Kansas Highways: Numbers 80-99

K-80US 81Bypass
US 81
US 81B (McPherson)US 81B (Lindsborg)
US 81A (Salina)K-82US 83US 83BUS 83 Spur


Length: 3.816 miles

West Endpoint: East City Limits of Morgaonville

East Endpoint: Junction K-15 north of Clay Center

County Served: Clay

AADT (2019): 740 (8.1% truck)

US 81

Length: 230.785 miles

South Endpoint: Oklahoma State Line south of Caldwell

North Endpoint: Nebraska State Line (CG/JJW) north of Belleville

Counties Served:
Sumner, Sedgwick, Harvey, McPherson, Saline, Ottawa, Cloud, Republic


Bypass US 81

Historic South Endpoint: Junction I-135/US 81 south of Wichita, concurrent with I-235.

Historic North Endpoint: Junction I-135/US 81 north of Wichita, concurrent with I-235

Historic County Served: Sedgwick (1961-1985)


The Bypass US 81 designation was established to encourage US 81 thru traffic to go around Wichita via I-235. The designation was approved by AASHO on October 7, 1961.

In May 1985, KDOT applied to remove the US 81 bypass designation, as the US 81 mainline had been moved onto I-135. The application was approved at AASHTO’s June 27, 1985 meeting.

US 81B (McPherson)

Previously Designated: US 81A (1945-1981)

Length: 7.432 miles

South Endpoint:
US 81 South of McPherson (1949-1969)
I-135/US 81 exit 58, concurrent with K-61 (1969-present)

North Endpoint: I-135/US 81 exit 60, concurrent with US 56

County Served: McPherson

US 81B (Lindsborg)

Length: 8.497 miles

Historic South Endpoint: I-135/US 81 exit 72

Historic North Endpoint: I-135/US 81 exit 78, concurrent with K-4

Counties Served: McPherson, Saline


Prior to KDOT officially applying to designate US 81 onto I-135, the Lindsborg route was designated as part of US 81. KDOT applied to designated the route as a Business loop of I-135 and an Alternate route for US 81. AASHTO rejected the I-135 business loop, but approved the US 81 request as a business route at their October 1979 meeting. KDOT would issue a resolution implementing the change in April 1981.

McPherson County agreed to a turnback of US 81B south of K-4 in 2009 in consideration for widening K-61 between McPherson and Hutchinson

US 81A (Salina)

Length: 6.450 miles

Historic South Endpoint:
I-35W/US 81 exit 88 south of Salina (1970-1972)
I-135/US 81 exit 95, concurrent with I-70/US 40 (1972-1981)

Historic North Endpoint: US 81 north of Salina

Counties Served: Saline


This alternate route for US 81 was designated in a January 10, 1968 Highway Commission resolution. It mostly followed the former US 81 alignment from I-35W near Water Well Road through Salina, reconnecting to the new US 81 freeway extension via a new two-lane route north of Salina.

In 1972, the old US 81 from Water Well Road to I-70 was turned back, and US 81’s south end shifted to the I-70/I-35W [later I-135] interchange.

The State Highway Commission never sought the inclusion of the bypass, among others, as part of the US Highway system. After the Highway Commission was reformed into the Kansas Department of Transportation, KDOT elected not to apply for formal approval and instead remove the designation from I-70 and re-designate the rest as a Kansas numbered route, K-143, on March 19, 1981.


Length: 21.076 miles

Southwest Endpoint: Junction K-15 west of Wakefield

Northeast Endpoint: Junction US 24 west of Leonardville

Counties Served: Clay, Riley

US 83

Length: 227.310 miles

South Endpoint:
Oklahoma State Line south of Liberal

North Endpoint:
Nebraska State Line north of Oberlin

Counties Served:
Seward, Haskell, Finney, Scott, Logan, Thomas, Sheridan, Decatur, Norton, Phillips


US 83B

Length: 5.807 miles

South Endpoint: Junction US 83 south of Garden City

North Endpoint:
Junction US 50/83/400 northwest of Garden City, concurrent with US 50B

County Served: Finney

US 83 Spur

Historic South Endpoint: Junction US 83 south of Garden City

Historic North Endpoint:

Historic County Served:


Length: 0.881 miles

South Endpoint: North City Limits of Penokee

North Endpoint: Junction US 24 north of Penokee

County Served: Graham

AADT (2019): 350 (10.0% truck)


Length: 0.800 miles

South Endpoint: North city limits of Morland

North Endpoint: Junction US 24 north of Morland

County Served: Graham

AADT (2019): 400 (22.5% truck)


Length: 0.235 miles

Historic South Endpoint: Junction US 56 south of Canton (1927-2009)

Historic North Endpoint: South city limits of Canton. (1927-2009)

Historic County Served: McPherson (1927-2009)


Length: 8.625 miles

South Endpoint: Viets

North Endpoint: Junction US 36 west of Baileyville

County Served: Nemaha

Junction Guide

County MPState MPJunction
87-58/0.0000.000Viets (Begin K-87)
87-58/8.6258.625US 36 (end K-87)

AADT (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
Viets to K-913019.2%
K-9 to US 361758.6%


Length: 0.311 miles

South Endpoint: Vermillion

North Endpoint: Junction K-9 north of Vermillion

County Served: Nemaha

AADT (2019): 325 (15.4% truck)


Length: 1.544 miles

South Endpoint: North city limits of Halstead

North Endpoint: Junction US 50 north of Halstead

County Served: Harvey

AADT (2019): 2,040 (7.4% truck)

K-89 was originally designated as K-59. The number change is a consequence of the extension of US 59 through Eastern Kansas. The entire length of the Halstead spur was concrete paved in 1936. The route was widened from 9-foot lanes to 12-foot lanes and received an asphalt overlay in 1965.


Length: 2.180 miles

Historic West Endpoint: Leavenworth State Fishing Lake (1936-1997)

Historic East Endpoint:
Junction K-16 northwest of Tonganoxie (1936-1997)

Historic Counties Served: Leavenworth (1936-1997)


Length: 42 miles

West Endpoint:
Junction K-30 in McLouth(1926-1931)
Junction K-4 northeast of Meriden (1932-present)

East Endpoint:Missouri State Line at Leavenworth

Counties Served: Jefferson, Leavenworth


Length: 4.487 miles

Historic West Endpoint: Junction US 81 east of Minneapolis (1936-1994)

Historic East Endpoint: Ottawa State Fishing Lake (1936-1994)

Historic County Served: Ottawa (1936-1994)


K-93 was established on a May 1, 1936 resolution to connect US 81 with the Ottawa County state fishing lake. The number was assigned from the State Lake series. It was combined with and re-designated K-106 on June 14,1994 as part of a project to convert the US 81/K-106 junction into an interchange.


Length: 10.780 miles

South Endpoint: Clark State Fishing Lake

North Endpoint: Junction US 54 in Kingsdown

Counties Served: Clark, Ford

Junction Guide

County MPState MPJunction
94-13/0.0000.000Clark County State Lake (Begin K-94)
6.880Clark/Ford county line
94-29/3.90010.780US 54 (end K-94)

AADT (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
Clark County State Lake to
Clark/Ford county line
Clark/Ford county line to US 541755.7%


Length: 6.591 miles

South Endpoint: Junction US 83 North of Scott City

North Endpoint: Junction US 83 East of Scott County State Lake

Counties Served: Scott


K-95 was established in a July 27, 1966 resolution to serve as a loop off of US 83 to Scott County State Lake. The number was assigned from the State Lake series.

AADT (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
South junction US 83 to MP 26007.5%
MP 2 to MP 422520.0%
MP 4 to north junction US 8312540.0%


Length: 300.201 miles

West Endpoint: Colorado State Line west of Tribune

East Endpoint:
Junction US 66 west of Galena (1927-1941)
Missouri State Line east of Columbus (1941-1998)
Junction US 54400 in Wichita (1998-)

Counties Served:
Greeley, Wichita, Scott, Lane, Ness, Rush, Barton, Rice, Reno, Sedgwick

Historical Counties Served:
Butler, Greenwood, Wilson, Montgomery, Labette, Cherokee (1927-1988)



Length: 5.587 miles

Historic South Endpoint:
Junction US 40 3 miles southeast of Quinter (1941-1958)

Historic North Endpoint: Sheridan County State Lake (1941-1958)

Historic Counties Served: Gove, Sheridan (1941-1958)


K-97 was established in a March 24, 1941 resolution to serve what was then the Sheridan County State Lake. The number was assigned from the State Lake series.

By 1958, a new Sheridan County State Lake was constructed, the old lake was drained, and the area around the old lake was converted from a State Park to a wildlife area. K-97 was turned back in a July 30, 1958 resolution.


Length: 9.048 miles

West Endpoint:
Meade County Lake (1936-1960)
Junction K-23 west of Fowler(1960-present)

East Endpoint: Junction US 54/US 160/K-23 in Meade(1936-1937)
Junction K-23 south of Meade(1937-1956)
Junction US 54 south of Fowler(1956-present)


K-98 was established in 1936 to connect the town of Meade to the Meade County Lake State Park. The number was assigned from the State Lake series.

The following year, K-23 was extended south from Meade, replacing the northernmost 7.67 miles of K-98.

When the former K-56 needed to be re-designated due to the introduction of US 56, the State Highway Commission elected to re-designate K-56 as an extension of K-98

By 1958, a new proposal for the relocation of K-23 was presented to the commission that would extend south from the State Park south into Oklahoma, which Oklahoma would continue on south to US 64 near Forgan. Although construction did not begin on this new route until 1961, state maps show that K-23 had replaced the southern segment of K-98 (truncating 98 back to the former K-56) by 1960.

Junction Guide

County MPState MPJunction
98-60/0.0000.000K-23 (Begin K-98)
98-60/8.1648.164North city limits Fowler
98-60/9.0489.048US 54 (end K-98)

AADT (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
K-23 to MP 827510.9%
MP 8 to North city limits Fowler4709.6%
North city limits Fowler to US 541,2202.5%


Length: 234.473 miles

South Endpoint: Oklahoma State Line South of Chautauqua

North Endpoint: Nebraska State Line (CG/JJW) north of Summerfield

Counties Served: Chautauqua, Elk, Greenwood, Lyon, Wabaunsee, Pottawatomie, Marshall