the Junction City to Topeka corridor predate the Highway act, albeit as an improved two-lane roadway. This project, although still a two-lane road, was the first segment to be a controlled-access highway. (Today, such a project is known as a “Super Two” roadway) By 1960, US 40 was upgraded to a four-lane freeway between Maple Hill and the Westgate Bridge, and the I-70 designation appeared for the first time.

The initial plans for the highway system in Topeka did not include a freeway through downtown. Instead, US 40 would have bypassed the city to the north via the Westgate bridge and US 24, while I-70 would have met the Kansas Turnpike at the South Topeka Exit. When the segment serving downtown Topeka was added, the I-70 and US 40 designations were moved to the new highway, with the southern route designated as I-470 and the Westgate Bridge designated as a Bypass of US 75.

The new downtown freeway was built in such a way that thru traffic on I-70 was directed onto service ramps in three locations. The interchange with the Westgate Bridge was a trumpet interchange with the thru movement from east to north and south to west – reflecting the original plan to direct through traffic onto the bridge. The Downtown Freeway also did not directly connect to the Turnpike. Instead, it connected to the original access road built as part of the Turnpike. The freeway would have continued east to re-join US 40 and eventually turn north on a new Kansas River bridge. The interchange between the Turnpike access road was designed as a partial cloverleaf interchange, but with no ramps from the downtown freeway to the access road going north, or from the access road going south to the downtown freeway. Finally, the East Topeka interchange remained a trumpet interchange, with the Turnpike as the through route.

While the Junction City to Topeka corridor built upon previous improvements, the rest of the highway was built on a new alignment generally parallel to US 24 from the Colorado state line east to Colby and parallel to US 40 from Oakley to Junction City, with a diagonal alignment connecting Colby and Oakley. As the new alignment opened up (see the timeline below for specific dates) the parallel two-lane highways were turned back to the counties. However, the segment between Salina and Russell was built a significant distance north of the old US 40 alignment. It was eventually decided that old US 40 between Ellsworth and Salina would be retained, and was re-designated K-140.

The main changes in I-70’s alignment since its completion have been in the eastern part of the state. First, when the Westgate Bridge was widened to four lanes in the 1970s, the interchange with I-70 was reconfigured as a semi-directional “T” interchange with I-70 as the thru route. By the early ’90s, the interchange with the Turnpike spur was eliminated, the Turnpike spur was abandoned, and I-70 was tied directly into the East Topeka interchange. In the mid-’90s, the proposed new bridge on the east side of Topeka would be called the Oakland Expressway, designated as K-4, and selected as a KDOT system enhancement project. This led to rebuilding the East Topeka interchange complex as a directional interchange with free-flowing movement on both I-70 and the Turnpike. Construction of the new interchange, with new flyover connections between I-70, the Turnpike, and the Oakland Expressway, was built between 1999 and 2001.


  • 1956:
    • October 25: Kansas Turnpike opened to traffic
    • November 10: US 40 upgraded to a “Super Two” between Eskridge/Keene Road near Maple Hill to Valencia Road in western Shawnee County. This project is Kansas’s claim to being the “First section of Interstate completed.” At this point, the highway is likely designated solely as US 40.
  • 1957:
    • US 40 completed from Auburn Road west of Topeka to Wanamaker Road in Topeka as a Super-Two, and from Wanamaker Road to Gage Boulevard as a four-lane freeway.
      • The Wanamaker Road interchange is initially built as a five-ramp partial cloverleaf, with a loop ramp from northbound Wanamaker to westbound US 40.
      • The Fairlawn Road interchange is a split Diamond, with the eastbound off-ramp and westbound on-ramp connecting to 6th Avenue and the eastbound on-ramp and westbound off-ramp connecting to Fairlawn
      • The Danbury Lane interchange is a full diamond.
      • The interchange at the south end of the Westgate Bridge is built as a trumpet interchange with US 40 curving north onto the bridge.
      • At this point, the highway is still likely designated solely as US 40
    • The Muncie Expressway in Kansas City is completed from the east end of the Kansas Turnpike at 18th Street over Muncie Boulevard to a tie-in with the 5th Street Trafficway south of Central Avenue.
  • 1959: US 40 upgraded to a four-lane freeway from K-30 near Maple Hill to Wanamaker Road. The I-70 designation is likely to have been first used at this point.
  • 1960:
    • Completed from Collyer to Ogallah
    • Completed from K-15 in Abilene to Humbolt Creek Road east of Fort Riley, tying into the previously constructed Junction City-Topeka corridor improvements at Humbolt Creek Road.
    • Muncie Expressway completed to the Intercity Viaduct.
  • 1962:
    • Completed from K-23 near Grainfield to Collyer.
    • Completed from Ninth Street in Salina to K-15 in Abilene.
    • Junction City-Topeka corridor from K-99 north of Alma to K-30 in Maple Hill upgraded to a four-lane freeway.
    • Completed from Gage Boulevard to 1st Avenue in Topeka.
    • By this year: A loop ramp from westbound I-70 to southbound Wanamaker Road is added and the ramp from southbound Wanamaker to Westbound I-70 is rebuilt.
  • 1963:
    • Old K-18 from K-177 south of Manhattan to K-99 north of Alma upgraded to a four-lane freeway.
    • Lewis and Clark Viaduct completed and westbound I-70 moved onto the new structure.
  • 1964:
    • November 24: Opened to traffic from Dorrance to Ninth Street in Salina
    • December 2: Opened to traffic from 1st Avenue to 8th Street in Topeka. (Polk-Quincy Viaduct and Downtown Topeka ‘cut.’) The road is complete from 8th Street to Shunganunga Creek, but there is no connection.
    • December 24: Old K-18 from Humbolt Creek Road to K-177 upgraded to a four-lane freeway and opened to traffic
  • 1965:
    • Sometime this year: Completed from Ogallah to Hays.
    • June 16: Completed from Shunganunga Creek to the Kansas Turnpike and opened to traffic at 8th Street in Topeka. I-70 is completed from Dorrance to the Missouri State Line
    • December 17: Opened to traffic from Colby to Grainfield.
  • 1966:
    • November 17: Opened to traffic from Hays to Dorrance. I-70 is now complete from Colby to the Missouri State Line.
  • 1967: Completed from US 24 near Levant to Colby
  • 1969: Completed from K-25 at Goodland to US 24 near Levant
  • June 18, 1970: Opened to traffic from the Colorado State Line to K-25 at Goodland, completing I-70 in Kansas.
  • 1977: In conjunction with the construction of a new southbound span of the Westgate Bridge, the interchange with the Westgate bridge is rebuilt as a semi-directional “T” interchange with I-70 as the through route. The eastbound off-ramp to Gage Boulevard is tied into the new eastbound off-ramp for the Westgate Bridge.
  • 2001: East Topeka interchange rebuilt as a directional interchange with free-flowing

Junction Guide

KDOT MilepostTotal
70-91/0.0000.000Colorado/Kansas State Line
70-91/1.3551.355Exit 1: K-267
70-91/17.14217.142West City Limits Goodland
70-91/17.31317.313Exit 17: K-27/US 24B
70-91/19.30819.308Exit 19: East Jct US 24B
70-91/19.32619.326East City Limits Goodland
70-91/27.28927.289Exit 27: K-253
35.280Sherman/Thomas County Line
70-97/1.15836.438Exit 36: K-184
70-97/10.67345.953Exit 45: US 24 East
70-97/18.48153.761West city limits Colby
70-97/18.67053.950Exit 53: K-25
70-97/18.86054.140East city limits Colby
70-97/34.86570.145Exit 70: US 83
74.834Thomas/Logan County Line
75.643Logan/Gove County Line
70-32/0.36876.011Exit 76: US 40
70-32/10.27685.919Exit 85: K-216
70-32/18.26993.912Exit 93: K-23
70-32/20.23895.881Exit 95: K-23 North
70-32/24.23199.874Exit 99: K-211
70-32/31.891107.534Exit 107: K-212
113.151Gove/Trego County Line
70-98/2.016115.167Exit 115: K-198
70-98/13.887127.038West City Limits WaKeeney
70-98/14.013127.164Exit 127: US 283/West Jct US 40B
70-98/14.342127.493East City Limits WaKeeney
70-98/15.046128.197Exit 128: East Jct US 40B
70-98/22.244135.395Exti 135: K-147
143.745Trego/Ellis County Line
70-26/1.865145.610Exit 145: K-247
70-26/13.398157.143Exit 157: US 183 Bypass
70-26/15.604159.349Exit 159: US 183
70-26/24.971168.716Exit 168: K-255
174.960Ellis/Russell County Line
70-84/0.988175.948Exit 175: 176th Street
70-84/9.991184.951Exit 184: US 281
70-84/14.026188.986Exit 189: 189th Road/Old US 40
70-84/24.587199.547Exit 199: 200th Boulevard
205.011Russel/Ellsworth County Line
70-27/0.941205.952Exit 206: K-232
70-27/14.032219.043Exit 219: West Jct K-14
70-27/16.945221.956Exit 221: East Jct K-14
70-27/20.374225.385Exit 225: K-156
228.259Ellsworth/Lincoln County Line
70-53/5.241233.500Exit 233: 29th Road
235.506Lincoln/Saline County Line
70-85/15.306250.812Exits 250 A-B: I-135/US 81
70-85/16.592252.098West City Limits Salina
70-85/17.098252.604Exit 251: K-143
70-85/17.350252.856East City Limits Salina
266.038Saline/Dickinson County Line
70-21/0.504266.542Exit 266: Solomon Road
70-21/9.059275.097West City Limits Abilene
70-21/9.141275.179Exit 275: K-15
70-21/9.271275.309East City Limits Abilene
70-21/14.908280.946Exit 281: K-43
70-21/20.163286.201Exit 286: Chapman
289.493Dickinson/Geary County Line
70-31/5.537295.030Exit 295: US 77/K-18 West
70-31/7.124296.617Exit 296:
US 40B East/Washington Street
70-31/8.482297.975Exit 298: East Street/Chestnut Street
70-31/9.085298.578Smoky Hill River
70-31/9.189298.682West City Limits Grandview Plaza
70-31/10.389299.882Exit 300: US 40B West/K-57
70-31/11.282300.775East City Limits Grandview Plaza
70-31/13.468302.961Exit 303: K-18 East
70-31/24.482313.975Exit 313: K-177
316.026Geary/Riley County Line
70-81/0.155316.181Exit 316: Deep Creek Road
321.996Riley/Wabaunsee County Line
70-99/5.488327.484Exit 328: K-99
70-99/8.019330.015Exit 330: K-185
70-99/10.951332.947Exit 333: K-138
70-99/19.025341.021Exit 341: K-30
346.005Wabaunsee/Shawnee County Line
70-89/7.074353.079Exit 353: K-4 West
70-89/9.073355.078West City Limits Topeka
70-89/9.162355.167Exit 354 West: I-470
70-89/9.731355.736Exit 354 East: US 75 South
70-89/11.708357.713Exit 358: US 75 North/Gage Blvd
70-89/15.018361.023Begin Polk-Quincy Viaduct
70-89/15.657361.662End Polk-Quincy Viaduct
70-89/17.907363.912Exit 364A: California Avenue
70-89/21.023367.028KTA Toll Plaza
70-89/25.707371.712Topeka Service Plaza
372.108Shawnee/Douglas County Line
70-23/13.656385.764Exit 202: West Lawrence
70-23/14.661386.769Kansas River
70-23/15.009387.117Exit 204: East Lawrence
389.405Douglas/Leavenworth County Line
70-52/3.073392.478Lawrence Service Area
70-52/6.010395.415Exit 212: Tonganoxie/Eudora
405.973Leavenworth/Wyandotte County Line
West City Limits Bonner Springs
70-105/1.779407.749Exit 224: K-7/US 73 North
US 24/US 40 West
70-105/3.124409.094East City Limits Bonner Springs
West City Limits Kansas City
70-105/5.411411.381Exits 411 A-B: I-435
70-105/10.877416.847Exit 417: 57th Street
70-105/12.598418.568Exits 418 A-B: I-635
70-105/14.262420.232Exit 420 A-B:
US 69 South/18th Street
70-105/14.311420.281END KTA
70-105/15.250421.220Exit 421B: I-670
70-105/15.621421.591Exit 422A:
US 69 North/US 169 South/7th Street
70-105/16.312422.282Exit 422D: Central Avenue
70-105/16.663422.633Exit 423A: 5th Street
70-105/17.071423.041Lewis and Clark Viaduct
70-105/17.791423.764Kansas/Missouri State Line

AADT (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
Colorado state line to Goodland12,20019.7%
Goodland to Edson12,30026.8%
Edson to Brewster10,10036.1%
Brewster to US 249,78037.5%
US 24 to Colby11,00032.3.%
Colby to US 8311,40037.5%
US 83 to US 4010,00040.1%
US 40 to K-21613,50028.3%
K-216 to K-2310,80033.6%
K-23 to K-23 spur11,40033.6%
K-23 spur to K-21112,00032.8%
K-211 to K-19811,70033.6%
K-198 to US 28311,58031.3%
US 283 to US 40B14,10027.5%
US 40B to K-14713,30031.1%
K-147 to US 183 Bypass13,70030.7%
US 183 Bypass to US 18316,70026.1%
US 183 to 270th Avenue18,10021.2%
270th Avenue to K-25514,70025.3%
K-255 to Walker Avenue14,00026.5%
Walker Avenue to US 28113,60027.8%
US 281 to Old US 4012,00030.5%
Old US 40 to Dorrance11,30032.3%
Dorrance to K-23212,84328.6%
K-232 to West Junction K-1413,90031.1%
I-70/US 40/K-14 concurrency13,40033.1%
East Junction K-14 to K-15613,50033.7%
K-156 to 290th Road16,80031.0%
290th Road to I-13518,40028.6%
I-135 to K-14321,30015.9%
K-143 to Solomon17,80020.9%
Solomon to K-1519,20019.4%
K-15 to K-4316,90022.2%
K-43 to Chapman16,50022.7%
Chapman to US 7718,27718.9%
US 77 to US 40B, Junction City24,50018.2%
US 40B to East Street, Junction City25,20018.5%
East Street to K-57, Junction City34,60014.2%
K-57 to K-1826,60017.8%
K-18 to K-17715,20026.9%
K-177 to K-9920,40021.3%
K-99 to K-18520,80020.7%
K-185 to K-13821,50018.3%
K-138 to K-3021,70017.7%
K-30 to Carlson Road22,70016.7%
Carlson Road to K-426,20015.2%
K-4 to I-47030,60015.7%
I-470 to US 75 North63,40010.6%
Gage to MacVickar, Topeka52,00010.7%
MacVickar to Downtown Topeka47,70010.9%
Through Downtown Topeka37,20012.9%
Downtown Topeka to East Topeka41,50010.9%
East Topeka to K-1044,60014.6%
K-10 to West Lawrence31,90017.8%
West Lawrence to East Lawrence33,80017.2%
East Lawrence to 222nd Street34,30017.0%
222nd Street to K-733,70017.2%
K-7 to I-43555,70013.6%
I-435 to 57th Street74,40010.6%
57th Street to I-63593,7008.5%
I-635 to 18th Street85,2009.9%
18th Street to I-67085,60010.3%
I-670 to 7th Street22,40032.1%
7th Street to 5th Street21,00033.9%
5th Street to Missouri Line15,40041.4%