Kansas Highway 7

Length: 243.984 miles

South Endpoint:
Oklahoma State Line, north of Picher, Oklahoma (concurrent with US 69 since 1935)

North Endpoint:
Junction US 40 in Bonner Springs (1926-1935)
Nebraska State Line north of White Cloud (1935-present)

Counties Served:
Cherokee, Crawford, Bourbon, Linn, Miami, Johnson, Wyandotte, Leavenworth, Atchison, Doniphan

  1. Intersection Additions
  2. Juntion Guide
  3. AADT

Intersection Additions


On-ramp to Northbound US 69 south of Fort Scott (0.515 miles)
Off-ramp from southbound US 169 south of Osawatomie (0.238 miles)


Off-ramp from southbound US 69 south of Fort Scott (0.482 miles)
On-ramp to northbound US 169 south of Osawatomie (0.267 miles)


West leg of Wye junction with K-39 (0.178 mile)

Junction Guide

KDOT MilepostTotal
69-11/0.0000.000Oklahoma State line
(Begin K-7 concurrent with US 69)
69-11/2.2342.234US 166
69-11/6.2346.234Quaker Road
69-11/11.85711.857South city limits Columbus
69-11/12.19012.190North city limits Columbus
12.381US 160 (K-7 leaves US 69)
7-11/16.38116.381Belleview Road
23.445US 400
Cherokee/Crawford county line
7-19/0.32323.768South city limits Cherokee
7-19/0.37523.820North city limits Cherokee
7-19/2.00025.445520th Avenue
7-19/11.14734.592South city limits Girard
7-19/12.66636.111North city limits Girard
7-19/21.63645.081710th Avenue
Crawford State Park
47.081Crawford/Bourbon county line
7-6/7.00054.081Eagle Road
58.220US 69, Fort Scott
(K-7 joins US 69)
69-6/8.09759.387Indian Road
69-6/9.60360.893South city limits Fort Scott
69-6/10.05361.343South National Street, Fort Scott
69-6/10.67861.96812th Street, Fort Scott
63.043South Junction US 54/US 69
Wall Street, Fort Scott
54-6/21.99163.507North city limits Fort Scott
54-6/21.55563.943North junction US 54/US 69
(US 54/K-7 leave US 69)
67.640North Junction US 54/K-7
(K-7 leaves US 54)
7-6/34.41581.496West junction K-31
7-6/35.33982.420East junction K-31
84.314Bourbon/Linn county line
7-54/2.00086.314300 Road
7-54/7.14591.459South city limits Mound City
7-54/7.22591.539South junction K-52
7-54/7.45991.773North junction K-52
7-54/7.48091.794North city limits Mound City
7-54/7.91892.232875 Road
7-54/11.14895.4621150 Road
7-54/18.946103.2601700 Road
111.230Linn/Miami county line
119.096South Junction US 169
(K-7 joins US 169)
169-61/9.400121.252South city limits Osawatomie
169-61/10.227122.079North city limits Osawatomie
169-61/13.832125.684Old Kansas City Road
169-61/14.059125.911South city limits Paola
169-61/16.878128.730Baptiste Drive, Paola
169-61/21.121132.973North city limits Paola
169-61/23.885135.737255th Street
169-61/27.947139.799223rd Street
140.898Miami/Johnson county line
169-46/2.173143.071199th Street
169-46/7.368148.266South city limits Olathe
(US 169 leaves K-7)
7-46/9.277150.175Old US 56/Harrison
7-46/10.281151.179Old US 56/Parker
7-46/11.387152.285Santa Fe
7-46/13.051153.949North city limits Olathe
7-46/13.660154.558119th Street
7-46/14.680155.578College Boulevard
7-46/16.680157.578Prairie Star Parkway
7-46/18.178159.07683rd Street
7-46/20.209161.107Shawnee Mission Parkway
7-46/21.509162.407Johnson Drive
7-46/22.734163.63247th Street
164.959Johnson/Wyandotte county line
7-105/0.193165.152K-32, Bonner Springs
7-105/1.218166.177Nettleton Avenue, Bonner Springs
(K-7 Joins US 24/US 40/US 73)
169.284State Avenue
(US 24/US 40 leaves US 73/K-7)
73-105/2.699170.400Parallel Parkway
73-105/6.685174.386Fairmount Road
175.410Wyandotte/Leavenworth county line
73-52/1.908177.318South city limits Lansing
73-52/2.910178.320Mary Street, Lansing
73-52/4.414179.824Lansing/Leavenworth city limits
73-52/7.578182.988South junction K-92/Spruce Street
73-52/8.815184.225North junction K-92
73-52/10.670186.080Santa Fe Trail/20th Street
73-52/13.789189.199179th Street
73-52/18.257193.667Millwood Road
196.333Leavenworth/Atchison county line
73-3/1.451197.784210th Road/Former K-74
73-3/4.575200.908234th Road
73-3/8.745205.078262nd Road
73-3/9.746206.079South city limits Atchison
73-3/10.594206.927Green Street, Atchison
207.750US 59
(K-7 leaves US 73)
7-3/14.227210.560North city limits Atchison
7-3/16.250212.583310th Road
215.619Atchison/Doniphan county line
7-22/10.105225.724US 36
7-22/21.077236.696Dove Creek Road
7-22/25.130240.749South city limits White Cloud
7-22/25.783241.402Main Street, White Cloud
7-22/26.128241.747North city limits White Cloud
7-22/28.365243.984Kansas/Nebraska state line

AADT (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
US 69 from Oklahoma State Line to US 1662,03025.9%
US 69 from US 166 to MP 6.32,17022.6%
US 69 from MP 6.3 to south city limits Columbus3,84016.5%
South city limits Columbus to US 1604,59012.3%
US 160 to MP 16.43,51012.0%
MP 16.4 to K-1022,35013.8%
K-102 to K-1032,67011.0%
K-103 to US 4002,54011.6%
US 400 to MP 26.42,20010.7%
MP 26.4 to K-1261,91011.3%
K-126 to MP 32.42,6808.4%
MP 32.4 to south city limts Girard3,4606.6%
South city limits Girard to K-474,6006.2%
K-47 to north city limits Girard2,6808.2%
North city limits Girard to MP 37.61,43013.3%
MP 38 to Crawford State Park83524.0%
Crawford State Park to K-3965525.2%
K-39 to MP 54.31,13014.6%
MP 54.3 to US 691,22014.3%
US 69 from US 69/K-7 junction to Indian Road7,43020.0%
US 69 from Indian Road to SCL Fort Scott8,39015.8%
US 69 from South city limits Fort Scott to South National Street9,05014.9%
US 69 from South National to 12th Street12,4007.3%
US 69 from 12th Street to US 54/Wall Street12,30012.0%
US 54/US 69/K-7 concurrency8,56017.4%
US 54/K-7 concurrency3,19015.0%
US 54 to Devon4503.3%
Devon to K-31955.3%
K-31 to MP 86.333012.1%
MP 86.3 to K-521,3703.6%
K-7/K-52 concurrency2,6803.0%
K-52 to MP 92.31,8804.3%
MP 92.3 to MP 95.51,2506.4%
MP 95.5 to MP 103.37308.9%
MP 103.3 to K-1529456.9%
K-152 to MP 113.27957.5%
MP 113.2 to MP 116.31,2808.2%
MP 116 to US 1692,8105.3%
US 169 from South junction US 169/K-7 to Main Street/347th Street, Osawatomie6,87022.5%
US 169 from Main Street/347th Street to K-27911,60012.6%
US 169 from K-279 to Old KC Road11,70013.7%
US 169 from Old KC Road to Baptiste Drive, Paola14,00011.9%
US 169 from Baptiste Drive to K-6813,20012.1%
US 169 from K-68 to 255th Street, Hillsdale14,40010.0%
US 169 from 255th Street to 223rd Street, Spring Hill15,00012.1%
US 169 from 223rd Street to 199th Street17,7008.8%
US 169 from 199th Street to SCL Olathe18,4007.3%
US 169 from SCL Olathe to I-3531,2006.5%
I-35 to Old 56/Harrison14,60011.2%
Old 56/Harrison to Old 56/Parker16,5009.9%
Old 56/Parker to Santa Fe20,9007.8%
Santa Fe to 119th Street21,1008.5%
119th Street to College Boulevard30,5006.0%
College Boulevard to K-1031,3006.3%
K-10 to Prairie Star Parkway32,4008.7%
Prairie Star Parkway to 83rd Street30,2008.8%
83rd Street to Shawnee Mission Parkway31,8008.0%
Shawnee Mission Parkway to Johnson Drive28,3008.3%
Johnson Drive to 47th Street21,7009.5%
47th Street to K-3221,60010.0%
K-32 to Nettleton Avenue21,4007.8%
Nettleton to I-7026,0006.5%
US 24/US 40/US 73/K-7 from I-70 to State Avenue22,9006.2%
US 73 from State Avenue to Parallel Parkway20,0005.7%
US 73 from Parallel Parkway to Fairmount Road22,2004.9%
US 73 from Fairmount Road to Mary St, Lansing22,8004.3%
US 73 from Mary St, Lansing to K-5, Leavenworth27,7003.2%
US 73 from K-5 to Marion Street20,9004.9%
US 73 from Marion Street to K-92/Spruce Street16,8007.3%
US 73 from K-92/Spruce Street to Seneca Street13,2007.3%
US 73 from Seneca Street to north junction K-929,7807.3%
US 73 from north junction K-92 to Grant Ave/7th Street15,2004.5%
US 73 from Grant Ave/7th Street to 13th Street11,9005.7%
US 73 from 13th Street to 20th Street/Santa Fe Trail8,7209.0%
US 73 from 20th Street/Santa Fe Trail to 179th Street6,2808.8%
US 73 from 179th Street to K-1925,2505.6%
US 73 from K-192 to Millwood Road4,0508.5%
US 73 from Millwood Road to US 73 MP 32.93,1909.6%
US 73 from MP 32.9 to MP 37.43,8508.2%
US 73 from MP 37.4 to SCL Atchison4,2207.8%
US 73 from SCL Atchison to Green Street9,2403.6%
US 73 from Green Street to Julia Street10,4003.3%
On US 73 from Julia Street to US 5912,2002.6%
US 59/US 73 to 10th/Main6,9203.0%
10th/Main to 17th/Main6,5303.7%
17th/Main to 17th/Country Club Road3,9105.9%
17th/Country Club Road to NCL Atchison3,3006.7%
North city limits Atchison to MP 212.51,90012.6%
MP 212.5 to Atchison/Doniphan county line1,63012.3%
Atchison/Doniphan county line to K-201,21015.3%
K-20 to US 361,36015.1%
US 36 to MP 230.878522.8%
MP 230.8 to 236.852516.2%
MP 236.8 to Main Street, White Cloud53013.2%
Main Street, White Cloud to Nebraska state line13522.2%