Kansas Highway 23

Length: 199.117 miles

South Endpoint:
US 54/US 160 in Meade (1926-1937)
SE corner Sec. 22, T 34 S, R 28 W, 15 miles south of Meade (1937-1960)
OK 23 at the Oklahoma State Line South of Meade (1960-present)

North Endpoint:
Nebraska State Line north of Cedar Bluffs (1926-1930)
US 83/US 183 in Dresden (1930-1938)
US 36/US 183 in Oberlin (1938-1941)
US 83/K-383 northeast of Selden (1941-present)

Counties Served: Meade, Gray, Finney, Lane, Gove, Sheridan

Historic County Served: Decatur (1926-1941)

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K-23 was one of the original cross-state north-south highways. Its number was designated via the north-south highway grid pattern, lying between K-21 and K-25.

By 1930, two new US numbered highways, US 83 and US 183, were designated in Kansas. US 83 was designated along the entire length of K-22, but US 183 was only designated north of the K-22/K-23 junction in Dresden.

Between 1930 and 1938, US 183 had been re-aligned so that it met US 83 near Selden instead of Dresden. In 1938, US 183 was re-aligned south of US 36 in Oberlin to follow the former K-1. K-23 was subsequently re-aligned, following K-9 west to Selden, then turning north on the relatively new ex-US 183 to US 36-183 at Oberlin. The former K-23 from K-9 north to Dresden was designated as K-123.

In 1941, the routing of US 83 and US 183 were switched in Nebraska; US 83 replaced US 183 from the Nebraska line to US 36 and K-23 from US 36 to Selden.

Junction Guide

County MPState MPJunction
23-60/0.0000.000Oklahoma/Kansas State Line
(Begin K-23)
23-60/14.19114.191Road V, Lake Meade
23-60/18.43718.437Road 18
23-60/25.97425.974South city limits Meade
23-60/26.47426.474US 54-160
23-60/26.98426.984North city limits Meade
23-60/35.65635.656Road E
39.596Meade/Gray county line
23-35/10.53450.130US 56
23-35/18.00057.596S Road
23-35/22.49562.091South city limits Cimarron
23-35/23.02662.622US 50-400
23-35/23.75963.355North city limits Cimarron
23-35/32.61472.210E Road
23-35/33.61473.210D Road
76.210Gray/Finney County line
23-28/3.99780.207East junction K-156
23-28/9.97786.187West junction K-156
23-28/16.97793.187Lake Road
100.279Finney/Lane County line
23-51/14.591114.870South city limits Dighton
23-51/15.408115.687North city limits Dighton
23-51/20.093120.372200 Road
124.336East junction K-4
126.352West junction K-4
132.414Lane/Gove county line
23-32/17.845150.259South city limits Gove
23-32/18.345150.759North city limits Gove
23-32/25.113157.527Z Road
23-32/28.759161.173West city limits Grainfield
23-32/29.400161.814South Junction K-23A
23-32/29.634162.048East city limits Grainfield
23-32/30.645163.059K-23 Spur
23-32/31.415163.829North junction K-23A
164.823Gove/Sheridan county line
23-90/8.997173.820Road 70S
23-90/14.659179.482South city limits Hoxie
23-90/15.477180.300US 24
23-90/15.977180.800North city limits Hoxie
23-90/34.294199.117US 83/K-383 (end K-23)

AADT (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
Oklahoma State line to Road V, Lake Meade41521.7%
Road V to Road 1851516.5%
Road 18 to Meade63512.6%
South city limits Meade to US 54-1602,2005.5%
US 54-160 to north city limits Meade2,0506.8%
Meade to K-9877029.9%
K-98 to Road E75020.0%
Road E, Meade County to US 5672022.2%
US 56 to S Road, Gray County86511.5%
S Road to Cimarron1,80020.3%
South city limits Cimarron to US 50-4003,06012.1%
US 50-400 to north city limits Cimarron2,45011.0%
Cimarron to E Road95523.6%
E Road to D Road70529.8%
D Road, Gray County to K-15640048.8%
K-23/K-156 concurrency1,49035.6%
K-156 to Lake Road, Finney County94029.8%
Lake Road, Finney County to Dighton75040.0%
South city limits Dighton to K-962,03016.0%
K-96 to north city limits Dighton1,92016.4%
Dighton to 200 Road1,03032.5%
200 Road to K-485030.6%
K-4/K-23 concurrency88524.3%
K-4 to Lane/Gove county line55037.3%
Lane/Gove county line to Gove77528.4%
In Gove82529.1%
Gove to Z Road88026.7%
Z Road to I-701,02023.5%
I-70 to south junction K-23A1,2106.6%
South junction K-23A to K-23 Spur8505.3%
K-23 Spur to north junction K-23A98540.1%
North junction K-23A to
Road 70 S, Sheridan County
Road 70S to Hoxie1,80022.5%
South city limits Hoxie to US 243,2909.7%
US 24 to north city limits Hoxie1,42016.2%
Hoxie to K-12398524.3%
K-123 to US 83/K-38375028.7%