Kansas Highways: Numbers 140-159


Length: 33.1 miles

West Endpoint: Junction K-14 in Ellsworth

East Endpoint: I-135/US 81 exit 93 in Salina

Counties Served: Ellsworth, Saline

Established November 22, 1968


Length: 13.4 miles

South Endpoint: Junction K-4 south of Kannapolis Resovoir

North Endpoint: Junction K-140 6 miles west of Brookville

County Served: Ellsworth

Established October 6, 1954


Length: 4.6 miles

South Endpoint: I-70 exit 252, Salina

North Endpoint: Junction US 81 north of Salina

Counties Served: Saline

Established March 19, 1981


Length: 16.8 miles

West Endpoint: Junction US 160 6 miles north of Sublette

East Endpoint: Junction US 56 northwest of Copeland

Counties Served: Haskell, Gray

Established May 9, 1956


Length: 1.489 miles

Northwest Endpoint: Junction US 83/160 north of Sublette

Southeast Endpoint: Junction US 56 in Sublette

County Served: Haskell

Established January 4, 1939
Withdrawn November 23, 1965


West Endpoint: Junction US 59 2 miles north of Erie

East Endpoint: Junction K-3 5 miles east of Walnut

Counties Served: Neosho, Crawford

Established October 19, 1954


South Endpoint: Junction K-4 east of Brownell

North Endpoint: Ogallah

Counties Served: Ness, Trego

Established December 20, 1955


Southwest Endpoint: Junction K-28 east of Jewell

Northeast Endpoint:
Junction K-9/K-15/K-15W/K-15E north of Linn (1955-1988)
NE 112 at the Nebraska State Line 7 miles north of Hanover (1988-present)

Counties Served: Jewell, Republic, Washington

Established July 26, 1955


Length: 6.1 miles

South Endpoint: Junction US 56 10 miles east of Herrington

North Endpoint: Junction K-4 4 miles south of White City

Counties Served: Morris

Established February 13, 1957


West Endpoint: Junction US 56/77 northeast of Marion

East Endpoint: Junction US 50 near Elmdale

Counties Served: Marion, Chase

Established January 7, 1937

K-150 (Johnson County)

West Endpoint: Junction K-7 in Olathe

East Endpoint: Missouri State Line in Leawood

County Served: Johnson

Established January 5, 1955
Withdrawn March 31, 1996


Length: 12.9 miles

West Endpoint: Junction K-7 west of La Cygne

East Endpoint: Junction US 69 east of La Cygne

County Served: Linn

Established March 29, 1977


Length: 3.5 miles

South Endpoint: Junction K-61 southwest of McPherson

North Endpoint: Junction US 56 west of McPherson

County Served: McPherson

Established August 28, 1968

Spur K-153

Length: 1.2 miles

South Endpoint: Junction K-61 southwest of McPherson

North Endpoint: Junction K-153 southwest of McPherson

County Served: McPherson

Established August 28, 1968


Previously designated: US 154 (1926-1981)

West Endpoint: Junction US 50 in Dodge City

East Endpoint: Junction US 54 near Mullinville

Counties Served: Ford, Kiowa

Original Kansas Highway

Spur US Highway 154

Length: 0.446 miles

South Endpoint: Junction US 154 in Dodge City.

North Endpoint: Junction US 50/56/US 283 in Dodge City

County Served: Ford

Established December 22, 1948
Re-designated K-129 August 12, 1980


Proposed South Endpoint: I-35W/US 81 exit 72

Proposed North Endpoint: Junction K-4 in Lindsborg

County Served: McPherson

Proposed August 24, 1966
Re-designated US 81 March 29, 1967 prior to opening


Previously designated: US 156 (1956-1981)

Length: 176.4 miles

Southwest Endpoint: Junction US 50B/83B in Garden City

Northeast Endpoint:
Junction US 56 in Larned (1956-1966)
I-70 exit 225 northeast of Ellsworth (1966-present)

Counties Served: Finney, Hodgeman, Pawnee, Barton, Ellsworth

Established in 1956


Length: 3.9 miles

Southwest Endpoint: Rock Springs 4-H Camp

Northeast Endpoint: Junction US 77 8 miles south of Junction City

County Served: Geary

Established May 24,1950


Length: 1.8 miles

West Endpoint:
Junction US 69, Metcalf and Johnson Drive, Overland Park/Mission

East Endpoint:
Junction K-58, Johnson and Roe Avenue, Mission/Roeland Park

County Served: Johnson

Established October 13, 1948
Withdrawn April 21, 1978

US 159

Length: 58.9 miles

South Endpoint: Junction US 59 in Nortonville

North Endpoint: Nebraska State Line (CG/JJW) south of Falls City, NE

Counties Served: Jefferson, Atchison, Brown

Established 1936